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This Finance House Credit Card is full of a variety of benefits and features. This Platinum card is designed to satisfy the needs of the cardholder. It provides them a safe and convenient way of making their payments. This credit card also provides protection to the cardholder on their purchases, from card frauds and in case of any unfortunate event.

Benefits and Features of Finance House Platinum Credit Card

Written below are a few attractive features and benefits of this Finance House credit card UAE.

  • Payment Options: The card member can pay off their Platinum credit card balance through any of the following convenient payment options:
  • Branches of Finance House: The payment on this Platinum Credit Card can also be made at any of the branches of the financial institution.
  • Exchange Houses: The cardholder can pay their credit card bill at any of the branch of the below-mentioned exchange houses.
    • Al Ansari
    • Al Bader
    • Al Fardan
    • Al Ghurair
    • The UAE
    • Wall Street
  • Online Payment: The cardholder can also make online payment using any of their personal bank account in UAE.
  • Facility of Direct Debit: The cardholder can sign up for this facility from their bank account to make sure that their card payments get cleared on or before the due date of payment. They can sign up by visiting any of the Finance House branches in the UAE.
  • Supplementary Cards: The cardholder can opt for a maximum of four supplementary cards for their family. The primary cardholder can keep a track of all the transactions being made using the supplementary credit card.
  • Easy Cash: The card member can avail a maximum of 90 percent of their available credit limit in the form of cash. The repayment for this Easy Cash program can be done within a period of thirty-six months at an interest rate as low as 1.5 % with the ‘Easy Cash’ Program of Finance House.
  • Balance Transfer: The cardholder can transfer their available balance from any credit card to their Platinum MasterCard Credit Card with a low rate of interest starting from 1.25 percent per month.
  • Easy Payment Plan: Using this facility on this Finance House Credit Card, the cardholder can convert all their purchases above 1,000 AED into Easy Payment Plan. This helps the cardholder in making heavy payments conveniently. However, please note that the maximum amount for the 0 % EPP is AED 5,000 per month.
  • Insurance: 
    • Credit Shield cover: It covers the card’s outstanding balance in the event of any unforeseen circumstances like involuntary loss of employment, critical illness, disability or death.
    • Purchase Protection Cover: The Finance House Platinum credit card secures purchases of the card user in case of accidental damage or theft.
    • Card Fraud Protection: The credit card ensures that the cardholder is protected against any unauthorized transaction on the Finance House Platinum credit card.
    • 3D Secure: Card users can be assured that they are protected from cyber fraud or theft when using their credit card online. Encrypted One Time Passwords are sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile number during online purchases to authorize the transaction.

Rewards and Offers on Finance House Platinum Credit Card

Written below are the rewards and offers on this Finance House Credit Card.

  • Value House: The cardholder can avail various lifestyle and dining benefits along with Killer deals on Value House using this Platinum Credit Card.
  • Cashback: The cardholder can apply and earn a guaranteed cashback of AED 250 by sending “PLAT” at 9184.
  • Cinema Offers: The card member can buy a movie ticket & get one complimentary at Al Wahda Mall Cinema. This offer is applicable on all shows between Sunday and Wednesday only and is invalid on public holidays. The cardholder can purchase up to four tickets at one time.
  • Airport Privileges: The cardholders can enjoy world class Marhaba lounges at the leading international airports across the globe like Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and various airports around UAE.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Finance House Platinum Credit Card

  • Eligibility Criteria: The cardholder becomes eligible for this Platinum Credit Card if they have a minimum monthly salary of 5,000 AED or above.
  • Documents Required: 
    • A copy of valid Emirates ID of the applicant
    • Duly signed application form
    • A copy of the valid Passport of the applicant
    • A valid residence visa (for non-GCC national customers only)
    • A signed security cheque from the applicant

Fees and Charges on Finance House Platinum Credit Card

Written below are the fees & charges on this Finance House Credit Card. 

Fees and Charges Details
Registration Charges Nil
Annual Fee on Primary Card Nil
Annual Fee on Supplementary Cards Nil
Interest Rate (Retail) 3.33 percent
Interest Rate (Cash) 3.50 percent
Interest Rate for non-payment (Retail) 3.55 percent (monthly)
Interest Rate for non-payment(Cash) 3.55 percent (monthly)
Interest Rate on Plan for Instalment Payment (Easy Cash & Balance Transfer) 1.25 percent (monthly)
Cash Advance Charge 3 percent of cash withdrawn or 200 AED (whichever higher)
Charges on Transaction on Foreign Currency 2.85 percent
Credit Shield Fees 0.93 percent monthly on amount outstanding or 11 AED (whichever higher)
Cheque Return Charge 300 AED
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Over-Limit Charge 300 AED
Copy of Sales Receipt 65 AED
Liability Letter 50 AED
Fee on Card Replacement 75 AED
Fee on Overseas Cheque 75 AED (plus the actual cost)
Duplicate Statement (monthly) 45 AED

Frequently Asked Questions about Finance House Platinum Credit Card

Q1: What will be the credit limit on the Finance House Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: The credit limit can be up to 2 times the average banked salary of the card user. The credit limit is also subject to the applicant’s credit Score.

Q2: How long will it take to issue the Finance House Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: It takes about 5 working days to issue the Finance House Platinum credit card from the date of the approval of the card.

Q3: Is the Finance House Platinum Credit Card accepted everywhere like any other bank card?

Ans: Absolutely. The Finance House Platinum credit card is accepted all over the world at Merchant locations as well as all the ATMS displaying the MasterCard logo.

Q4: What is the balance transfer charge applicable on the Finance House Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: The balance transfer charge on the Finance House Platinum credit card starts at 1.25 % flat per month.

Q5: What documents are required for issuing a supplementary card with the Finance House Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: One only needs a copy of the passport of the person to whom the supplementary card is issued.

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