Emirates NBD Bank

Emirates NBD (established in 1963) is one of the best-known banks in the UAE. It was known as NBD (National Bank of Dubai) up until its merger with Emirates Bank in 2007. The motive behind this collaboration was to offer an enhanced range of services in the UAE and abroad. A passion for quality banking has made Emirates NBA one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East. At present, Emirates NBD bank is offering value services to MNCs, large Corporates, and the Public sector, through its robust network of over 1000 branches spread across in 13 countries. You can trust Emirates NBD bank as your trusted financial advisor for hassle-free banking.

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Range of Products and Services Offered by Emirates NBD Bank

Bank Accounts Digital Banking Debit and Credit Cards
Wealth and Insurance Solutions Loans Foreign Exchange

Online and Offline Features of the Emirates NBD Bank

Emirates NBD Bank frees you from the hassles of visiting a branch by offering you a super-fast, robust online banking system. Whether you are at home, in the office or even in your car, you can access your accounts and make transactions. The online platform ensures that you can take care of your banking needs effortlessly. Let’s take a look at some of the best online features of NBD Bank:

  1. You are in full control of your account and you can access it 24X7
  2. Fund transfers, be it local or international are completely hassle-free
  3. You have better access to all your bank documents and details, which makes taxation, budgeting, spending and saving easy
  4. The online platform makes bill payments quick and easy
  5. Emirates NBD Bank web page, as well as the mobile app, are user-friendly and simple ways to manage all your accounts

However, if you are someone who prefers the traditional way of visiting the bank branch, you have a lot to look forward to. All you need to do is locate an Emirates NBD bank branch near you and visit it. The bank executives will help and guide you through all the banking procedures. If you want you can get in touch with your Relationship Manager and get personalised help for all your concerns. 

Emirates NBD - Banking Products and Services 
Bank Accounts Current Account Saving and Deposit Account
Gold Investment Account Value Account
Cards Debit Cards Credit Card
Commercial Card Prepaid Card
Loans Personal Loans Home Loans
Auto Loans Overdraft
Digital Banking Online Banking  Phone Banking
Mobile Banking e-Statement 
Chat Banking Interactive Teller Machine
Wealth and Insurance Solutions Life, Health and Accident Insurance General Insurance
Monthly Investment Plans InvestDaily
Foreign Exchange Direct Remit Foreign Currency Cash
GlobalCash Card Telegraphic Transfer
Fixed Deposits & Foreign Currency Accounts  Demand Draft
Western Union Account to Account Transfer

An Overview of the Products and Services offered by Emirates NBD

Bank Accounts

Emirates NBD Bank allows you to choose from a wide range of bank accounts. You can browse through the list and pick one that best fits your banking needs and offers maximum rewards. Let’s take a look at the list: 

