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First Abu Dhabi Bank with its tailor-made banking products and services aims to cater to the customized financial needs of its clients. It is one of the largest institutions in the UAE and also one of the safest and largest institutions in the world. FAB credit cards are among the extensive range of banking products and services that are in the market to cater to different customized needs of the customers.

The FAB du Platinum Credit Card is one of the many cards offered by the bank. It provides numerous perks across lifestyle, travel, and protection to the cardholder. They have numerous rewards in-line for the cardmembers such as a 10% discount on the auto payment of du bills, 3x reward points for all the du purchases, and much more.

FAB du Platinum Credit Card Features and Benefits

Below detailed are the numerous features and benefits of du Platinum Card by FAB:

Balance Transfer Facility

The cardmember can enjoy a complimentary 1-year balance transfer service to his or her new FAB du Platinum credit card. This service helps one in consolidating their existing credit card outstanding balances onto one card.

Access to Airport Lounges

The following are the exclusive travel benefits offered to the holders of FAB du Platinum Credit Card:

  • 4 complimentary accesses to more than 1,000 airport lounges in more than 300 cities easily by presenting the FAB credit card.
  • Unlimited access for the cardmember to over 25 regional as well as international airport lounges at no additional cost across UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, USA, Morocco, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, among more.

Contactless Payments

The FAB du Platinum Credit Card comes with MasterCard’s contactless payment feature. With this feature, the cardholder can simply tap and go at any terminal that displays the symbol for contactless payment. This feature turns out to be extremely useful at places where speed is required such as fast-food restaurants, petrol stations, convenience stores, and cafes.

Purchase Protection

The cardholder can enjoy global purchase protection for the purchases made on the FAB du Platinum Credit Card.

Emergency Assistance

Cardmembers, in case of cash emergencies, can access funds with the 24-hour emergency cash advance service offered by FAB that is available at numerous locations across the world.

FAB du Platinum Credit Card Rewards and Offers

The following are the numerous rewards and offers that a du Platinum cardholder can enjoy with this FAB card:

Exclusive du Privileges

The FAB du Platinum Credit Card offers the cardholder numerous unique telecom benefits. These exclusive privileges include:

  1. A discount worth 10% on the bills of cardholder’s du postpaid line.
  2. A discount of 10% on the bill payments of du home services.
  3. A bonus credit worth 10% on the recharges of du prepaid lines.
  4. A discount worth 10% on the du smartphone monthly data charges for the Privilege Plan.

Loyalty Program

The cardholder can choose the loyalty program that he or she wishes to apply for from the following:

  1. For every AED 1 spent domestically, he or she can earn 1 First Reward Point and for every AED 1 spent internationally, 2 First Reward Points
  2. OR, the cardholder can earn a First Cashback of up to 5% on his or her card
  3. OR, the cardmember can earn up to 2 First Mile for every USD 1 spent on the FAB du Platinum Credit Card and these can be redeemed against any destination, airline, or travel service

10% Discount on du EPP and du SPP

  • The du EPP or Easy Payment Plan is a full payment purchase made upfront for purchasing a handset along with subscribing for the contract of the data package. The holder of a FAB du Platinum Credit Card can enjoy a cashback worth 10% on the entire bill by contacting the call center on the number 600525500 and by providing the purchase receipt. This can also be converted to a 0% interest monthly installments spread across tenures of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • The du SPP or Smart Phone Privilege is the upfront purchase of a handset along with a data package contract for a pre-specified period with payments recurring monthly for the billing of the data package that is subscribed for as part of the du bill set up on the auto-payment service. The cardholder can enjoy a cashback worth 10% on the cost of the monthly data plans.

Triple First Reward

Cardmembers can earn three times the benefits on their du transactions when opting for the first option among the available loyalty program options. When they choose the option to earn First Reward Points on their transactions, they can earn 3x First Rewards points on the payments of du bills, recharges, or any purchases.

Talk For Free

The cardholder can now pay less for more with the FAB du Platinum Credit Card. The accumulated First Reward Points can be redeemed against the du bills along with AADC, ADDC, SEWA, RTA, and DEWA.

