Emirates NBD Lulu 247 Mastercard Titanium vs. Platinum

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The Emirates bank international is the second-largest back in the UAE that renders shariah-compliant Islamic banking services to its customers. Back in 2007, the National bank of Dubai (NBD) merged with Emirates bank to build a new line-up with the motive of delivering world-class banking services to its clients at nominal prices. Within a very short span of time Emirates NBD managed to become of the biggest are most profitable names in the UAE market with its assets over 135 USD.  

Emirates NBD renders a wide array of financial services and products to both expatriates and UAE nationals residing in the emirates. Credit cards are one of the most sought products by the financial institution. In this blog, we will be looking upon two of the very popular credit cards by Emirates NBD i.e. Emirates NBD Lulu 247 Platinum Mastercard and Titanium MasterCard.  

Both of these cards belong to the same category yet come with numerous differences. Very often people looking for Emirates NBD credit cards are stuck in dilemma and are unable to decide which card to go for. Therefore, in order to simplify it in this blog, we will make an analytical comparison between Emirates NBD lulu Platinum and titanium Mastercard. We will be looking at the features, benefits, fees, charges, and reward programs of both the cards, so stay tuned.  

Emirates NBD Lulu 247 Mastercard Titanium 

First off, we will begin this comparison with the Titanium card which is a perfect financial tool that will help you to manage and improve your budget substantially.

  • The card offers automatic enrolment of the cardholder to the plus point reward program. Under this program, cardholders can earn and accrue points on every domestic and international transaction which can be later redeemed. The reward points are issued based on the following rate. 
Point Expenditure
1 point Every 100 AED
0.4% points Grocery and supermarket purchases
0.2% points Utility bills, fuel and government transactions
0.2% points Education bills
  • With the Emirates NBD lulu 247 Mastercard titanium you can enjoy free access to more than ten airport lounges in the middle-east making your travel comfier and easier.
  • The card comes with golf benefits that allow the cardholder to enjoy a jaw-dropping discount of 40% at more than 100 golf courses globally.
  • Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the emirates NBD lulu 247 Mastercard titanium comes with the feature of contactless payments that not only make it lightning-fast but extremely safe also.
  • Cardholders can make use of the easy installment plan to transform any of their purchases into EMIs without paying interest for a period of 6 to 12 months.
  • Emirates NBD lulu 247 Mastercard titanium offers amazing discounts on travel with 3% discounts on flight bookings and a 7% discount on holiday packages booked using the ENBD travel desk.
  • Cardholders are eligible to avail of all offers and schemes available for MasterCard users.
  • One of the features that make this card different from other similar cards in the same category is the no-interest period applicable for 55 days.
  • The card owner can use their card to avail 50% of their card limit as instant cash.
  • Fees and charges of the Emirates NBD lulu 247 Mastercard titanium are as follows-  
Criteria Fee
Minimum Salary AED 5000
Annual fee AED 400
Interest Rate 3.25%

Emirates NBD Lulu 247 MasterCard Platinum

The second card in the comparison is the Emirates NBD lulu 247 MasterCard Platinum that is from the same category as its competitor and comes with several same features and benefits. Let’s take a look at its features and benefits and compare it with the Emirates NBD Lulu 247 MasterCard Platinum.

  • The plus reward program is the same for both the cards. Moreover, the rate at which points are issued is also the same for both the cards.
  • The cardholders are entitled to free airport lounge access which is a common feature.
  • The golf benefits are also the same for both the cards.
  • The Emirates NBD lulu 247 Mastercard platinum allows users to avail of all the benefits available for Mastercard users.
  • The no-interest period also remains the same for both the cards
  • The Easy installment plan is another common feature for both the cards.
  • The cash advance up to 50% is available on both the cards.
  • Emirates NBD lulu 247 Mastercard platinum card allows cardholders to make payments via contactless payment technique, which is another common feature.
  • The fees and charges are as follows-
Criteria Fee
Minimum Salary AED 12000
Annual fee AED 700
Interest Rate 3.25%

The interest rate for both the cards is the same i.e. 3.25% however, the minimum salary and annual fee for the cards are different. For the Emirates NBD lulu, 247 Master Platinum card you will have to pay a higher annual fee of AED 700 and the minimum salary requirement is AED 12000, unlike the titanium card where the annual fee is AED 400 and the minimum salary requirement is AED 5000. 

In a Nutshell         

Both the credit cards belong to the same category and come with more or less the same features. If you are looking for a card with a higher limit you can go for the platinum variant, but if your requirement is lesser you can go for the titanium card.


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