Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

Using the Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card, the cardholder can avail a variety of lifestyle and travel perks. They can enjoy the advantages of the benefits and features offered by this Emirates NBD Credit Card including the Skyward miles. This credit card offers its cardholders a lot of banking services that help them in satisfying their needs.

Features of Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit CardEmirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

The Emirates Skywards Credit Cards have various amazing features that are as mentioned below-

1. Contactless Payment: The card members are offered a facility of quick & convenient paying through their Emirates NBD Cards. They can also utilize their smartwatch or mobile phones in order to make fast and safe contactless payment through these credit cards.

2. Protect Plus Cover: Under this insurance cover, the card members are offered an assurance that in any unfortunate event that might arise in the future such as loss of employment (involuntary), death, critical illness or total permanent disability, the outstanding balance (if any) on their Emirates Skywards Credit Card is waived off. The cardholders can avail a free coverage for the initial 2 months, however, they will subsequently have to pay a nominal fee on any outstanding balance on their credit card.

3. Instant Cash: The cardholders can also avail the facility of instant cash in which they can avail an immediate access to fifty percent (at most) of the credit limit determined by the bank on their card, in the form of cash using this Emirates NBD Credit Card at any of the branches of the bank or at 810,000+ ATMs with symbols of MasterCard or Visa throughout the globe. A fee on cash advance (or the equivalent of foreign currency wherever it is applicable) is levied on such transactions.

4. Flexi Payment Options: This Emirates Credit Card offers the cardholders the facility to pay as small as five percent of the balance outstanding monthly, & carrying over the remaining balance in the following statement. The card members can pay 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 percent of the outstanding balance on their card every month.

The card members can make payments on their credit card using any one of the following options-

  • Paying in cash through the branches of Emirates NBD, machines in these branches for cash deposit and at the UAE and Al-Ansari Exchange branches
  • Debiting Current/Saving account of the card member at the bank through any standing instruction
  • Paying online if the card member has a current/savings account at Emirates NBD
  • Paying through cheque to the Payments Division of the Emirates NBD Credit Cards in Dubai, PO Box Number 31813, the UAE.

5. Interest-free Period: The Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card offers the card members up to a duration of fifty-five days wherein interest will not be levied on them. But, this facility is available only when the card members continue making the full payment on the balance outstanding before the specified due date.

6. Emirates Installment Scheme: Through this installment plan by Emirates Skywards Credit Cards, the card members can pay conveniently on the purchases they make in installments (per month) at a low rate of interest monthly. This facility makes huge and unexpected payments easier. This facility requires no faxes, no forms, all the cardholders need to do is make a phone call after purchasing this credit card. This is a flexible option in which the card members can choose their preferred term of installment (six, twelve, twenty-four and thirty-six months). This scheme is economical as it charges a low rate of interest. In order to convert the purchases of the cardholders into this installment plan, the cardholder just has to log into their mobile or online banking and select the plan that is the most suitable for them.

7. Online Access: The card members can also enjoy online access to their card account from wherever they are. Through this online access, they can easily monitor their transactions and the balance on their cards and can also make payments using their account at Emirates NBD.

8. SMS Alerts: The card members receive alerts through SMS on each transaction they make using their credit card, so they can identify the unauthorized use (if any) immediately.

9. Online Bill Payment: The cardholders can also use this credit card to make convenient online payment of their DEWA, Etisalat and Emirates Post (Empost) bills.

10. Travel Insurance: The cardholders can use their Visa Signature Credit Card to make payment for their trip and they will get free travel insurance for that trip. The cardholders have to download their insurance certificate for the purpose of visa application and evidence for coverage. 

11. Roadside Assistance: This Emirates NBD Card offers complimentary roadside assistance to the card members round the clock. It includes towing, recovery service, battery boost, and fuel delivery. With effect from 1st June 2013, the usage of these services has been limited to three times a year.

12. Extended Warranty: The cardholders can use their Visa Signature Credit Card to make payment for their purchases. The items they purchase can be eligible for the Extended Warranty benefit. Under this benefit, the original warranty given by the manufacturer on the items bought using this Visa Signature Credit Card doubles up automatically.

13. Purchase Protection: When the cardholders pay using this Visa Signature Credit Card, they might get benefits of purchase protection in case of stolen, lost or damaged goods that were purchased.

Benefits of Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

The Emirates Skywards Credit Card offers various amazing benefits that are as mentioned below-

1. Access to Airport Lounges

The card members do not need to worry either prior to boarding or after disembarking. They are offered unlimited access at above 650 airport lounges around 300+ cities across the globe, not considering whether travel or airline class. They just have to show their Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Card at the airport lounge that lies under the Lounge Key program for Emirates NBD Airport Lounge Access.     

