First Abu Dhabi Bank

Established in April 2017, First Abu Dhabi Bank, popularly known as FAB, is one of the largest, and the safest banks in the UAE. First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi merged to form First Abu Dhabi Bank. FAB now offers tailor-made banking solutions coupled with an extensive array of services and products to its customers. The bank also has an AA rating for its MSCI ESG. FAB is your ideal one-stop solution if you are looking for a hassle-free banking experience.

Among its banking products, the bank offers personal, business, and corporate bank account, deposit schemes, investment banking and credit and loan services. You can choose the type of product and services as per your requirement. The online facility of FAB is one of the most advanced and make your daily banking much more accessible.

Best Banking Products
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    Bank Account
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    Credit Card

Range of Products and Services Offered by FAB

Following are the various products offered by FAB bank in the UAE.

Accounts Credit and Debit Cards Loans Private
Bancassurance Savings Elite FAB Islamic 

Online and Offline Features of FAB

The need for reliable banking services is a constant requirement in a fast-paced world. With FAB, you get access to all the banking features on-the-go. You can use all the online banking services simply by creating an online banking ID and password. This eliminates the hassles of visiting the branch saving your time and effort. Highlights of FAB’s online banking features -

  • Biligual Online Banking Facility - Online banking is available in both English and Arabic language
  • Easy Access to Account - Credit card or account statements can be downloaded and you can also request new cheque book or reset your Credit or debit card PIN conveniently 
  • Easy Access to Personal Details - Personal information for Emirates ID, credit card, account can be updated
  • Easy Money Transfer - Money can be transferred from one FAB account to another, to international accounts, and to other bank's accounts including beneficiary payment can be done
  • Convenient Bill Payment -Utility bills can be paid to AADC, ADDC, du, FEWA, DEWA, Etisalat, SEWA, and SALIK

Other Banking Features include:

  • Post dated recurring transfer can be set
  • Banking products can be applied for
  • Remittances could be transferred instantly to India at live foreign exchange rates
  • Charitable donations can be made
  • iSave account can be opened 
  • Term deposit can be booked instantly 
  • Deferment of loan payment can be requested
  • Credit card quick cash and credit card balance transfer can be requested

The bank also offers a full suite of conventional and offline banking and you can visit the bank at your ease.  FAB also offers all the products and services at all its branches. So, visit a nearby branch where you will be assisted by a customer care executive or a relationship manager.

An Overview of Bank Products and Services offered by FAB

Products of FAB
Accounts Bank Accounts FAB Ethihad Guest Elite Account
FAB Ethihad Guest Account Accelerator
Elite Savings Account FAB One Account
Elite Current Account Personal Current Account
Personal Savings Account Personal Calll Account
Cards FAB Elite Infinite Travel Card FAB Infinite Travel Card
FAB Signature Travel Card Cashback Credit Card
FAB World Elite Credit Card FAB Elite Infinite Credit Card
FAB Infinite Credit Card Abu Dhabi Platinum Credit Card
Signature Credit Card Platinum Credit Card
Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card Classic Credit Card
Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card Al-Futtaim Platinum Credit Card
du Platinum Credit Card du Titanium Credit Card
Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card
Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card GEMS Titanium Credit Card
Manchester City Infinite Credit Card  Manchester City Titanium Credit Card
Standard Credit Card  
Prepaid Cards DWallet Prepaid Card Ratibi Prepaid Card
Payment Card Prepaid Gift Card
Multi-Currency Card All eDirham Cards
Loans Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loan for UAE Nationals Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
Personal Loan for UAE Nationals Personal Loans for Expats
New to Country/Employment Loans Etihad Guest Personal Loan
Secured Loans Landlord Loans
National Loans Scheme Buyout Loans
Car Loans  
Mortgage Home Loan for Non-UAE Resident Home Loan for Residences in UAE
Loans for Small Buildings FAB Green Mortgage
National Housing Loan  
Bancassurance Motor Insurance Travel Insurance
Home Insurance Salary Protect
Business Secure EduPlus
Lifestyle Protect Plus  Protection 365
Protection Plus Smart Shield
Tenant Protect Plus Life Insurance and Savings
Save Deposits & Certificates iSave Account
Emirati Al Awwal Fixed Deposit
Smart Deposit Account  
Invest  Global Investment Funds FAB Funds
Structured Products Custody
Securities Brokerage  
FAB Islamic Personal Islamic Elite Islamic
Business Islamic Investment Islamic
Islamic Branches FAB Islamic Rewards
FAB Etihad Guest Islamic Miles  

FAB - Products and Services 

Following is the full list of product and services offered by the bank in the UAE.