Movie Tickets at AED 15

All the movie enthusiasts holding a FAB du Platinum Credit Card can enjoy up to 4 movie tickets in a month from AED 15 on weekdays and from AED 20 on weekends, at the following cinemas:

  1. Reel Cinemas
  2. Oscar Cinema
  3. Cine Royal

Shop Smart

The cardmember can get a cashback of up to 10% all year round at the leading online stores across the globe with the FAB du Platinum Credit Card. They simply need to register on the official website of shop smart and save with every purchase made at their online favorite online stores with the platform of Shop Smart.

MasterCard Offers

MasterCard cardholders can enjoy a unique selection of numerous offers that are specially curated for them. These offers vary across various spending categories such as shopping, sports, entertainment, tickets, attractions, and hotels.

Fees and Charges of FAB du Platinum Credit Card

The table below details the various fee and charges on du Platinum Credit Card offered by FAB:

Fee and Charges Amount

Annual Membership Fee


Supplementary Annual Membership Fee


Retail Purchase Interest Charges

Up to 3.50% monthly

Cash Advance Interest Charges

3.50% monthly

Fee for Cash Advance

3.15% of the total amount of cash obtained (a minimum fee of AED 105 for every transaction)

International Transaction Charges

2.05 % of the transaction amount and scheme charges

Card Replacement Charges

AED 78.75

Fee for Credit Shield Plus

1.04% of the total outstanding balance

Fee for Wallet Shield

Monthly charges of 0.42% of the total outstanding balance

Fee for Accident Insurance

Monthly charges of 0.26% of the total outstanding balance or AED 31.5 – the higher amount

Late Payment Charges

AED 241.50 any month when payment is delayed, the payment is not made, or the payment is less than the amount that is minimum due

Over Limit Charges

AED 288.27 any month when the balance due is exceeding the credit limit assigned

Plan Deferment Fee

AED 262.50

Returned Cheque Fee

AED 210

Monthly Minimum Payment

Maximum of 5% of the outstanding amount or AED 100

Payment Due Date

21-25 days from the statement date

Reprint of Statement Charges

AED 26.25 for every statement

Transaction Slips’ Copies

AED 26.25 for every transaction slip

Processing Charges for Outstation Cheque

AED 52.50

Dispute Verification Fee

AED 105

Issuance of Liability Letter

AED 52.50

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(Updated as of June 2020)

Eligibility Criteria for FAB du Platinum Credit Card

Depending on the credit card provider, there are different eligibility criteria set for credit card seekers. One of the main criteria that need to be met by an applicant is the minimum monthly income.

For an applicant seeking to opt for a FAB du Platinum Credit Card, he or she must be having a minimum monthly income of AED 15,000.

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FAQs on FAB du Platinum Credit Card

Q1: Which du bills can be paid using the accumulated First Reward Points?

Ans: The following du bills can be paid for by redeeming the accumulated First Reward Points:

  1. Mobile
  2. Call select-landline
  3. Broadband
  4. Tv

Additionally, the cardholder can also pay for ADDC, SEWA, AADC, RTA, and DEWA.

Q2: Which cinemas have the offer for tickets starting at AED 15?

Ans: The following cinemas offer tickets starting from AED 15 on weekdays and AED 20 on weekends:

  1. Reel Cinemas
  2. Oscar Cinema
  3. Cine Royal

This offer is capped at 4 tickets per month.

Q3: Will the contactless payment require me to provide my PIN or Signature?

Ans: Any payment made using the contactless feature offered by MasterCard on the FAB du Platinum Credit Card will not require you to provide your PIN or Signature for purchases that are valued below AED 300.

Q4: Is there any fee charged on a cash advance?

Ans: Yes, there is a fee levied of 3.15% of the total amount of the cash that is obtained, this is capped at a minimum fee of AED 105 for every transaction.

Q5: Can I incur an international purchase on my FAB du Platinum card?

Ans: Yes, you can make an international expenditure on this card. You will be charged a fee of 2.05% of the transaction amount along with the scheme charges.

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