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Formed after a merger between First Gulf Bank and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank) became the largest bank in the UAE. Ever since its inception in the year 2016, the bank has witnessed tremendous growth. Today, the bank operates in leading financial markets around the world and offers a world-class banking facility to UAE customers. Among various products and services, the bank offers individual, business and corporate banking solutions with numerous bank accounts, deposit schemes, investment banking, loan and credit services. To offer short-term credits, the bank provides a variety of credit cards designed according to the customers’ financial requirements. 

Amid the broad range of credit cards, the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card comes with several features and benefits that make it one of the most popular credit cards amongst customers. If you are looking for a card that is affordable and comes with offers in almost every category, then the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card is the most suitable card for you. 

FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

Airport Lounge Access

  • Minimum Salary AED 5,000
  • Annual Fee AED 500
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Special Discounts

Features of FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

Along with a host of benefits, the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card comes with various credit card features to offer you hassle-free management of your finances. Here is a quick rundown of FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card features-

  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access - With the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card, your travelling experience will always feel like a privilege. The card offers free access to the regional airport lounges. Abu Dhabi Titanium cardholders are entitled to access more than ten VIP airport lounges in countries like UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, KSA, etc.Cardholders have access to various business facilities such as email, phones, fax services, along with conference space in some of the airport lounges wherever available. Apart from business facilities, cardholders are also entitled to receive complimentary snacks, drinks and refreshments.
  • Car Rental Discounts from Avis - Abu Dhabi titanium cardholders have access to numerous special offers from Avis. Whether you are travelling for business or travelling with family for vacations, you can enjoy a 15% discount on the fare of car rentals across the entire Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Furthermore, you get a 12% discount on your car rental fares in the United States and Canada. FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Cards cardholders are eligible to obtain a complimentary upgrade on every Avis rental ride, all across the globe.
  • Balance Transfer Facility - FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card help you consolidate your outstanding credit card balance up to 90% of your credit limit. With the balance transfer facility, you can settle your outstanding balances with other bank credit cards by transferring the same to your FAB credit card. You can repay your card debts in flexible installments and at competitive interest rates.  
  • Easy Payment Plans - Whenever you make bigger purchases, you can convert the same into EMIs and repay the amount in flexible tenures. The bank offers as low as 0% interest on payment plans at select stores and outlets. 
  • Quick Cash Facility - In case of emergencies, you can use your credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs or transfer funds to your bank account. With the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium cash up credit card, you can withdraw up to 90% of your credit limit during emergencies. ATM cash withdrawal using a credit card is not recommended as it carries hefty charges.
  • Credit Shield Insurance - With credit shield insurance, you can waive off your credit card outstanding balances in case of death, permanent total disability or involuntary loss of employment. The bank charges a nominal fee against the credit shield insurance, and it is billed monthly at the end of each billing cycle.
  • Dual Security - With FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit cards, you get the chip and pin security that makes your transactions and online payments secure. Dual security credit cards significantly reduce the chances of fraudulent transactions. 

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Benefits of FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card comes with a bundle of offers and a wide variety of top-class services to give its customers an unmatched credit card experience. The card offers a plethora of travel and lifestyle benefits, adding more luxury to your life. Following are the key benefits of the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card. 

  • On each credit card spending, you earn 2.5 FAB rewards per AED 1. Also, earn 25% extra FAB rewards for every spending in Abu Dhabi. 
  • The cardholders can redeem their FAB rewards instantly using the FAB mobile application and avail of discounts on various expenses like shopping, travel, lifestyle, entertainment and much more. 
  • The credit card offers exclusive entertainment discounts, including offers on cinema tickets across the UAE.
  • With Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card, you get a 10% discount on online shopping expenses through Shop Smart all around the year. To avail of Shop Smart offers, you just need to download and register on the FAB mobile app. 
  • As a cardholder, you enjoy Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 offer on various lifestyle expenses across the Middle East and Africa. With Buy 1 Get 1 offers, you can avail of 50% discounts on all eligible items. 
  • With the FAB credit card, you get a host of travel benefits, including complimentary airport lounge access, flight ticket discounts, offers on car rentals across Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. 
  • The cardholders get an exclusive discount on chauffeur rides with Careem. They can enjoy 20% discount on the first three rides every month.
  • With the titanium credit cards, you can avail of 0% interest easy payment plans on various shopping expenses and Air Arabia flight tickets.  

