Finding Your CIF Number in the UAE

CIF number is an eight-digit Customer Identification Number that every bank in the UAE provides to its customers. It is a unique identification number that provides you with all details like bank account numbers, credit cards, loans, etc. for a specific bank. CIF number is different for all the customers. more

CIF number also helps banks pull up personal details and statistics of a specific customer without making any mistake. It maintains the utmost secrecy of data and is used only by the bank to contact their customers, send notifications for transactions, wish them on their birthdays or sometimes, to promote their new products.

Why is a CIF Number Used?

The banks in the UAE update CIF numbers on a daily basis to keep track of their customers’ details. These numbers are confidential and contain account information like transaction history, credit and debit card usage, loan repayments, age, birthdays and much more. The bank officials just need to enter the CIF number in their system, and they can get all the details of any customer in just a few clicks. So the banks in the UAE use the CIF number to retrieve their customers’ details and avoid any fraudulent activity. 

For instance, when a customer applies for a new loan or a credit card, the bank finds all the banking details by using the CIF number of the applicant to check their eligibility before approving the application.

How to Find Your CIF Number?

Here are a few simple methods to find your CIF number.

1. Internet Banking

You can find your CIF number via Internet Banking in just a few simple steps.

  • Login to Internet Banking: First, you need to log in to your online banking portal using your banking credentials. 
  • Go to Account Details: Next, you need to go to the Account Details section to see all your bank account numbers and other details.
  • Look for the CIF Number: You will find your eight-digit customer identification number in your account details.

2. Mobile Banking

Here is how you can find your CIF number through Mobile Banking.

Login to Mobile App: First, you need to log in to your mobile banking application using your banking credentials. 

Go to Account Details: In the mobile app, open your account details where you can see all your bank account numbers, credit cards and other details.

Look for the CIF Number: You will find your eight-digit customer identification number in the account details section.

3. Bank’s Branch

You can also visit the nearest bank’s branch to find your Customer Identification Number without any hassle.

4. Account Chequebook

Most banks in the UAE also mention the customers’ CIF number along with all the other bank account details on the first page of the chequebook. So, you can also find your bank account CIF number on your chequebook.

5. Customer Helpline

You can also call your bank’s helpline number and ask for your CIF number. However, they will first take you through the verification process by asking multiple security questions to make sure that they are providing the details to the right person.

If you get authenticated, they will send your customer identification number on your registered mobile number or email address.

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Know More about Customer Identification Number in UAE

Now that you know how you can find your CIF number, you must know why you need to keep it secured. Here are a few things you must remember when you are concerned about your CIF number.

  • Make sure you do not share your bank account CIF number with anyone other than a bank official. 
  • CIF number also contains sensitive information like one-time passwords, identity documents, etc.
  • CIF number can be used to find sensitive information from bank account passbooks, online portals, etc.
  • Banks use this number to check the relationship history of the customers with the bank before sanctioning any loan or approving a credit card.
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