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  • No Annual Fee
  • Travel benefits
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FAB or the First Abu Dhabi Bank is one of the largest banks in UAE is also a part of the world’s safest and largest institution. It offers a wide range of custom solutions for the consumers, along with products and services to provide a custom enhanced customer experience. One of these products is their credit cards.

The FAB Cashback Credit Card is one of the different variants of credit cards offered by FAB that rewards the cardholder with numerous rewards every time the card is swiped. From great cashback percentages to various travel, lifestyle, and protection benefits – it offers it all!

Fab Cashback Credit Card

FAB Cashback Credit Card

  • Minimum Salary AED 5,000
  • Annual Fee AED 315
  • Cashback
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Movie Discounts
  • Travel Discounts
  • Hotel Discounts
Reward Value: NA

Benefits of FAB Cash back Credit Card

  • Welcome Bonus - When you purchase a FAB Cashback card, First Abu Dhabi Bank rewards you with a welcome bonus. You will receive a cashback of AED 300 as a bonus on making one retail purchase within 30 days of receiving the card.
  • Cashback - Earning cashback has never been so easy. With a FAB Cash back credit card, earn cashback up to 5% every day. Here is the list of cashback rates on different purchases:

Spending type

Cashback %

Posted in the form of equivalent FAB Rewards

Supermarket spending (including online)


12.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending

Utility payments


12.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending



12.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending

All other retail spending including online shopping


2.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending

The cashback rate will vary for non-AED spending:

Spending type

Cashback %

Posted in the form of equivalent FAB Rewards

All non-AED spending


5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending

Capping on cashback:

Spending Type


Supermarket Shopping

AED 500


AED 250

Utility Spending

AED 250

Non-AED Spending

No capping

Other Retail Spending

No capping

You can redeem this cashback by calling FAB at 600 52 5500.

  • Shopping Benefits -  As an owner of FAB Cash back credit card, you receive up to 10% cashback at leading stores across the globe throughout the year. All you need to do is make a purchase through FAB credit card using the Shop Smart option on FAB Mobile App.
  • Pay Less for Movies - If you own a FAB Cash back credit card, you can purchase two movie tickets at AED 15 each on weekdays. In case you wish to purchase a movie ticket for the weekend, you will require paying AED 20 each for two tickets. This offer is valid at:
  1. Reel Cinema
  2. Cine Royal
  3. Oscar Cinema

What’s more! You receive up to a 20% discount on drinks and food. However, to receive these benefits, you will need to spend AED 3000 in a calendar month.

  • Careem Discounts - When you book your ride on Careem with a FAB Cash back credit card, you receive 20% off on every ride.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 - Want more from your credit card? With the FAB Cashback card, you receive the buy 1 get 1 offer in more than 90 destinations and over 600 merchants. Pay for one and get two!
  • Power of Mastercard - FAB Cashback credit unlocks all the benefits provided by Mastercard. You can use your credit card for:
  • Priceless City Experiences - The priceless city experience offers you magical experiences of different cities. For instance, you can discover the LEGOLAND discovery centre of Melbourne online, or explore the sea life of Melbourne, or enjoy G2 Esports, among other experiences.
  • Contactless Payments - With the contactless payment option, you receive the freedom of making payments with your smartphones and smartwatches. You can use contactless payment options at any store (that accepts it) around the world.

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Key Features of FAB Cashback Card

  • Credit Shield - In case you purchased an expensive item via your FAB Cashback credit card and you fall critically ill or meet a car accident or lose your job or perish, your family or you will not be bothered by the bank for a credit card payment. Your credit shield will pay for your credit card bill.
  • Wallet Protection - If you become a victim of fraud or lose your FAB Cash back credit card or your card is stolen, or your ID papers or keys are stolen, wallet protection covers your financial losses.
  • Complimentary Access to Airport Lounges - With a FAB Cashback credit card, you receive free unlimited access to 10 airport lounges in KSA, Kuwait, Egypt and the UAE.
  • Exclusive Offers on Travel - Make your travel bookings with Avis via FAB Cash back credit card and receive exclusive benefits. Besides, you can also avail yourself of luxury serviced apartments and luxury hotels with a 15% discount on your bookings via FAB Cash back credit card.

FAB Cash back Credit Card Offers

  • AED 300 Welcome Bonus Cashback
  • 5% Cashback on Supermarket, Fuel And Utilities spending
  • 1% Cashback on all other Retail spending (including online shopping)
  • 2% Cashback on International spending

FAB Cashback Card Rewards

Below detailed are the rewards and offers provided to the holders of a Cashback Credit Card:

Cashback worth 5% on Supermarket, Utilities, and Fuel Spending

Cardholders are offered with the best rate for cashback on their spending on this FAB Credit Card. They are eligible to earn a 5% cashback on utility bills, supermarket spends (even online transactions), and at petrol stations. The cashback for the members is calculated on a monthly basis and is rewarded by the date of the statement on request.