FAB Bank Accounts

There are several kinds of FAB accounts designed to cater to the needs of a individuals from all segments. Here is the list of various bank accounts offered by the bank.

  1. FAB Etihad Guest Elite Account
    • Along with efficient banking enjoy excellent travel experience
    • Get free local funds every month
    • You can earn 1000 bonus miles the day your salary comes for the first time
  2. FAB Etihad Guest Account
    • Earn 500 bonus miles the day your salary is credited for the first time
    • No need to maintain a minimum balance
    • Get your first chequebook for free
  3. Accelerator : Three free loyalty programs to choose from
    • First Rewards Points
    • First Miles
    • First Cashback
  4. Elite Savings Account
    • Enjoy no-minimum balance advantage with multi-currency account
    • Earn best in class interest rates
    • Get your first international remittance for free every month
  5. FAB One Account
    • Open an account in no time via the mobile app
    • Redeem your reward points on a reward that you want
  6. Elite Current Account
    • Another multi-currency account that allows a no-minimum balance
    • Enjoy exclusive lounge access at a long list of airports
    • Unlimited chequebooks for free
  7. Personal Current Account
    • Customise this current account as per your lifestyle and spending habits
    • Get free:
      1. FAB Mastercard Debit Card
      2. First Chequebook
      3. Lounge access
  8. Personal Savings Account
    • Put your money to work with this account
    • Enjoy the perks of FAB Mastercard Debit Card for free
    • Available in popular currencies including Dirham
  9. Personal Call Account
    • Use your money when you want, earn interest when you don’t
    • An account for both salaried as well as non-salaried individuals


FAB offers a myriad range of credit cards to its customers. Each card has special features based on the type of expenses such as travelling, shopping, bill payment and related transactions. With zero paperwork, you can get a credit card on your Emirates ID. One of the best things about its cards is that you can use the rewards on credit cards to pay off your bills. Following is the list of FAB bank credit cards in the UAE.