2. Free Valet Parking

The cardholders can also enjoy a maximum of four services of valet parking (for 1 hour) at a few famous shopping malls including-

  • Yas Waterworld
  • Yas Mall
  • Khalidiya Mall
  • Ferrari World

They just need to show their Emirates Skywards Credit Card on the location of valet service. For extra valet parking for each hour, they have to pay 30 AED. These services are valid for a standard valet parking only and not for the VIP one.

3. Auto Salik Top-up

The cardholders of this Emirates NBD Credit Card can avail a convenient option of RTA Auto Salik Top-up. Under this facility, the cardholder doesn’t need to manually recharge his Salik account on the reduction of the balance.

  • This option of top-up automatically recharges the amount specified in the Salik account that is linked with the cardholder’s credit card, as soon as it gets reduced to the threshold of 30 AED.
  • Automatic recharge of the amount mentioned by the cardholder initiates during the application time.
  • If the cardholders haven’t requested for this automatic top up during the application, however, they wish to activate it now, they can call the bank on +971600540000, and the bank will help them in activating this facility. It is suggested that the cardholders have their Salik account no. and PIN with them while calling the bank.
  • With one credit card, only 1 Salik account will be linked. The cardholders can also activate this service on their supplementary cards.

4. Concierge Desk

The cardholders of this Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card gets enrolled into the bank's concierge services automatically. The concierge desk of the bank takes care of the cardholders' time-taking work for them. The services included under concierge are as follows:

  • Courier services (local) within the UAE- s maximum of 12 times in a year.
  • Transfer from Airports- Up to four drops in UAE in one year
  • Picking up and delivering the car in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for servicing and registration of the car once in a year
  • Submission of the visit visa on the Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport- six times in a year

5. Privileges for Golf

The cardholders can avail enhanced offers on golf with their Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card. They can enjoy free golf at five golf courses around the UAE. The golf courses included in this benefit are-

  • Yas Links
  • Arabian Ranches
  • Track Meydan
  • Sharjah Shooting & Golf Club
  • Address Montgomerie

The card members can choose from those slots available & can get a guarantee of being able to play golf on that date which they chose. They can go through the terms & conditions mentioned for these privileges on the official website of Emirates NBD.

6. Bon Appetit

The card members can avail an amazing experience in dining across Europe, the UAE and the Middle East by getting a discount worth thirty percent (maximum) at 2000+ restaurants. They are required to use their Emirates Skywards Credit Card when they visit the partner restaurants for Bon Appetit so as to enjoy an exclusive dining experience & discounts.

7. Travel Discounts

The card members can enjoy 3 percent off while booking airline tickets & a maximum 7 percent off on the vacation package booking using the travel desk of the bank through this credit card in UAE. Such discount offers will be applicable depending on the base rate mentioned by dnata, not considering the surcharges & taxes. The card members can give a call on 047036575 in order to book holiday & ticket packages (Saturday-Thursday) between 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Top Reasons for Buying the Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

There are plenty of reasons why an applicant should select the Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card. Some of them are-

1. Customer Care

This Emirates NBD offers helpful and friendly customer service to the card members, which assists in resolving the issues of the cardholders in a detailed way. The customer service executives of the bank are available to solve grievances of card members 24/7.

2. Contactless Payment

The card members are offered a facility of quick & convenient paying through their Emirates NBD Credit Cards. They can also utilize their smartwatch or mobile phones in order to make fast and safe contactless payment through these credit cards.

3. Protection

This Emirates NBD Credit Card provides protection to the card members on their purchases as well as from card frauds. This credit card also offers Protection Plus insurance for the cardholders.

4. Online Banking

The cardholders can also access their card account online from anywhere they are. Using this online banking facility, they can simply monitor the transactions & the balance on the cards & can also pay using their account at Emirates NBD.

5. Benefits

The bank offers a world of amazing benefits to the cardholders. These benefits include dining, lifestyle, travel, shopping, golf privileges and more.

Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card Offers

  • The card members can avail a variety of offers using Skyshopper.
  • The card members can also avail various shopping, dining, leisure, travel, entertainment and more using their Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card.

Fees & Charges on Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

Mentioned below are the Emirates NBD Credit Card Fees & charges-


 Fees  Amount 
Annual Fees 700
Annual Fees on Supplementary Cards Nil
Monthly Interest on Retail Purchase 3.25 percent
Monthly Cash Advance Interest 3.25 percent
Cash Withdrawal/Advance Fee 99 AED or 3 percent of the total (whatever higher)
Over-Limit Charge 279 AED
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Processing Fee on Foreign Currency Non- AED purchases- 1.99 percentAED purchases- 1.99 percent
Card Replacement Charge 20 AED
Fee on Return on Direct Debit and Cheque 100 AED
Sales Voucher Copy Fee 10 AED
Fee on Paper Statement 5 AED (monthly)
Fee on Duplicate Statement (each copy) 15 AED monthly for previous 3 months and 45 AED subsequently
Insurance Fee 0.99 percent on the current balance in the billing cycle (first two months free)
0 percent Installment Plan Charge 49 AED (per transaction)
Cancellation Fee on Installment Plans or Balance Transfer or Conversion of Balance or Dial-A-Cheque 3 percent on the outstanding principal or 250 AED (whatever higher)
Fee on Delivery Charges Abroad 150 AED
Minimum Due Payment 100 AED or 5 percent (whatever higher)

