Get Cashback up to AED 2000

Get Cashback up to AED 2000

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Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

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The Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card is an exclusive credit card that offers exciting privileges and special perks to its cardholders. In addition to this, this Emirates NBD credit card provides an array of unprecedented offers to suit the lifestyle of its card members.

Features & Benefits of the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit CardEmirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

Following are the key features and benefits of this Emirates NBD credit card:

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

The cardholder can enjoy the unlimited free access to more than 25 regional & international airport lounges in Jordan, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, and more.

Golf Benefits

With this Emirates NBD credit card, the cardholder can enjoy a discount of a maximum of 40% at more than 100 golf courses globally.

MasterCard Benefits

The card member can enjoy the following Mastercard Benefits:

  • MYUS Premium Shipping: The cardholder can shop from more than 100,000 US retailers such as Apple, Amazon and get the reliable, quick, affordable international shipping with MYUS.
  • Purchase protection: All the products or goods that have been bought using the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card are protected in case of accidental damage or theft for up to 180 days from the purchase date.
  • Visa Assistance: Card members can apply for travel visa easily and quickly. Also, they can avail it for only US$15.

Contactless Payments

The cardholder can make contactless payments by using their phone or smart watch. It is indeed the quick, secure, and convenient way to make payments. Not only it ensures a high level of security but also entitles the cardholders to pay quickly & conveniently using their credit card. Plus, it is accepted anywhere across the world.

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

This amazing feature enables its cardholders to split their huge credit card retail purchases made at selected vendors/merchants into monthly installments at 0% interest rate for a period of 6-12 months.

Salik Auto Top Up

By activating this facility, card members do not have to remember to recharge their Salik Account whenever their account’s balance reduces. They are just required to set up their Salik Auto recharge through mobile or banking. After that, their card’s credit limit will be used to increase the top-up amount.

Utility Bills Payment

Cardholders can pay their Etisalat, DEWA, & Empost (i.e. Emirates Post) bills online easily & conveniently using this Emirates NBD credit card.

Interest-Free Days

Members of the Emirates NBD Mastercard Platinum Credit Card are given up to 55 no-interest days, provided the card members continue to pay their outstanding balance in full, by the due date of payment.

Flexible Payment Options

Cardholders can enjoy the convenience of paying as minimum as 5% of the outstanding amount every month. Afterwards, they can carry forward the remaining balance to billing statement of the next month. However, the card members can choose to pay 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100% of their card outstanding amount each month.

Instant Cash

Members of this ENBD credit card can withdraw a maximum of 50% of their total credit limit as instant cash at over 810,000 ATMs globally or any Emirates NBD branch worldwide which is displaying the MasterCard or VISA Logos.

SMS Alerts

This ENBD credit card feature combines security & convenience in one highly-functional service. Real-time SMS alert feature of the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card entitles the card members to keep track of their each expense, withdrawals, offers, & a lot more. Additionally, the card member can immediately identify unauthorized use (if any).

24-Hour Assistance

Members of this Emirates NBD credit card are provided with 24 hour assistance. They can call on +971 600 54 0000 at anytime, any day for solving any sort of doubt related to this credit card.

Online banking Access

The cardholder can enjoy online access to the card account from anywhere in the world. It enables the card member to see their card balances and transactions as well as assist them to make payments from their ENBD Account.


With this, card members can enjoy additional security when making an online purchase at any of the participating online merchants. They are just required to enter a “One-time Authentication Code” when paying with this Emirates NBD credit card. The authentication code will be sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile number as well as an email address. In this manner, even if someone knows the credit card number, they will not able to complete the transaction without this authentication code. Thus, it ensures the absolute safety and security of the card.

Protect Plus Insurance

With the ‘Protect Plus’ insurance, the cardholder can enjoy the spending power of the Emirates NBD credit card with the assurance that, in the event of any unfortunate situations, the outstanding balance of the card will be taken care of. Members of the card can enjoy 2 months complimentary cover after paying a nominal rate on the outstanding balance of the credit card. Moreover, Protect Plus Insurance covers the following:

  1. Natural death
  2. Job Loss cover
  3. Critical Illness
  4. Permanent total disability
  5. Hospital cash benefit

Rewards & Offers of the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

This Emirates NBD credit card comes with the following offers and rewards:

Plus Points- Rewards Program

Cardholders can earn rewards in terms of “Plus Points” on using this ENBD credit card for retail spending. They can earn up to 1.5% Plus Points on every AED 100 spent locally and internationally on using the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card. And then, redeem these Plus Points for an annual fee waiver, participating vendors/partners, frequent flyer miles from popular airlines or cash back. Following is the number of “Plus Points” that the card member can earn in different categories:

Earned Plus Points (in %) Category
0.4% Groceries and Supermarkets spend
0.4 % Insurance and Car dealership related spend
0.2 % Petroleum, Utility Payments, Real Estate, and Education spends

Bon Appetit

The cardholder can enjoy a maximum of 30% off at 2000+ restaurants all over the UAE.