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Lifestyle Benefits for FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

Here’s a quick rundown on lifestyle benefits offered by FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Cards-

  • Discounts on Movie Tickets - Love watching movies? With the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card, never miss your favourite movies with special offers and discounts on cinema tickets. Cardholders can purchase movie tickets at discounted rates using their Titanium credit card.
  • Chauffeur Rides at Special Discounted Prices - If you are a frequent traveller or backpacker or travel due to work, FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card has something special to offer you. New Careem customers can now enjoy their first ride absolutely free with the Titanium credit card. Moreover, cardholders can enjoy the privilege of travelling across different countries within the Middle East with this FAB Credit Card. They can enjoy a discount of 20% on three Careem rides every month.
  • Buy One Get One Offer by MasterCard - Abu Dhabi Titanium credit cardholders can download the MasterCard Buy one Get one app on their mobile phones and avail of special discounts and offers across the entire Middle East and Africa on spas, beauty parlours, salons, fine dining, etc. Cardholders are entitled to get one free main menu product when one product is purchased, along with more than 600 offers and discounts across multiple countries. Furthermore, cardholders can avail of unlimited redemptions/usage on all the offers and benefits that fall under the buy one get one category from MasterCard.

Shop Smart with FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Cardholders get discounts throughout the year on online global stores using their card. All they need to do is register on and save a substantial amount every time they purchase from their favourite online stores from all across the globe.

Offers & Rewards on FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

  • The cardholders earn 2.5 FAB rewards for every AED 1 spent locally or internationally. 
  • For every spending in Abu Dhabi, the cardholder earns 25% FAB Rewards Points. 
  • Cardholders have the choice of opting for 5% cashback on their card in the UAE.
  • Based on the schemes, cardholders can win an Audi Q5 (one winner will be declared annually).
  • Cardholders can win a free trip to London, New York, Maldives or Sydney (two winners will be declared annually).
  • Cardholders can win shopping vouchers worth AED 1000 (that includes 10 winners every month)
  • Get opportunities to earn cash rewards on all your retail spending. Win up to AED 50,000 annually on retail spending using the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card.  

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Eligibility Criteria for FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

Before applying, individuals need to satisfy the credit card eligibility criteria. The following are the common requirements for the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card. 

  • Age - To apply for the FAB credit cards, applicants must be at least 21 years old or above.
  • Salary Requirements - The individuals need to have a minimum monthly income of AED 5,000 or more. 
  • Nationality - FAB credit cards are available to UAE nationals and residents, subject to furnishing of the required documents.

Documents Required for FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

Once you fulfil the bank’s eligibility criteria, you need to collect and submit documents related to your identity, finances, nationality and address proof. Following are the documents that you need to submit during FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card application.

  • An original Emirates ID and its copy for record and verification. 
  • A copy and original passport. 
  • Utility Bill, rent/lease agreements, or other valid address proof. 
  • Salary Slip or a recently issued salary certificate not older than a month from the current employer. 
  • Latest bank account statements (of last 3 to 6 months). 

Tip - Carry additional documents related to your finances, bank account and income because the bank may ask for them at its sole discretion. 

How to Apply for the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card?

FAB bank provides multiple channels for credit card applications. You can use the online channel to apply from the comfort of your home or visit the bank and apply in person. The following are the ways to apply for FAB credit cards. 

  • Online Application - For online applications, individuals need to visit the FAB bank’s official portal and select Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card from the ‘ Credit Cards’ section. Subsequently, they need to enter their personal details and submit the online application form. Later, the bank representative will contact them for the further application process. 
  • Offline Application - Applicants may choose to visit the bank and apply in front of the bank representative. After reaching the branch, they need to fill out the credit card application form and attach the required documents. Once the application process completes successfully, the bank dispatches the card to your address. 
  • Application via Phone - You can contact the bank on their customer support number and provide your personal details. The support representative would guide you through the application process. 

Fees & Charges on FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

Following is the run-down of various fees and charges on the Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card.

FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Cards Fees and Charges

Amount in AED

Annual Membership Fee

Free for Life

Retail Purchase Interest Charges

Up to 3.75% per month

Cash Advance Interest Charges

3.50% monthly

Fee for Cash Advance

3.15% of the total amount of cash obtained (a minimum charge of AED 157.5 on each transaction)

International Transaction Charges

2.49% of the transaction amount and the scheme charges

Card Replacement Charges

AED 78.75

Fee for Credit Shield Plus

1.04% of the total outstanding balance

Late Payment Fee

AED 241.50 on any kind of delayed or non-payment in a specific month, 

Over Limit Fee

AED 288.27 in any month when the spending exceeds the credit limit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there an annual membership charge on the FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card?

Ans. No, the bank does not charge any annual charges on the Abu Dhabi Titanium credit card.

Q2. What is the salary requirement for FAB Abu Dhabi Titanium card?

Ans. To acquire a FAB Titanium credit card, individuals need a minimum monthly income of AED 5,000 or above.

Q3. How can I redeem the FAB Rewards Points?

Ans. For redeeming your FAB rewards points, you need to log in to your FAB online credit card account or use the FAB mobile application. Then, visit the rewards section and click on the redeem option.

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