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FAB, which stands for First Abu Dhabi Bank, offers its consumers a wide range of tailor-made solutions to meet their financial needs. They have an extensive range of products and services that fulfill the customized needs of their clients.

One of its famous products is credit cards. The FAB credit cards come in numerous options catering to the different needs of the cardholders. One of them is the FAB Platinum Credit Card, which offers various loyalty benefits along with perks across lifestyle, travel, and protection.

FAB Platinum Credit Card
Free for Life
  • Minimum Salary AED 8,000
  • Annual Fee Free for Life
  • Free for Life
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Special Discounts
Reward Value: NA

Features & Benefits of FAB Platinum Credit Card

The following are the features and benefits offered to the holder of a FAB Platinum Card:

Balance Transfer Facility

The cardmember can enjoy a complimentary 12-month balance transfer service to their new FAB Platinum Credit Card.

Airport Transfer Services

FAB makes it easier for cardholders to reach the airport on time. They can take advantage of 2 airport transfers annually.

Airport Lounge Access

The pre-flight experience can now be simple and hassle-free for the cardmember, away from the busy airport as they have access to more than 25 airport lounges across the globe with their FAB Platinum Credit Card with no prior booking.

Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

The cardholder can enjoy the following protection benefits for their purchases with this Credit Card:

  1. Extended Warranty of up to 12 months beyond the original warranty of the manufacturer or retailer.
  2. Purchase Protection for up to 90 days beyond the warranty of the retailer or manufacturer.

Credit Shield

This provides the members of the FAB Platinum Credit Card with peace of mind as their outstanding balances will be covered if they are unable to clear their card dues in case of any unfortunate occurrence.

International Travel and Medical Assistance

The cardholder can make the best out of their trip with the complimentary medical and travel assistance offered by FAB internationally. 

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Rewards & Offers of FAB Platinum Credit Card

The following are the rewards and offers in-line for a holder of the FAB Platinum Credit Card:

Star Rewards

This is a loyalty program offered to the members of FAB Platinum Credit Card wherein they are rewarded every time they swipe their cards. For every AED 1 spent internationally, the cardholder gets 1.75 stars and for every AED 1 spent locally, the cardholder gets 1 star.

The cardholder can also earn up to 2 first reward points for every AED 1 on expenditures. Additionally, the can also enjoy special discounts and offers at selected premium lifestyle venues, retailers, and restaurants across the UAE.

Movie Tickets Starting at AED 15

This is a great deal for all the movie enthusiasts out there. With the FAB Platinum Credit Card, members can enjoy up to 4 tickets in a month at AED 15 during the weekdays and at AED 20 during the weekends at the following cinemas:

  1. Reel Cinemas
  2. Oscar Cinema
  3. Cine Royal

One for One with VOX Cinemas

The cardmember can buy a ticket to any of the Sunday showings at VOX Cinema and get one ticket free.

Shop Smart

Cardholders can enjoy all year round cashback of worth 10% at the leading online stores all across the globe when using their FAB Platinum Credit Card. They can simply register for this service on the official website of Shop Smart and save on every purchase made with their favorite online stores using the platform of Shop Smart.

MasterCard and Visa Offers

The cardholder can enjoy more than 100 top-class deals and offers with either MasterCard or Visa, depending on the network card they are holding.

Latest Offers on FAB Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria for FAB Platinum Credit Card

The individual seeking to apply for a FAB Platinum Credit Card must be having a minimum monthly salary of AED 8,000.

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Fees and Charges of FAB Platinum Credit Card

The following table details the fee and charges on a Platinum Card offered by FAB:

Fee and Charges Amount

Annual Membership Fee


Supplementary Annual Membership Fee


Retail Purchase Interest Charges

Up to 3.50% monthly

Cash Advance Interest Charges

3.50% monthly

Fee for Cash Advance

3.15% of the total amount of cash obtained (a minimum fee of AED 105 for every transaction)

International Transaction Charges

2.05 % of the transaction amount and scheme charges

Card Replacement Charges

AED 78.75

Fee for Credit Shield Plus

1.04% of the total outstanding balance

Fee for Wallet Shield

Monthly charges of 0.42% of the total outstanding balance

Fee for Accident Insurance

Monthly charges of 0.26% of the total outstanding balance or AED 31.5 – the higher amount

Late Payment Charges

AED 241.50 any month when payment is delayed, the payment is not made, or the payment is less than the amount that is minimum due

Over Limit Charges

AED 288.27 any month when the balance due is exceeding the credit limit assigned

Plan Deferment Fee

AED 262.50

Returned Cheque Fee

AED 210

Monthly Minimum Payment

Maximum of 5% of the outstanding amount or AED 100

Payment Due Date

21-25 days from the statement date

Reprint of Statement Charges

AED 26.25 for every statement

Transaction Slips’ Copies

AED 26.25 for every transaction slip

Processing Charges for Outstation Cheque

AED 52.50

Dispute Verification Fee

AED 105

Issuance of Liability Letter

AED 52.50

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FAQs on FAB Platinum Credit Card

Q1: How can I book the airport transfer service?

Ans: The cardholder is eligible to enjoy 2 airport transfers every year. This service can simply be booked on FAB’s official website or by calling 04-8713411 or 04-4328583.

Q2: How can I redeem my Star Reward points?

Ans: To know the options against which the reward points can be redeemed and to further redeem them, you are required to directly contact the call center.

Q3: In which cinemas can I watch the movies at AED 15 on weekdays and AED 20 on weekends?

Ans: This offer can be used by the cardholder for up to 4 tickets in a month, at the following cinemas:

  1. Reel Cinemas
  2. Oscar Cinema
  3. Cine Royal

Q4: Can I incur international purchases on my FAB Platinum card?

Ans: Yes, you can make international expenditures on your card for a fee of 2.05% of the total transaction amount along with the scheme charges.

Q5: Is there any particular day for the one-for-one offer with VOX Cinemas?

Ans: Yes, the ticket must be bought to a Sunday showing of any movie in order to get a free ticket along.

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