  1. Current Account : Current Account with Emirates NBD Bank allows you a number of premium privileges like:
    1. International ATM/ Debit Card free of charge
    2. Cheque Book 
    3. With this account, you can pay all kinds of bills
    4. Park your money in a Current Account that offers maximum freedom. You can choose from the following:
      • Call Deposit Account
      • Special Current Account.
  2. Savings and Deposit Accounts : Enjoy an array of innovative savings accounts that suit your lifestyle and give you the best returns on savings.
    1. Savings Accounts
      Withdraw and deposit money anytime you want while enjoying the best banking services. With ENBD savings accounts, you get:  
      • Interest rate - 0.20% per year.
      • Interest is calculated on minimum balance in a month.
    2. Super Saver Account
      A fully digital account that can be accessed through mobile and online banking platforms only. With this, you can:
      • Enjoy a daily closing balance interest calculation.
      • Interest Rates offered: AED up to 1.25%, USD up to 0.75% and GBP up to 0.40%.
    3. Shake n Save Account
      This is a special account curated to make a big difference with your small savings
      • Interest rate - 0.75% per year.
      • Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance.
  3. FlexiDeposit : As the name suggests, Flexideposit allows you to make partial withdrawals during an emergency.
  4. Currency Passport Savings Account :  With this, you can earn 0.15% interest even while dealing with different currencies. With a currency passport savings account, your: 
    1. Interest is calculated on minimum monthly balance.
    2. Liberty to transact in multiple currencies remains unhindered.
  5. Manchester United Savings Account : This is a special account for football lovers with an interest rate that shoots up every time your team scores.
  6. Tiered Savings Account
    1. Earn interest on the basis of the balance you maintain
    2. Interest rate: AED up to 0.50%, SAR and USD up to 0.50%
  7. Fixed Deposits : Park any amount of surplus funds for a period of 7 days to 5 years, while enjoying the overdraft facility.
  8. FlexiSweep Deposit : With various interest payouts, enjoy greater flexibility to move your funds.
  9.  Regular Return Deposit : Without having to wait for the maturity date, you can select a yearly/ half-yearly/ quarterly/ monthly payout of the interest.
  10. Goal Recurring Deposit : Set goals and save towards them with savings starting just at AED 500.
  11. Steady Saver Deposit : The steadier your money in the account, the higher the interest rate.
  12. Early Saver Account and Deposit : Earn interest between 0.50% to 0.75% by having a unique savings account dedicated to your children.
  13.  Family Savings Account : Get an interest rate of up to 0.75% on pooling the balances of all family members.
  14. Mudarba Savings Account : Earn up to 0.75% of interest on this profit-sharing partnership.
  15. Gold Savings Certificates : Investing in gold certificates with ENBD to reap maximum benefits.
  16. Wakala Deposit : This is a Shariah approved deposit facility available in AED and USD. You can start this with a minimum deposit of AED 4 Million or USD 1 Million
  17. Mudaraba General Investment : An excellent way for investors to generate profits in compliance with Shariah law.
  18. Gold Investment Account : The Gold Investment Account allows you to invest in gold without the hassles of physically storing it in your locker. You determine the troy ounces you wish to invest in based on the current gold rate the funds are transferred to your account. You can set an SIP to buy small units of gold on a monthly basis. 
    1. Transfer funds from the USD or AED account
    2. You can start with as small as AED 500
    3. This would be a no-interest account
    4. There are no cheque books, debit cards, fund transfers or withdrawals here.
  19. Value Account : The Value Account adds more value to your Current Account by offering you interest rates as high as 0.35%. You also get to access the Emirates NBD network of branches and make bill payments. 
    1. You receive a monthly account statement
    2. Get a Debit Card free of charge
    3. Interest calculation on the daily closing balance.


Plastic money has become one of the most convenient ways to transact your money. Here is how you can make the best of your Emirates NBD Cards:

Credit Cards

Out of the numerous options available, choose the one that best suits you:

  1. Travel Cards : There are a number of Travel Credit Cards available which offer you benefits in teh form of reward points and miles
    1. Skywards Infinite Credit Card
      Minimum Salary: AED 30,000
      Get up to 2 Skyward Miles per USD
    2. Marriott Bonvoy World Mastercard Credit Card
      Minimum Salary: AED 25,000
      Get up to 6 Marriott Bonvoy points per USD
    3. Dnata World Credit Card
      Minimum Salary: AED 25,000
      Get up to 15% rewards
    4. Skywards Signature Credit Card
      Minimum Salary: AED 15,000
      Get up to 1.5 Skywards Miles per USD
  2. Reward Cards : Enjoy diverse benefits in the form of rewards and privileges every time you swipe your card. Based on the minimum salary you are eligible for a particular card and accordingly earn rewards.
    1. Visa Infinite Credit Card
    2. U By Emaar Infinite Credit Card
    3. LuLu 247 Platinum Credit Card
    4. Visa Flexi Credit Card
    5. Mastercard Platinum Credit Card
    6. Visa Platinum Credit Card
    7. U By Emaar Signature Credit Card 
    8. U By Emaar Family Credit Card
    9. LuLu 247 Titanium Credit Card
    10. Mastercard Titanium Credit Card
    11. Diners Club Credit Card
    12. Duo Credit Cards
  3. Lifestyle Cards : Even when you are on the move, your Emirates NBD Lifestyle Card allows you to have the best shopping experiences:
    1. Go4it Platinum Credit Card
    2. Go4it Gold Credit Card
    3. Manchester United Credit Card
    4. Webshpper Credit Card

Debit Cards

You no longer need cash when you have such widely accepted and easy to swipe Debit Cards. These cards have limited transactions and are globally accepted. 

  1. Emirati Visa Signature Debit Card
  2. Visa Classic Debit Card
  3. Beyond Visa Platinum Debit Card
  4. Ladies Banking Debit Card
  5. Go4it/ Youth Go4it Visa Debit Card
  6. Manchester United Platinum Debit Card
  7. Visa Business Debit Card
  8. Visa Signature Business Debit Card

Prepaid Cards

  1. Emirates NBD Gift Card: A card for your loved one to shop across online stores.
  2. GlobalCash Card: This prepaid card holds 15 currencies and can be accessed at over 2.1 million ATMs globally.
  3. Manchester United Prepaid Card: Support your favourite, Manchester United and win rewards. This is the only card that can help you win RED experience.

