Emirates NBD Personal Loan


Emirates NBD was formed in 1963 as a merger between the National Bank of Dubai and the Emirates Bank International. The bank offers a wide array of finance solutions from credit cards to highly-acclaimed Emirates NBD personal loans.

The Emirates NBD or ENBD personal loans charge extremely low-interest rates. The loan can be availed with an easy application process that can be completed quickly online. Emirates NBD personal loan interest rates and Emirates NBD personal loan minimum salary requirements also make this personal finance solution extremely attractive to the applicants from all economic segments.

Features and Benefits of ENBD Personal Loans

The Emirates NBD personal loan or the Emirates NBD personal cash loan offers the following features and benefits:

Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount an Emirates NBD personal loan offers is AED 800,000. Additionally, the UAE national applicant can declare rental income and other sponsored earnings (if any) and can avail of additional funding for their Emirates NBD personal cash loan.


Emirates NBD personal loan applicant can avail a maximum tenor of up to 48 months. Ministry of Defence applicant, however, can avail maximum tenor up to 60 months.


The loan borrower can defer or push-back their monthly ENBD personal loan instalment up to two times in a year. This benefit can be availed by making all the previous NBD personal loan payments.

Please note- The benefit cannot be availed of in consecutive months.

Loan Cancellation

The applicant may cancel their Emirates NBD personal loan within 7 days from the disbursement. The applicable fees will be waived off.

Additional Benefits

The Emirates NBD personal loan offers a double insurance policy to the loan borrower. It provides insurance coverage in the event of tragic circumstances such as the demise of the loan borrower. In that case, the insurance policy offers the full outstanding loan amount to the loan borrower’s family members.

Emirates NBD Personal Loan Eligibility and Required Documents

The Emirates NBD personal loan eligibility criteria for UAE nationals and expats are mentioned below:


The Emirates NBD personal loan applicant below the age of 21 years will require a co-signer to jointly apply with as their guarantor.


For applicant having an ENBD account, credit card or auto loan, the Emirates NBD personal loan minimum salary requirement is AED 6,000. The applicant without any of the above-listed ENBD products is required to meet the Emirates NBD personal loan requirement of AED 12,000 minimum monthly salary.

Salary Transfer

salary to the ENBD is another criterion for Emirates NBD personal loan eligibility. The applicant is required to make a minimum of 6 salary transfers within the first 6 months of the Emirates NBD personal loan tenor.

The Emirates NBD personal loan document requirements are detailed below:

  • Application Form: The duly-filled ENBD personal loan application form can be submitted online or at any of the END branches across the UAE.
  • Documents: The Emirates NBD personal loan document requirements (for ID and address proof) include the applicant’s Emirates ID, passport, UAE visa (for expats only), Idbara page (for UAE nationals only) and utility bills with the applicant’s name.
  • Income Proof: The applicant is required to meet the Emirates NBD personal loan requirements for income by providing three latest months of their bank statement and a Salary Transfer Certificate issued by their employer.
  • Trade License: The self-employed Emirates NBD personal loan applicant will have to present 6 months of bank statement and submit a valid Trade License.

Emirates NBD Personal Loan Interest Rates

 The Emirates NBD personal loan interest rates are reducing in nature, which means they get reduced when installment of the borrowed amount is repaid by the loan borrower.

Emirates NBD Personal Loan
Category Max. Loan Amount Tenor Interest Rate Type of Interest
Personal Cash Loan AED 800,000 Up to 48 months Starting from 4.99% Reducing

(Updated on May 2019)

Frequently Asked Qs

Q1- What is a loan deferment?

Ans: Loan deferment is one of the many features offered by Emirates NBD personal loan. A loan deferment allows a loan holder to postpone a monthly installment, with the promise to pay it within a stipulated number of days. This can be availed on ENBD personal loans twice in a year, in non-consecutive months only.

Q2- How can I calculate my Emirates NBD personal loan installment?

Ans: You, calculate your Emirates NBD personal loan payment amounts using the Emirates NBD personal loan EMI calculator. These NBD personal loan calculators can be found on the ENBD site free of cost.

Q3- What is the salary transfer requirement for an Emirates NBD personal loan?

Ans: The Emirates NBD personal loan requirements include up to 6 salary transfers and a mandated Salary Transfer Certificate. Applicants are required to make these 6 salary transfers within the first 6 months of their ENBD personal loan tenor.

Q4- What is No Liability Letter?

Ans: On closing an Emirates NBD personal loan, loan borrow may request for a No Liability Letter that clears them of any liability towards the personal loan. This letter is usually required when leaving the UAE or when availing of a fresh loan. Emirates NBD personal loans offer a No Liability Letter for AED 50.

Q5- What are the late payment charges for an ENBD personal loan?

Ans: Emirates NBD personal loans charge a late payment fee of AED 100 per instance. Repeated late payments can poorly impact the ENBD personal loan holder’s credit score and prevent them from availing of personal loan in the future.

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