LiveWell Program

The card member can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts a maximum of 50% at more than 500 Spas, Gyms, Medical & Wellness Centres, & Salons under this program.

Holiday Packages & Air Tickets Discount

The cardholder can avail a discount of 3% on air tickets and a discount of up to 7% on holiday packages. These travel discounts can easily be accessed through the ENBD Travel Desk. But please note that the discount is applicable on ‘Dnata’ base rate (excluding all the taxes & surcharges).

MasterCard Offers

Being a member of this Emirates NBD credit card, one can enjoy the following offers:

  • Discount with Cleartrip: The card member can enjoy 30% off (maximum) on booking any hotel or roundtrip international flight ticket with Cleartrip using the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card.
  • MasterCard Buy one, get one offers: Member of this Emirates NBD credit card can enjoy more than 900 offers across over 90 destinations & more than 600 merchants. All they need to download the Mastercard Buy 1, Get 1 mobile app to browse these exclusive offers.
  • Discounted rides with Careem: Cardholders can enjoy 20% discount on three Careem rides every month when they travel across countries in the Middle East.
  • Farfetch: Cardholders can enjoy a discount of 10% on site wide products. To enjoy this offer, the card member can use the MASTERCARD10- promo code.
  • Offers: Cardholders can enjoy a discount of 8% on hotel booking via the They can use the“VISA8”- promo code to enjoy this exclusive offer.
  • Avis Car Rental: Being a member of this ENBD credit card, one can enjoy a discount of a maximum of 15% on their next car rental with AVIS. In addition to this, card members can get a free upgrade with every car rental globally.
  • Bicester Village Shopping: Card members can enjoy access to:
    • A discount of 15% on shopping packages, shopping express, chauffeur drive experience at participating villages.
    • VIP lounges access.
    • VIP invitation (to be exchanged for a VIP card with extra discount of 10% on purchases in participating boutiques).

Eligibility Criteria for Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

The basic eligibility criteria to apply for Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum credit card is given below:

  • The minimum age of 21 years is required in order to apply for this card.
  • Both UAE nationals & expats are eligible.
  • The minimum monthly income of AED 12,000 is required.

Documents Required to Apply For Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

Applicants are required to submit the following documents to complete the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card application:

  • Original and photocopy of a valid Emirates ID along with the copy of Passport for Identification.
  • Latest salary certificate for salaried individuals.
  • Trade License for self-employed individuals.
  • Security Cheque (Signed).
  • Bank statements of the last three months.

*Please note that additional documents may be required as per the Bank’s sole discretion.

Fees & Charges of the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

 Following are the fees & charges associated with this Emirates NBD credit card:

Fees & Charges Amount

Annual Membership Fees

AED 700

Monthly Finance Charges


Cash Withdrawal or Advance Fee

AED 99 or 3% of the total amount (whatever higher)

Late Payment Charge

AED 230

Over-Limit Charge

AED 279

Foreign Currency Transaction Charges

Non- AED purchases- 1.99%

AED purchases- 1.99%

Card Replacement Fees

AED 20

Charges on Return on Direct Debit or Cheque

AED 100

Insurance Fee

0.99% on the present balance within the billing period (initial 2 months free)

International Delivery Charge

AED 150/Per credit card

0% Installment Plan Fees

AED 49 (on each transaction)

Cancellation Fees

3% on principal outstanding or AED 250 (whichever is higher)

(Updated as on September 3, 2020)

FAQ's on Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

Q1: What is 0% easy installment plan all about?

Ans: 0% easy installment plan is an ultimate feature of the card that enables you to split your credit card huge purchases made at participating vendors/outlets in monthly installments at no interest. Therefore, you can purchase anything that you want and then repay the amount in monthly installments for tenure of six to twelve months.

Q2: How many supplementary Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Cards can be availed?

Ans: You can apply for up to 5 supplementary cards for the eligible family members. Please note that you and your supplementary card members will share a single credit limit.

Q3: What exactly is Emirates NBD DoubleSecure?

Ans: Emirates NBD “DoubleSecure” is basically a tool of online authentication that provides you absolute peace of mind every time when you make an online purchase at any of the participating “Verified” Visa or MasterCard merchant’s website by using the Emirates NBD credit card. The advance feature of Emirates NBD “DoubleSecure” ensures that only the cardholder can complete an online transaction using his/her credit card as it requires you to enter a “One-time Authentication code” sent to your registered mobile number or email address. Therefore, this feature protects your card from any sort of fraud online transaction.

Best of all, the member of this credit card can take advantage of this additional security feature at no cost.

Q4: How can I earn Plus Points and where can I redeem them?

Ans: You can earn Plus Points by using this Emirates NBD credit card for all local and overseas retail spends.  And then, you can redeem the accumulated rewards points for annual fees waiver, cash back, participating vendors/partners, or frequent flyer miles from the leading airlines.

Q5: What unforeseen events does Protect Plus Insurance cover through the Emirates NBD MasterCard Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: Protect Plus Insurance provides peace of mind to the card member by covering the below-mentioned unforeseen events:

  • Critical illnesses
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Total disablement
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Job loss cover