(These charges are applicable with effect from April 1st, 2019)

Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card Rewards

The card members have the benefit of earning 40,000 miles (maximum) as Emirates NBD Credit Card Rewards.

  • Skyward miles worth 15,000 when the registration fee is paid
  • Skyward miles worth 15,000 on cumulative spending (retail) of 10,000 USD in the initial 3 billing statements.
  • Skyward miles worth 15,000 on cumulative spending (retail) of 3,750 USD on the Emirates website or at any of the sales office of Emirates in UAE in the initial 12 billing statements.

How to Earn & Redeem the Rewards on Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card?

This credit card offers the cardholders skyward miles on the Emirates Skyward Credit Card on the basis of the category of the spends. They are capable of earning 2.5 miles (maximum) on one USD of retail spending according to the table below-


Accrual Rates on miles (Miles on spending of one USD)
Category Skyward Signature Credit Card Signature Skyward Credit Card
Retail Spend (Domestic) Base miles 2 1 0.75
Retail Spend (International) 3 1.5 1
Spending on emirates.ae 4. 2 1.5
Express Miles 5. 50 percent miles additional over the total miles that are earned in one statement cycle NA

How does this Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card work?

The bank provides the applicant three options in order to apply for the Emirates NBD Credit Card-

  1. Branch Applications: The applicant who wants to apply for this credit card can do the same by visiting the nearest branch of the bank. They need to fill and submit the application form to apply directly for this Emirates Skywards Signature Credit Card.
  2. Phone Banking: The cardholders who do not wish to opt for branch application can put forward their Emirates NBD Credit Card Application through phone banking by calling on the official customer service of the number.
  3. Online Application: The applicants can also apply for this Emirates NBD Credit Card Online efficiently and simply using the secure and convenient net banking portal of the bank.

Documents Required to Apply for this Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

The documents are required to apply for this Emirates Skywards Credit Card are-

  • Emirates identity card (original and a copy).
  • Password (copy) for Identification purpose.
  • Trade License (only for non-individuals)
  • Bank statement of the recent 3 months (if bank statements aren’t original, a mini statement printed from an ATM has to be submitted)
  • Security Cheque

Frequently Asked Questions on Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

Q.1. What does the 0 percent Installment Plan on my credit card mean?

You can avail this plan using your Emirates Skywards Credit Card to convert the purchases you have made on your card at a few select outlets into easy monthly installments at zero interest. This facility is available only with the participating partners. You can immediately convert the purchases you have made into these installments using any 1 of the channels of the bank which are mobile banking, online banking or at the Point of Sales. A certain amount of fee that is determined by Emirates NBD is applicable in that period.

Q.2. When do my miles earned get transferred to my Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card Account?

The earned base miles for the transactions done in one statement cycle will be transferred to the Skywards account linked between the 25th & 30th of that month which occurs following the statement cycle. The bonus miles will get transferred in three weeks of statement date.

Q.3. What are the maximum amount of miles I am capable of earning on my Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card?

In a particular statement cycle, you can earn miles against the eligible spends equivalent to your credit limit or 50,000 AED (whichever is low). The transactions that take the total spend over the determined caps are included partly, just that amount which lies under the determined cap, and the miles are earned on the basis of pro-rata. The transactions are considered chronologically in the order they occurred.

The amount spent is not allowed to be carried over to the upcoming billing cycle. In all the billing cycles, the miles are calculated for those spends that are posted in that billing duration, without considering the balance that is carried over from previous billing cycles.

Q.4. Am I allowed to purchase extra miles so as to meet shortfalls on Emirates Skywards Signature Credit Card, if any?

You can by extra Skyward miles by logging into your account on Skyward. Such purchases of extra miles are governed under the terms and conditions of Skyward. Currently, it sells miles worth 30 USD per thousand miles. You can purchase up to 100,000 miles in one membership year.

Q.5. What does Protect Plus Cover on my card mean?

This insurance facility on your Emirates Skywards Credit Card is the enhanced insurance privilege that offers protection from the obligation of making the payment of the amount outstanding on your card in the case of unfortunate events. This insurance facility also provides cash benefits to the cardholder’s family in case of hospitalization or accidental death. The events covered under this benefit are cover for involuntary job loss, critical illness, total disability, accidental death benefit, cash benefits at hospitals.