  1. FAB Elite Infinite Travel Card
    • Ideal choices for all travel enthusiasts 
    • Pay for flights, hotels, cabs, and so much more
    • Welcome bonus of AED 2000 travel voucher
    • Fee lounge access at 1000+ airports globall
  2. FAB Infinite Travel Card
    • A range of benefits for travellers
    • Be the foreign transaction fees waiver
    • Use the card to pay for cab, flights, hotels, etc. 
    • Discounts on British Airways, Jumeirah hotels, etc.
  3. FAB Signature Travel Card
    • Pay effortlessly for hotels, flights, care, etc. 
    • A welcome voucher of AED 1,000 on activating the card 
    • No foreign exchange fees
    • Discounts on British Airways and UAE Careem
  4. Cashback Credit Card
    • Welcome bonus of AED 300 cashback
    • A cashback of 5% for payment at supermarket, utilities, and fuel
    • Effortlessly redeem your cashback amount
    • Get 2% on Non-AED spending
  5. FAB World Elite Credit Card
    • 4 free valet parking per month at selected locations 
    • Concierge services are available 24*7
    • 8 movie tickets per month at AED 15 per ticket
    • Get Careem Chauffeur services and buy 1 get 1 free offers
  6. FAB Elite Infinite Credit Card
    • At select locations, you get 4 valet parking per month
    • Get Visa Golf and also VISA offers
    • Get 8 movie tickets per month at just AED 15 per ticket
    • Avail concierge services anytime any day
  7. FAB Infinite Credit Card
    • 3 valet parking per month offered at selected locations 
    • Golf discounts and VISS offers available 
    • Get 10% cash back for shopping at global online stores 
    • Get 6 movie tickets per month for AED 15
  8. Abu Dhabi Platinum Credit Card
    • Get 15% off on booking rental cars in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia
    • Get 12% off on booking rental cars in the USA and Canada
    • 4 free lounge access at more than 1000 airports in UAE
    • Get lifestyle benefits like valet parking, cinema offers, cashback at global online stores, etc.
  9. Signature Credit Card
    • Get 4 FAB rewards for every AED 1
    • Get airport lounge access at more than 1000 airport lounges in UAE
    • Get 2 valet parking in a month at selected locations 
    • Get VISA offers and Golf discounts
  10. Platinum Credit Card
    • Buy 1 Get 1 ticket free at Vox Cinema (On Sundays) 
    • Get 4 movie tickets per month at AED 15
    • 10% cashback offered for shopping at online global stores
    • Mastercard and VISA offer available
  11. Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card
    • Get 10 VIP lounge access at Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, and KSA
    • Avail up to 15% discounts on rental cars abroad
    • Enjoy Chauffeur rides at discount with Careem
    • Buy 1 Get 1 free offers available
  12. Classic Credit Card
    • Enjoy up to 25 days of interest-free transactions 
    • Get 10% cashback for paying at global online stores
    • The card sends you an SMS when it is used for transactions outside UAE
    • Get 2.5 FAB rewards for spending AED 1
  13. Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card
    • Enjoy Al-Futtaim cashback reward of 5% for spending every AED 1 at showrooms and stores of Al-Futtaim 
    • No EPP at any showrooms and stores of Al-Futtaim
    • Get 10% cashback on shopping at global online stores
    • Enjoy VIP lounge access to more than 1000 airport lounges around the globe
  14. Al-Futtaim Platinum Credit Card
    • Get 10FAB rewards for each spending of AED 1
    • Enjoy 4 movie tickets per month at just AED 15
    • At all global online stores, get 10% cashback on shopping
    • Avail Mastercard offers on dining, sports, tickets, entertainment, shopping, and hotels
  15. du Platinum Credit Card
    • Enjoy the amazing 10% cashback on du postpaid and du home services bills, prepaid line charges, and du smartphone plans
    • On spending of 25,000 AED through du Platinum credit card, get 10% cashback
    • Get 4 FAB rewards for every AED 1 spent
    • Effortlessly redeem your FAB rewards and pay bills
  16. du Titanium Credit Card
    • Enjoy 10% cashback on du home services and postpaid bills, du prepaid line bills and du smartphone monthly plans
    • Avail 10% discount for paying du smartphone and du easy payment plans
    • Get 2.5 FAB rewards on spending each AED 1
    • Redeem your FAB rewards to pay for du bills
  17. Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card
    • Enjoy the welcome bonus of 55,000 joining miles on the primary card and 5,000 joining miles on the supplementary card 
    • Get a 75% miles discount voucher and 4 I flight wifi vouchers for free 
    • Earn 2.5 FAB rewards on the spending of each AED 10
    • Enjoy 6 movie tickets per month at just AED 15
  18. Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card
    • Get a welcome bonus of 35,000 joining miles on the primary card and 5,000 joining miles on the supplementary card 
    • On spending AED 150,000, get a 5% Etihad Guest Miles discount voucher
    • Enjoy 4 movie tickets worth AED 15 every month
    • Enjoy VISA offers and 24*7 concierge services
  19. Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card
    • On the primary card, get 10,000 welcome joining miles and 5,000 joining miles on supplementary card
    • On spending of AED 100,000, enjoy a discount of 25% Etihad Guest Miles discount voucher
    • Enjoy 5.5 Etihad Guest Miles on the spending of every AED 10
    • Watch your favourite 4 movies per month at AED 15
  20. GEMS Titanium Credit Card
    • Enjoy 2 movie tickets per month at just AED 15
    • Avail 10% cashback on shopping at global online stores 
    • Get 2.5 FAB rewards for spending every AED 1
    • Enjoy education insurance and credit shield
  21. Manchester City Infinite Credit Card
    • Enjoy 10% discount for transactions made at Etihad stadium retail store
    • The City Football Schools, UAE, provides a 20% discount on a full-season programme
    • Get up to 3 valet parking for free per month 
    • Enjoy concierge services 24X7
  22. Manchester City Titanium Credit Card
    • Enjoy 10% discount on spending at Etihad Stadium Retail Store and City Football Schools UAE (For a one-term programme) 
    • Get 10 VIP lounge access in KSA, USA, Jordan, Egypt, and Kuwait 
    • Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on Mastercard
    • Avail of 10% cash back for paying at global online stores
  23. Standard Credit Card
    • Enjoy interest-free days for up to 25 days
    • Get a discount of 10% at global online stores
    • 2.5 FAB rewards are offered for spending every AED 1
    • Get the benefit of credit and wallet shield