The following is the cashback percentage earned on different spending categories:

Spending Category Cashback Earned

Supermarket Spends – Both Online and Offline


Utility Bill Payments


Fuel Spends


All Other Retail Spends, even Online Shopping


The cashback can be simply redeemed by calling the FAB call center on the number 600 52 5500 and placing a request.

Welcome Cashback Bonus

If the cardholder can successfully make one retail spend in the first 30 days from the card issue date, he or she is eligible to receive a bonus cashback worth AED 300.

Movie Tickets Starting at AED 15

Holders of the FAB Cashback Credit Card can enjoy two movie tickets every month priced at AED 15 per ticket during the weekdays and at AED 20 per ticket on the weekend at the following cinemas:

  1. Reel Cinemas
  2. Oscar Cinema
  3. Cine Royal

Additionally, they can also enjoy discounts of up to 20% on food and beverages.

This offer is subject to a minimum spend of AED 3,000 in a calendar month.

Shop Smart

When using the FAB Cash back Credit Card, the cardmember can enjoy a cashback of up to 10% all year round on the spending made at the leading global online stores. In order to avail this offer and save on every online purchase made at their favorite brands, cardholders need to visit the official website of Shop Smart and register themselves. 

Careem Chauffeur Services

When booking a ride with Careem, the cardmember can avail a discount of 20%. The car type can be chosen by the holder for immediate pickup or for scheduling a pickup for later.

1 for 1 Offers

By downloading the Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 Mobile App, the cardholder can browse and enjoy the best of deals and offers with over 900 offers across more than 90 destinations and more than 600 merchants.

Mastercard Offers

With Mastercard, cardmembers can enjoy many more exclusive offers on their FAB Cash back Credit Card.

Discounts on Luxury Serviced Apartments and Hotels

When the cardmember is traveling for extended periods, they can feel at home by enjoying discounts of up to 15% off on their stay at the luxury serviced apartments.

Latest Offers on FAB Credit Card

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Fee & Charges of FAB Cash back Credit Card

The following table details the fee and charges on the FAB Cashback Credit Card:

Fee and Charges Amount

Annual Membership Fee

AED 315

Supplementary Annual Membership Fee


Retail Purchase Interest Charges

Up to 3.50% monthly

Cash Advance Interest Charges

3.50% monthly

Fee for Cash Advance

3.15% of the total amount of cash obtained (a minimum fee of AED 105 for every transaction)

International Transaction Charges

2.05 % of the transaction amount and scheme charges

Fee for Credit Shield Plus

1.04% of the total outstanding balance

Fee for Wallet Shield

Monthly charges of 0.42% of the total outstanding balance

Fee for Accident Insurance

Monthly charges of 0.26% of the total outstanding balance or AED 31.5 – the higher amount

Late Payment Charges

AED 241.50 any month when payment is delayed, the payment is not made, or the payment is less than the amount that is minimum due

Over Limit Charges

AED 288.27 any month when the balance due is exceeding the credit limit assigned

Plan Deferment Fee

AED 262.50

Returned Cheque Fee

AED 210

Monthly Minimum Payment

Maximum of 5% of the outstanding amount or AED 100

Payment Due Date

25 days from the statement date

Reprint of Statement Charges

AED 26.25 for every statement

Transaction Slips’ Copies

AED 26.25 for every transaction slip

Processing Charges for Outstation Cheque

AED 52.50

Dispute Verification Fee

AED 105

Issuance of Liability Letter

AED 52.50

Eligibility for Purchasing FAB Cash back Credit Card

If you wish to purchase a FAB Cashback credit card:

  • You should be aged 21 or above
  • You should have a minimum salary of AED 5,000
  • You should be a UAE national or resident
  • You will also need your Emirates ID, valid passport, visa (if applicable), salary certificate and residence proof

*Please note that the list of eligibility and documents is not final. The bank may demand more or additional documents to approve your FAB Cash back credit card.

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FAQs on FAB Cashback Card

Q1: Is there any condition on availing the welcome bonus of AED 300?

Ans: Yes, the cardholder needs to make one retail transaction on his or her card within 30 days from the date of issuance.

Q2: Is there any annual membership fee for a FAB Cashback Credit Card supplementary card?

Ans: No, there is no annual fee for holding the supplementary card.

Q3: Can I obtain a cashback on my retail spends on the Cashback Credit Card?

Ans: Yes, there is a cashback worth 1% offered on retail spending including online shopping.

Q4: Is there a condition to enjoy the discounts on movie tickets?

Ans: Yes, to enjoy the discounts on the movie tickets the cardholder needs to spend at least AED 3,000 in one calendar month.

Q5: Can I use my FAB Cashback Credit Card for international transactions?

Ans: Yes, you can make international transactions on your FAB Cashback Card. There is a fee of 2.50% levied on using this service.

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