You are enrolled in this protect plus facility automatically during the activation of your card. You can enjoy free cover for 2 months, however, you will be charged 0.99 percent monthly depending upon the balance outstanding on your card subsequently. In case you do not want to get enrolled in this facility, you can call on 600540000 in the 1st two months from the activation to terminate it. If you terminate this facility once, you won’t be eligible for enrolling in it again.

Q.6. What does the Balance Transfer option on my credit card mean?

The BT or Balance Transfer option is a facility that lets you transfer the balance outstanding on one of your card accounts from some other bank to the card account of your Emirates NBD Card. This facility is available to all the Emirates credit cardholders. You need to have a minimum amount of 3000 AED in order to apply for this facility.

This Emirates NBD Credit Card has 2 kinds of BT programs-


BT Program Offer
0 percent balance transfer Available Payment Plans Processing Fee (one-time)
For tenor of six months- 0 percent interest 3 percent of the balance transfer amount
For tenor of twelve months- 0 percent interest 4 percent of the balance transfer amount
BT with an Installment Plan High-rated card balances transferred to Emirates Credit Card and repayment did in a flexi installment plan with a low rate of interest.No additional charges on this plan.


These BT programs offer you convenient management of your finances by maintaining all the balances on your credit cards in your Emirates Skywards Credit Card. You can apply for this facility by contacting the call center on 600540000. The officer from the bank is available to help you 24/7.

Q7. What does an e-statement on my credit card mean?

The e-statement on your credit card is the electronic form of your statement. You will receive this e-statement on your e-mail with the same frequency at which you receive the paper statement. You can save, view as well as print the statement through your computer. You have to pay no charges on this statement. Being digital, it is environment-friendly and also saves you from the hassle of organizing paper statements. This e-statement is sent to the e-mail ID registered to the records of the bank in the PDF format.

Q8. What do Finance Charges mean? How are they calculated?

Finance Charges are the charges that are billed to your account in case full payment is not done on the total due amount on the account statement of the last month by the due date of payment mentioned in the account statement.

The Emirates NBD calculates (on average) these charges that are levied on Emirates Skywards Credit Card members on a regular basis. The billing of these charges is done on your credit card account in the situation when the total due amount is not paid as mentioned above. These charges might rise with time (by the bank’s sole discretion) when you are a defaulter on a payment or more. 

Q9. What does the minimum due payment on my credit card mean?

The minimum due payment refers to the amount that you are required to pay either on or prior to the due date of the payment as mentioned in the statement so as to avoid the burden of late payment charges. This minimum amount is either 100 AED or five percent of the current balance, whatever is higher and should be paid monthly. When you make the payment for this minimum due amount, then the balance remaining is carried forward to the following statement including the finance charges applicable.

Q10. What are the options that I have for paying off my credit card?

You have different options for making credit card payments on this Emirates NBD Credit Card, which are as follows-

  • Banknet- If you hold an Emirates NBD bank account, you will be able to sign up for the bank’s safe online banking service (Banknet) easily and conveniently no matter wherever you are. Through Banknet you can also make instant payments from your account to the balance on your credit card.
  • CDMs (Cash Deposit Machines)- CDMs by Emirates NBD are located not only at the branches of Emirates NBD but also at big shopping malls and other locations that are easily accessible in the UAE. Out of 120+ CDMs by Emirates NBD, you just need to visit the one that is convenient for you and make payments through cheque or cash. It is recommended that you carry along with you your Emirates NBD Credit Card for making the payment. While making the payment through cash at the CDM, the payment should be made within the time so that the cheque gets clear prior to the due date otherwise, you might have to bear further fees and interests.
  • Facility of Direct Debit- You can use your Emirates NBD bank account for signing up for this facility. This ensures that the payments on your credit card have been cleared on the due date. You can call on +971600540000 to avail this facility.
  • Any Exchange Branch of Al Ansari- You can visit any one of the seventy-nine branches of Al-Ansari Exchange and make the payments in cash towards the balance on your credit card.
  • Any Exchange Branch in the UAE- You can also visit any one of the seventy-nine branches of UAE Exchange and make the payments in cash towards the balance on your credit card.

Q11. What portion of the credit limit am I allowed to utilize for cash advance?

As a card member, you can avail cash advances equal to the 50 percent of the credit limit assigned to your Emirates Skyward credit card by the bank. This cash facility can be availed using the ATM machines, mobile banking as well as through online banking. A fee on cash advance is charged in order to avail this facility. This charge is levied to your card account on every transaction you make in the name of cash advance as mentioned in the price and service schedule/guide of charges and fees or specified by Emirates NBD as per its sole discretion. This cash advance charge may vary with time.

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