Prepaid Cards

FAB Bank provides a wide range of prepaid cards to it’s customers. Such prepaid cards make it easy to distribute salaries and other allowances to employees without having to open a special bank account. Here is the complete list of FAB Bank prepaid cards

  1. DWallet Prepaid Card
    • A prepaid card, especially for domestic workers
    • Send your employee's salary through an app instead of going to the ban
    • Link the D wallet app to the TAD BEER app in a few minutes
    • Employees get all the advantages of a debit card
  2. Ratibi Prepaid Card
    • Ratibi Prepaid card is a payroll card for easier salary disbursement
    • Available to employees earning AED 5000 or more per month
    • Comes with many perks, like accident insurance, no required minimum balance, and 24/7 withdrawal services
  3. Payment Card
    • Prepaid cards for businesses /organisations that manage manual cash or recurring payments
    • It is completely secure and the user can access the card via a PIN authentication
    • No additional fees after purchasing the card
  4. Prepaid Gift Card
    • Prepaid Gift Card is a special card for gifts and incentives for your employees
    • Maximum balance for this prepaid gift card is AED 3,500
    • Brand name and logo of the company can be added to the front of card
  5. Multi-Currency Card
    • Multi-currency cards can be issued by government entities so that their employees can receive medical care abroad
    • A card with No FX exposure, so no risk while making transactions in foreign currency
    • Totally secured card with PIN, chip and contactless authentication
  6. eDirham Cards

eDirham cards are new-age prepaid cards that can be used for over the counter purchases online at ministry websites 

  1. Hala eDirham Card
    • No documents are needed to register for a Hala eDirham card
    • Card fee - AED 10 
    • Maximum money you can load on this card is AED 10,000
  2. Gold eDirham Card
    • Smallest transaction charge on any participation at the ministry's website.
    • The validity of this card is 3 years
  3. Signature eDirham Card
    • Signature EDirham cards can be used by both corporates and individuals
    • Anyone can get a Signature card with only KYC registration, no need for a bank account
    • For individuals, the maximum card limit is AED 10,000,000; for corporations it is AED 100,000,000


FAB Bank offers an extensive lineup of mortgages at competitive interest rates with lenient eligibility criteria.

  1. Home Loan for Non-UAE Resident
    • Mortgage loans for Non-UAE who wish to buy a house in UAE
    • You don't have to pay for checking your eligibility for a mortgage
    • A flexible monthly payment option for high amount home loans
    • It offers competitive variable rates, and can also be linked to MBR or Eibar
  2. Home Loan for Residences in UAE
    • The UAE residents can benefit from FAB Bank's low-interest rates on home loans starting at 0.49%
    • FAB home loans make it simple to buy a house for the first time by offering 85% per cent financing with little down payment.
    • The “approval in principle“ is free of cost
  3. Loans for Small Buildings
    • The FAB provides loans up to AED ten million for small buildings
    • Spend less on monthly payments with term plans up to 20 years.
    • With this small building mortgage loan from FAB Bank, you can also get life and property insurance
  4. FAB Green Mortgage
    • Green Mortgage is FAB's plan to contribute to a more sustainable environment in line with UAE Vision 2021
    • You can get up to 0.25% off five years of fixed interest
    • For this noble cause for the environment, there are no processing fees
  5. National Housing Loan
    • You can save a lot of money on building your own house with FAB's National Housing Loan in conjunction with Baitak Milak Program.
    • Get your house full furnished FAB Islamic with IKEA
    • You can make your NHL transactions through the NHL App, no need to visit the bank every time


Insurance is key to making a fool proof and secure future plan. With FAB protecting your loved ones as well as your possessions, it becomes easier to keep your future plans safe. Go through the list of various insurance plans offered by the FAB Bank in the UAE.

