Get Cashback up to AED 2000

Get Cashback up to AED 2000

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Emirates NBD WebShopper Credit Card

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The Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card is one of the Emirates NBD’s prime innovations that is mainly designed for internet purchases. Released with the motive of advancing online security, the Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card offers its cardholders a high powered rewards program and unparalleled security for online shopping. In addition to this, card members can enjoy several other banking services to meet their various lifestyle needs.

Features of the Emirates NBD WebShopper Credit CardEmirates NBD WebShopper Credit Card

While the WebShopper Emirates NBD credit card takes security very seriously, it doesn’t shy away from offering other useful credit card features and benefits as well. Following are its key features and benefits:

Card Security

The Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card has been created with a specialized focus on online shopping. It does not contain a magnetic strip and the card numbers are printed-on the card rather than embossed. All of this is done in order to prevent unauthorized use of the card at vendors. Hence, this credit card can’t be utilized at merchants which require a person to insert/swipe his/her card into a terminal or at ATMs in order to withdraw cash.

Easy Instalment Plans

An ENBD credit card easy instalment plan lets cardholders convert large retail purchases made at participating vendors into monthly instalments at 0% interest rate for 6 to 12 months.

Flexible Options for Payment

Cardholders can pay as minimum as 5% of the outstanding balance on their Emirates Credit Card every month using the flexible options for payment offered by the bank. They can even carry over their remaining outstanding balance to the following statement. However, card members can choose to make 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100% payment of the outstanding balance monthly.

Interest Free Period

This Emirates NBD Credit card offers up to 55 days no-interest period if the cardholders continue to pay their total outstanding balance by the due payment date.

SMS Alert

This ENBD credit card enables its card members to track all of their card transactions with the help of this advanced SMS alert feature.  The cardholder will get a SMS alert on every single transaction made on the card. With this, they can easily indentify unauthorized use immediately and also helps them to keep an eye on their every expenditure, withdrawal, and all other activities.

Online Banking

This is one of the best features of this Emirates NBD credit card as it enables card members to monitor their card balances & transactions as well as make payments from the EBND Account. Cardholders can enjoy online access to their card account from anywhere in the world.

Customer Assistance

This Emirates NBD Credit Card offers assistance to its cardholders round the clock so as to help them in solving their issues, if any.

Roadside Assistance

The Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card offers complimentary round the clock roadside assistance for its cardholders. The services offered under roadside assistance include:

  1. Vehicle Recovery Facility
  2. Fuel Delivery
  3. Towing
  4. Battery Boosting

Please note that roadside assistance can be availed for free up to 3 times in a year.


 The Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card offers the Double Secure security protocol to add an extra measure of safety. The Double Secure protocol requires cardholders to enter an authentication code in order to complete any transaction. This code is sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile number or a registered email address.

Emirates NBD WebShopper Credit Card Rewards & Offers

Card members can enjoy the following offers and rewards:

Plus Points - Rewards Program

Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card members are automatically enrolled in the Plus Points Rewards program. Plus Points is basically a loyalty program offered by Emirates NBD and allows cardholders to earn points by simply making use of their card for online purchases. And then, they redeem the accumulated reward points at participating partners. Also, card members can convert the plus points to cash back or frequent flyer miles.

  • Cardholders earn 1 Plus Point for every AED 200 they spend with the Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card.

Eligibility Criteria for Emirates NBD WebShopper Credit Card

The applicant must have a minimum monthly income of AED 5,000 in order to be eligible for this Emirates NBD credit card.

Documents Required to apply for Emirates NBD WebShopper Credit Card

The following documents will be required in order to complete the Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card application:

  • Emirates identity card (original and a copy).
  • Passport (copy) for identification purpose.
  • Security Cheque
  • Recent Salary Certificate (for salaried employees)
  • Trade License (only for non-individuals)
  • Bank statement of the recent 3 months (if bank statements aren’t original, a mini statement printed from an ATM has to be submitted)

FAQs on Emirates NBD WebShopper Credit Card

Q1: How many supplementary Emirates NBD WebShopper credit cards can I get?

Ans: The primary Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card member can request for up to 5 supplementary credit cards absolutely free of charge for the eligible family members. Supplementary cards can be used to access a shared credit limit with the primary card and can be set with spending limits to monitor usage.

Q2: Where can I check on the status of my Plus Points?

Ans: Card members can easily check the status of their Plus Points through:

  • Customer Care: Cardholders can contact 600-54-0000 in order to request for the status of their Plus Points via the phone.
  • Online Banking: The ENBD credit card online portal can also be used to determine the status of accrued Plus Points.
  • Mobile Banking: Plus Point status can also be seen via the Emirates NBD credit card Android and iOS mobile banking apps.

Q3: Where can I make my Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card payments?

Ans: The Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card payments can be made via:

  • Branch / ATM Payment: Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card members can make payments at any of the Emirates NBD branches or ATMs.
  • Online Payment: Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card payments can also be made through the online banking portal. The ENBD credit card online login can be found on the Emirates NBD website.
  • Mobile Payment: Cardholders can make payments for their Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card directly through their smartphone with the ENBD mobile banking app. The app can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

Q4: What do I do if my Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card is stolen or lost?

Ans: Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card members will be liable for any charges made on their misplaced card until they have informed the bank in writing. That is why, cardholders are required to immediately inform the bank and local police authorities about the loss of their ENBD credit card, followed by a written confirmation of the same within 48 hours of the verbal report.

A replacement Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card will be issued to the cardholder. In the event that a lost ENBD credit card is later recovered, it should be cut in two and returned to the bank without being used.

Q5: How do I cancel my Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card?

Ans: The Emirates NBD WebShopper credit card can be cancelled by submitting a written request to the bank, along with all the primary and supplementary Emirates NBD credit cards cut in half. After doing so, the cardholder is required to clear all outstanding due on their card.

After confirming that all dues have been settled on the card, the bank will retain the security deposit amount for an additional 45 days before returning it.