Commercial Cards

The best way to manage your business-related expenses while earning reward points.

  1. Business Credit Card: Tailor-made to cater to all your business related needs
  2. DMCC Corporate Card: Allows better management of cash flow while offering high savings and rewards
  3. Visa Corporate Card: Allows you to keep a record of your expenses
  4. MasterCard Corporate Card: Enjoy convenient and hassle-free spending while traveling


Emirates NBD allows you to pick the best loans depending on your financial needs:

  1. Personal Loans
    1. Get a loan of up to AED 4 million
    2. Enjoy a flat rate of interest at 2.38% per annum
    3. Get free insurance and a Zero processing fee
  2. Auto Loans : Buying your dream car is now easy
    1. Loan rates start from a flat 1.99% per annum 
    2. Enjoy Zero % Instalment Payment when paying through Emirates NBD Credit Card
  3. Home Loans : Move closer to your dream of buying your own house
    1. Rate of interest from 2.09% per annum
    2. Get a home loan worth up to AED 15 million
    3. Almost 85% of the Loan To Value can be availed
    4. Get a 50% off on the processing fee
  4. Scholar Plus Education Loan : Take your children a step closer to their dreams
    1. Flat 2.65% per annum rate of interest
    2. No Charges for an Early Settlement
    3. Get a loan for up to 125% of the course fee
  5. Overdraft : Get instant financial support of almost up to double your salary with an easy and convenient way of taking a loan 
    1. An overdraft allows you Cheque Bounce Protection
    2. Get access to immediate cash and fulfil cash emergency 
    3. Save more by paying interest only on the amount that you use

Digital Banking

  1. Online Banking : Tailor-made to your needs and requirements, your Emirates NBD online banking helps you take care of all your banking needs. Take control of your finances and access them all through your laptop, mobile or tablet.
    1. The smart insights on the dashboard such as the Money Bar make managing the budget easy
    2. Pay for all your bills be it credit card, groceries and other utilities, telecommunication etc
    3. In a few clicks make payments for travel, property, RTA etc
    4. Enjoy an easy local transfer of funds between Emirates NBD accounts and others too 
    5. International transfers are made easier with Direct Remit and Western Union
  2. Mobile Banking : Your banking services need not be put on hold even while you are on the move. Compatible with Android and Apple devices, you can conveniently make use of all banking services.
    1. No extra charges to be paid
    2. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection
    3. Secure your transactions with Smart Pass
  3. Chat Banking : Banking becomes as easy as texting on WhatsApp with NBD bank. Enjoy this 24X7 service, even when you are on the move and stay updated with your accounts. You can conveniently access all the banking services using your smartphone.
  4. Phone Banking : With Eva, the Virtual Assistant on the Emirates NBD banking platform, you can get all your issues resolved instantly. 
    1. Check your account and balances 
    2. Stay updated about your card rewards and points
    3. Pay your utility bills
  5. e-Statement : Keeping a track of all your accounts becomes easy with the help of e-statements. You no longer have to rely on emails, that easily get lost in your mailbox.
  6. Interactive Teller Machine : Better known as the ITM, the Interactive Teller Machine uses video-based interactive technology to help you transact in the simplest way. You can do the following by just giving a simple command:
    1. Request cheque book
    2. Cash withdrawals
    3. Cash Deposit
    4. Account inquiries
  7. e-Payments :Using 6 different channels- ATM, Mobile Banking, Online Banking, CDM, Phone Banking and SMS, you can easily pay for 33 banking services. This includes:
    1. Utilities
    2. Education
    3. Donations
    4. Fines 

Foreign Exchange

  1. DirectRemit : Thanks to the DirectRemit facility, you can transfer money anywhere in the world in just a matter of 60 seconds, that too for free. You can access this service through online and mobile banking.
  2. Foreign Currency Cash : You no longer need to visit the office branch to buy or sell foreign currency. While offering you the freedom from the risk of carrying too much money, NBD Bank also offers you competitive rates of exchange.
  3. Fixed Deposit & Foreign Currency Accounts : With Emirates NBD, you can get the advantage of one of the best interest rates on foreign currencies in an FD.
  4. Demand Draft : Whether you are at home, in the office or even in your car, you can easily purchase a Demand draft and transfer up to AED 100,000. You can apply for a demand draft online as well as offline.
  5. GlobalCash Card : This is a prepaid card valid for up to 15 currencies, making it a one-stop solution for many financial needs.
  6. Telegraphic Transfers : Sending and receiving money from the UAE or any part of the world is simplified with telegraphic transfers. The facility to transfer AED 250,000 every day makes it a very beneficial service.
  7. Western Union : With Western Union, you can transfer money to more than 5 lakh locations all over the globe. There is a transfer limit of AED 25,000. 