  1. Motor Insurance
    • Choose between a third-party or a comprehensive policy
    • Spread out the premiums into 12 interest-free instalments
    • Get a cover for emergencies, third-party damage and medical expenses
  2. Travel Insurance
    • Travel safe and stress-free
    • Pick the most suited out of 3 plan variants
    • Get benefits that can be as high as USD 1 million
  3. Home Insurance
    1. Cover your new as well as old homes along with their contents
    2. Option to cover your domestic staff in case of injury or illness
  4. Salary Protect
    • In case of disability or loss of life of the insured, the family receives a steady flow of monthly income
    • Payout up to AED 20,000 a month for up to a term of 10 years
  5. Business Secure
    • Choose the best out of three as per your business needs 
    • Get a cover for your content, money, goods, public liability, accidents etc
  6. EduPlus
    • Secure your child’s future and cover their educational expenses even when you are not around
    • From tuition fees to unform, from stationery to medical expenses, EduPlus covers it all
  7. Lifestyle Protect Plus
    • A personal accident plan which will pay out a lump sum in case of the insured accidental death
    • Covers house rent, school fees, utility bills etc
  8. Protection 365 : Offers comprehensive coverage including
    • Personal accident
    • Travel issues
    • Home insurance
    • Disability
  9. Protection Plus
    • This plan covers accidental as well as natural death
    • Offers a lump sum amount to your beneficiary
  10. Smart Shield : Coverage against personal accident in lump sum amount, while covering
    1. Relocation allowance
    2. Accidental medical benefits 
    3. Repatriation
  11. Tenant Protect Plus
    • Comprehensive and customised insurance for your home 
    • Cover your alternative accommodation, its contents and all kinds of tenant’s liabilities
  12. FlexiGuard
    • A smart policy that covers you and your spouse in case of hospitalisation due to accidental injury or death
    • Offers coverage for cash and education allowances also

Deposits and Certificates

FAB has made safe arrangements for all its customers to save their hard-earned money and grow it over time. There are several means offered by the bank for investment, such as through - Fixed Deposits, Smart Deposits, and so on. These saving products act like a financial backup and help you out in times of needs. Here is the list of savings and deposit accounts offered by the FAB bank in the UAE.

  1. iSave Account
    • iSave allows you to enjoy a 2% interest rate every year on new funds
    • Withdraw as many times as you want without worrying about the minimum balance
  2. Emirati Al Awwal
    • This savings benefit is available for the UAE Nationals only
    • Emirati Al Awwal is Shariah-compliant
  3. Fixed Deposit
    • You can get an overdraft against FD at FAB
    • Minimum deposit amount is AED 5000 or USD 1500
  4. Smart Deposit Account
    • Various interest payout options are available like monthly, on maturity, or bi-monthly
    • The feature of Smart Deposit is available only for UAE Residents and non-residents 


FAB offers two popular Elite Banking services for customers. By fulfilling certain eligibility, one can become Elite Client or Elite World Client and enjoy various features and benefits. 

  1. Elite Client
    • People who have either a monthly salary of AED 50,000, total investment and deposit of AED 500,000, or AED 2,5000,000 Mortgage loans can become an Elite client at FAB
    • Get low-interest rates and fees, 2X rewards, better branch experience, and much more 
  2. Elite World Client
    • With an investment and deposit of AED 1 million or more, one can become an Elite World Client
    • Get a personalised customer name, high rewards, a dedicated senior wealth manager, and much more


FAB allows customised Investment services and solutions to all its customers. Let’s take a look at few of them:

  1. Global Investment Funds
    • Invest in multiple assets and funds
    • Make the most of the expertise of international managers
  2. FAB Funds
    • Also called the company’s own funds, you can invest in fixed income and equities
    • Several options to invest in as per your risk-appetite
  3. Structured Products
    Keep you safe from market risks while investing in equities, Commodities, FX
  4. Custody
    Benefit from investing in regional as well as global services in over 70 financial markets worldwide
  5. Securities Brokerage
    • A completely automated platform for trading
    • Access the market under the expert guidance of certified advisors and brokers

