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Banks and financial institutions in the UAE offer basic credit cards that people use to make purchases they might not otherwise be able to afford. In simple words, such type of credit cards only charges for using their product. And then, there comes a reward credit card that offers rewards in terms of cash back, air miles, discounts and other benefits for the amount you spend with your credit card.

Rewards credit cards offer the primary benefit of the reward points program & their redemption options. The reward points not only help you save the hard-earned money but also help you to make the most of your every spending.

Although rewards credit cards come in different forms, they all offer you a benefit for using the card more. In short, such type of credit cards enables you to earn a specific percentage or number of rewards for every transaction you made using your reward credit card.

Here is a quick guide to everything that you should know about rewards credit cards.

What is a Reward credit card?

It is a type of credit card that carries a reward or incentive for using it typically including cash back, travel points, frequent flyer programms, merchandise discounts, dining or grocery purchases, etc. When you use the rewards credit cards to make purchases, you accumulate credits in proportion to the amount you spend.

Benefits of Rewards Credit Cards

Well, rewards points programs available on credit cards differ from one credit card to another. However, there are a few common benefits offered by rewards credit cards:

  • Rewards on each transaction: Some of the best reward cards offer reward points on the majority of the transactions done with the card. Only a few transactions categories such as cash advances, balance transfers, fees & charges are not eligible for earning rewards points. However, some of the credit cards that offer rewards make it compulsory for the cardholder to make a minimum amount spend on each transaction to become eligible for earning reward points. And then the reward points, after meeting a monthly cap can be redeemed for rewards as per the respective bank’s rewards catalogue.
  • Exciting Rewards: After accumulating a specific number of reward points, card members will be eligible to redeem the points for a wide range of categories mentioned in the bank’s rewards catalogue. Every bank has its own reward category and some of the common categories are travel and hotel bookings, dining, entertainment, and lifestyle, etc. In fact, few rewards credit cards give an option to redeem these points for cash against the outstanding on the credit card.
  • Accelerated Rewards: Not only can card members earn reward points for making minimum monthly spends, but they can also earn accelerated reward points on some specific categories of spends. However, the categories for accelerated reward points may vary from card to card. For instance, the co-branded travel credit card offers more reward points on travel transactions in comparison to regular transactions.

Types of Rewards Credit Cards in the UAE

Following are reward credit cards categories that are available in the UAE:

The Final Words

Rewards credit cards are simply one more step ahead with the basic credit card. Because they do not only help you to make transactions but also help you to earn reward points for making every transaction. So, choose the reward credit card over the basic one because it helps you to make the most of your every transaction.

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