FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card

The Al-Futtaim World Elite Card offers cardholders an extensive range of perks and benefits ranging from lifestyle to travel to protection. It also offers a range of exclusive rewards and benefits.

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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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The FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card is one of the many cards that are provided by the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) that helps the bank in meeting its aim of providing tailor-made solutions to its clients’ financial needs with the help of its various financial products and services.

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FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card Features and Benefits

The various features and benefits of this credit card link' href='https://www.policybazaar.ae/fab-credit-cards-bcc/'>fab credit card are detailed below:

  • Exclusive Benefits - The FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card providers the cardmembers with exclusive benefits, such as:
    • They can have their own personal travel advisor as well as access to the World Elite Air program.

    • They can enjoy a 0% Easy Payment Plan with any of the Al-Futtaim stores or showrooms.

  • Airport Lounge Access - The cardmember no longer has to worry about the busy airports and long queues before hopping on that plane. The pre-flight experience can be relaxing and hassle-free as the FAB Al Futtaim World Elite Credit Card allows the member to have VIP access to more than 1,000 airport lounges all across the globe.
  • Credit Shield - This protection benefit pays off any outstanding balance of the cardholder on this FAB Credit Card if something unfortunate happens and he or she is unable to clear off the dues.
  • Travel Accident Insurance - The cardmember is eligible to get a complimentary coverage against travel accidents for an amount of up to USD 500,000.
  • Travel Inconvenience Insurance - It is not necessary that the travel plans that one has laid out always deliver. If there is any obstacle during the journey of the cardholder, FAB supports them through it. Whether it is the misplacement of luggage or delays of flights that disrupt the plans, FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card helps to compensate.
  • Stolen and Lost Card - If the FAB al futtaim Credit Card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should call the dedicated helpline immediately and he or she will receive a temporary replacement card within just a business day’s time.
  • Waiver for Rental Collision and Damage - The cardmember can enjoy coverage for rental collision and waiver of loss damage for an amount of up to USD 50,000.
  • Other Protection Services - There are also various other protection services offered by this Credit Card that can be read in detail on the official website of Mastercard World Elite.
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Cashback Back & Free Airport Lounge Access - Policybazaar uae

FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card Rewards and Offers

Below detailed are the various rewards and offers available to the Al-Futtaim World Elite cardholder:


The cardholder can enjoy exclusive rewards such as 5% cashback rewards as Al-Futtaim stars for each AED 1 incurred at any of the showrooms or stores of Al-Futtaim. They are also provided with offers on the meet and greet, and airport transfers that are detailed further in the thread.

Al-Futtaim Star Rewards

The cardholder is rewarded for any expenditure made on their card in the form of Al-Futtaim Stars that can be redeemed across numerous rewards. The following are the details of this rewards program:

  • Up to 5 Stars for Every Purchase: The cardholder can earn 5 Al-Futtaim Stars for each AED 1 spent at the stores, showrooms, or schools of Al-Futtaim and 1 Star for every AED 1 spent elsewhere.
  • Redemption Across Various Benefits: These Star Rewards can be redeemed for Skyward Miles from Emirates, Etihad Guest Miles, or even as cashback that will be credited to the FAB Al Futtaim World Elite Credit Card. These Stars can also be used at the participating stores of Al-Futtaim at the POS to make the payment for any purchases.
  • Exclusive Offers with Al-Futtaim: There are numerous offers in-line for cardmembers at the Al-Futtaim brands.

Movie Tickets Starting at AED 15

The ultimate offer for all the movie buffs – with the FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card, cardholders can take advantage of up to eight movie tickets every month starting at AED 15 on weekdays and AED 20 on weekends at the following cinemas:

  1. Reel Cinemas
  2. Oscar Cinema
  3. Cine Royal

Al-Futtaim Stores and Showrooms

The cardholder can explore the world of Al-Futtaim and enjoy exclusive offers in showrooms and stores of Al-Futtaim.

MasterCard Lifestyle Offers

The World Elite MasterCard holders get access to the following exclusive offers:

  1. Various curated dining perks and offers via Priceless Arabia (more details can be found on the official website of Priceless Arabia).
  2. Rewarding stay at more than 200 participating hotels of Marriott Bonvoy across the Middle East as well as Africa.
  3. The 24/7 World Elite Concierge to enjoy numerous benefits including the ones above.

Discounted Meet and Greet Services

The cardholder can enjoy being welcomed at the airport in full style as they are eligible to enjoy 8 Meet and Greet Services every year from AED 40 for individual booking or AED 100 for family booking.

Airport Transfers

Cardholders can enjoy up to 8 airport transfer services per annum start at just AED 40 when the service is within the city and AED 100 when it is inter-city.

MasterCard Travel Offers

The cardholder can access the World Elite Program in order to enjoy upgrades, discounts, and savings on selected airlines. Additionally, they can also take advantage of late check-outs, room upgrades, daily breakfast for 2, and much more.

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Fee and Charges of FAB Al Futtaim World Elite Credit Card

The below table explains the different fee and charges on an Abu Dhabi Platinum Card offered by FAB:

Fee and Charges Amount
Annual Membership Fee N/A
Supplementary Annual Membership Fee N/A
1st Year Retail Purchases’ Interest 1.66%
Regular Retail Purchase Interest Charges 3.25% monthly
Cash Advance Interest Charges 3.50% monthly
Fee for Cash Advance 3.15% of the total amount of cash obtained (a minimum fee of AED 105 for every transaction)
International Transaction Charges 2.05 % of the transaction amount and scheme charges
Card Replacement Charges AED 78.75
Fee for Credit Shield Plus 1.04% of the total outstanding balance
Fee for Wallet Shield Monthly charges of 0.42% of the total outstanding balance
Fee for Accident Insurance Monthly charges of 0.26% of the total outstanding balance or AED 31.5 – the higher amount
Late Payment Charges AED 241.50 any month when payment is delayed, the payment is not made, or the payment is less than the amount that is minimum due
Over Limit Charges AED 288.27 any month when the balance due is exceeding the credit limit assigned
Plan Deferment Fee AED 262.50
Returned Cheque Fee AED 210
Monthly Minimum Payment Maximum of 5% of the outstanding amount or AED 100
Payment Due Date 21-25 days from the statement date
Reprint of Statement Charges AED 26.25 for every statement
Transaction Slips’ Copies AED 26.25 for every transaction slip
Processing Charges for Outstation Cheque AED 52.50
Dispute Verification Fee AED 105
Issuance of Liability Letter AED 52.50
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(Updated as of July 2024)

Eligibility Criteria for FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card

The main eligibility criterion that needs to be met in order for a credit card seeker to apply for an Al-Futtaim World Elite Card by FAB is the minimum income criterion. The applicant must be having a minimum monthly income of AED 40,000 to qualify for this card.

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What is the interest charged for retail purchases on the FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card?

The retail purchase interest charges for the first year are 1.66% for every month after which the regular retail purchase interest charges fall at 2.50% per month.

How can I contact the MasterCard World Elite Concierge?

The various MasterCard offers can be accessed by contacting the 24/7 Concierge Service on the toll-free number 80004448837 for those within the UAE or +13128435357.

How can I book the Meet and Greet service?

The Meet and Greet service can be booked by contacting the call center of FAB on 600 52 5522 or by sending a completed booking form (that can be found on FAB’s official website) to the e-mail id meetandgreet@bankfab.com.

What is the coverage amount offered under the travel accident insurance?

The amount up to which the holder of a FAB Al-Futtaim World Elite Credit Card is covered is USD 500,000.

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