Wealth and Insurance Solutions

  1. Life, Health and Accident Insurance : Emirates NBD provides a wide variety of insurance products to safeguard you and your family during uncertain times. With NBD, you get brilliant life and health insurance plans that cover women-specific cancers, sudden hospitalisation due to serious injury, and treatments for critical illnesses. Simply put, NBD Bank has a full range of health and life insurance plans to prevent you from any sudden and huge financial loss.
  2. Monthly Investment Plans : Emirates NBD’s Monthly Investment plans can be your first step towards investing. You can start with as little as AED 2000 every month and watch it grow. Emirates NBD makes investing simple and transparent, which makes it effortless for anyone to invest.
    1. Monthly investment plans come in short tenures
    2. You can also withdraw a lump sum amount whenever you want
    3. Easy partial cash withdrawals and no termination fees.
  3. General Insurance : With general insurance you can protect everything that is important to you. You can opt for:
    1. Motor Insurance
    2. Travel Insurance
    3. Home Insurance.
  4. InvestDaily : InvestDaily is a smart investment plan that can help you achieve your financial goals by investing the least you can. It is an auto-debit investment plan that helps you in disciplined investing. You can start investing with a low amount, as low as AED 8. And every month some amount will be auto invested in a mutual fund of your choice. InvestDaily makes you habitual to regular investing and can also yield you greater returns.

Emirates NBD Bank  - Awards and Achievements

Year Awards Award By
2021 Best Retail Bank In UAE and the Middle East Asian Banker Regional Awards
2021 Best Digital Bank in Middle East Asian Banker Regional Awards
2021 Best Bank in UAE Euromoney Awards
2021  Best CX Business Model Digital CX Awards
2020 “Bank of the Year “- Middle East 2020 The Banker
2020 Best Retail Bank- Middle East Asian Banker Excellence in Financial  Services
2020 Best SME Bank of the year International Financial Magazine

Emirates NBD Bank Customer Care Info

Official Website https://www.emiratesnbd.com/en
Email ID customersupport@emiratesnbd.com
Personal Banking  971 600 54 0000
+971 600 54 0000 (if calling from outside UAE)
Priority Banking 800 100 +971 4 316 0333 (if calling from outside UAE)
Company Address  Emirates NBD Bank PO Box 777, Deira Dubai UAE
How can I start  Emirates NBD Bank mobile banking?

You can enjoy a convenient and faster banking experience with Emirates NBD mobile app. All you have to do is download the Emirates NBD app on your mobile phone. It is completely free and is available both on the Play Store and Apple store. To access faster banking services you need to have an Emirates NBA ID and an internet connection on your smartphone.

How can I find Emirates NBD Bank near me?

If you are looking for “Emirates NBD Bank near me”, you can visit the bank’s website and locate a branch near you. Simply enter your location to find an ATM or branch office.

What do you mean by Telegraphic Transfers?

Emirates NBD bank offers a remitting service called Telegraphic Transfer. With the help of Telegraphic transfer, you can transfer money to different bank accounts within the country as well as internationally. The minimum amount for daily transactions is AED 250,000. The best thing about this service is that you can transfer the money online, using online banking or mobile banking.

What are the advantages of Emirates NBD Bank Priority banking?

Emirates NBD's priority banking services are for anyone who has greater financial services needs. Priority banking offers best in class banking services to the customers. You’re entitled to services like:

  • A dedicated relationship manager to help you with your finances 
  • A team of financial advisors who can guide you in your investment decisions
  • With your Emirates NBD Visa Signature card, you can withdraw cash without any charges even when you're overseas
  • With Emirates NBD online banking and branches, you can exchange foreign currency for free 
  • Favourable prices on loans and other products
  • Unlimited cheque books and free statements.
How can I apply for an Emirates NBD Bank auto loan?

You can apply for an auto loan at Emirates NBD bank with various mediums. Visit your nearest Emirates NBD bank branch for personal assistance or visit our auto loans’ section to apply for it instantly.