FAB Islamic

Islamic Banking - FAB also offers a plethora of Shariah-compliant banking services to help grow your wealth in an Islamic way

  1. Personal Islamic
    •  Enjoy valuable personal banking services in the light of Shariah
    •  Islamic bank account for serving all your banking needs
    •  Finance solutions crafted according to Shariah to make investing easy
  2. Elite Islamic
    • Enjoy world-class and Shariah tailored premium banking services with FAB’s Elite Islamic 
    • Elite Saving, current or investment deposit account that follows the Shariah Mudarabah principle
    • Islamic Financing made easy: No processing fees, competitive profits and high amount returns
  3. Business Islami
    • FAB has expertise in Islamic business solutions right from regular trading to project finance
    • Shariah-compliant business solutions that are sustainable and trustworthy 
    • FAb bank also has well-acquainted relationship managers to guide you in your financial investment decisions
  4. Investment Islamic
    • FAB bank has specially crafted Islamic investments solution that meets not only the investment needs of their customers but also the Islamic guidelines
    • Sukuk medium and long term investment plans 
    • Islamic banking that offers multiple currencies trading
  5. Islamic Branches
    • FAB Islamic has six branches in UAE
    • FAB Islamic Abu Dhabi has three departments for Islamic banking ie. the main branch, business centre and service window
    • The other branches are in Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah
  6. FAB Islamic Rewards
    • FAB Islamic rewards its customers in handsome ways for banking with them
    • Get exciting rewards for using FAB Islamic services such as personal finance, home finance and home finance.
    • Avail your gifts the way you want, choose from cashback, vouchers, discounts on shopping and travels
    • Access the banking services anytime and from anywhere using the FAB mobile APP
  7. FAB Etihad Guest Islamic Miles
    • FAB Islamic's Ethiad Guest Islamic Miles programme allows its customers to earn rewards while spending through their Etihad Guest Islamic Credit Card!
    • Win a free flight, a cabin update or a ticket to your favourite holiday destination as a reward
    • You can view your everyday rewards in your FAB app

FAB - Awards and Achievements

Year Awards Award By
2018 Best Bank in UAE Global Finance
2018 Best Equity Bank in Middle East Global Finance
2018 Best Investment Bank in UAE Euromoney
2018 Best Cash Management in UAE International Finance
2017 Best FX provider In UAE Global Finance
2017 Best Overall Cash Management  Global Finance
2017 Best Bank for Financing in Middle East Euromoney
2017 Best Equity House in UAE Emeafinance
2017 Best Trade Finance Bank GTR Leaders in Trade
2017 Most Innovative Investment Bank in the Middle East The Banker

FAB Customer Care Info

Official Website
Email ID
Personal Banking  FAB service UAE - 600 52 5500    
International - +971  2 6811511
Priority Banking Elite Banking  UAE - 80040000  International - +97124103402 Email id -
Private Banking  UAE - 80040000 International - +97124996599 Email id -
Company Address  Khalifa Street, FAB One Tower, 14th Floor


Can I buy FAB Home Insurance if I live in a rented house?

Yes, FAB covers homeowners as well as tenants under its home insurance plans. You can cover your home, its content and personal possessions by buying a home insurance from FAB.

How can I find FAB Bank near me?

If you want to locate a FAB branch, then log on to it’s official website and use a branch locator. You can find a branch near you simply by entering your location.

How to opt for a FAB car loan?

Browse through our auto loans section to opt for a FAB car loan. Simply browse through all the options and opt for a plan that best fits your needs.

What are the benefits of the FAB Multi-Currency Prepaid Card?

This is a co-branded card program with Visa, the Multi-Currency Prepaid Card that helps you in seeking medical treatment outside the UAE. You can use the card for international cash withdrawal and POS.

How can I cancel my FAB Credit Card?

To cancel your credit card by FAB, you first need to clear the outstanding amount if any. You can then call customer care on the given numbers and request the same:

  1. 600 52 5500 (When calling from UAE)
  2. +971 2 681 1511 (When calling from outside UAE
How do I view my account FAB e-statement sent to me by mail?

To check the account e-statement, you need an eight letters password. The first 4 digits are the last four digits of your account number and the last 4 digits of the password are date and month of your birthday, in DDMM format.