Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

Emirates NBD Go4it Gold credit card is a joint venture of RTA (Road and Transport Authority) and Emirates NBD. It is a credit card that comes with a transit chip offering the cardholders a twin advantage of credit card and RTA Nol Card. RTA Nol Card is used to make payments on the transit network of RTA. The card members can avail a variety of benefits, offers, and other banking facilities which can meet their lifestyle needs. ...read more

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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*


Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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  • Cashback up to AED 2,000
  • Rewards + Welcome Offers
  • No Annual Fee
  • Travel benefits
  • Dining Discounts
  • Entertainment Benefits

Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

Special Discounts
  • Minimum Salary AED 6,000
  • Annual Fee AED 103.95
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Movie Discounts
  • Dining Discounts
  • Golf Benefits

Features of Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

Listed below are some of the key features & benefits of this Emirates NBD credit card:

RTA Benefits

Cardholders can use this emirates nbd credit card as an RTA Nol Credit Card for making the fare payment on the Parking meters and RTA transit network as well as a normal credit card for making cash withdrawals and purchases. Members of this credit card can enjoy the following RTA benefits using this card:

  • They can make the fare payment at RTA parking meters.
  • They can make fare payments for Water Bus and RTA Bus.
  • They can enjoy access to regular class & make the fare payment of regular class from NoI Tag ID.
  • Card members will be eligible for RTA monthly pass or product.


The NoI Tag ID balance will gradually decrease with the continuous use on the RTA transit network or at parking meters. Considering this thing in mind, Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card provides its card members several convenient options for a top-up to recharge their Nol Tag ID that is linked to their account. The card account and Nol Tag ID are linked securely for facilitating automatic and manual top-ups as authorized by the cardholder.

Emirates NBD Go4It Gold Credit Card

Visa Benefits

Card members can avail the following visa benefits:

  • Medical and Travel Assistance: Cardholders can travel the world knowing their elite status will keep them protected. They can enjoy the following services:
    • Medical advice on telephone
    • Medical service provider referral
    • Legal referral
    • Interpreter referral
    • Medical evaluation & repatriation
    • Monitoring medical condition pre and post hospitalization
    • Delivery of essential equipments and medicines
    • Dispatch of physician to a current location of the cardholder.
  • Worldwide Customer Assistance Services: This service is provided to card members for giving them the personal support & top-class customer service during their travel thereby offering the following essential services when they require it the most:
    • Emergency replacement of a card
    • Emergency payment authorization
    • Reporting of a lost or stolen credit card
    • Emergency cash of a maximum of USD 5000
  • Complimentary Dubai Ferry Rides: Cardholders can avail complimentary rides on the Dubai Ferry in the economy class (silver ticket) for themselves along with an accompanying guest using this ENBD Credit Card.
  • Contactless Payments: Card members can use their mobile phones and smartwatches to make safe and fast contactless payments through this ENBD Credit Card.
  • Easy Installment Plan: This Emirates NBD Credit Card offers easy installment plans scheme wherein the cardholder can convert their high purchases made at the participating merchants into monthly installments at 0% interest rate for tenure of 6-12 months.
  • Salik Auto Top-up: This ENBD credit card offers the cardholders a convenient option of automatic recharge of their Salik Account in case of a reduction in the balance through the Salik Auto Top-up facility. The credit limit on the credit card is utilized up to the extent of the top-up amount.
  • Payment of Utility Bill: Cardholders can pay their DEWA, Etisalat, Empost (Emirates Post) bills online using this card in a hassle-free manner.

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  • Flexible Options for Payment: Cardholders can pay as minimum as 5% of the outstanding balance on their Emirates Credit Card every month using the flexible options for payment offered by the bank. They can even carry over their remaining outstanding balance to the following statement. However, card members can choose to make 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100% payment of the outstanding balance monthly.
  • No-interest Period: This ENBD Credit card offers up to 55 days no-interest period if the cardholders continue to pay their total outstanding balance by the due payment date.
  • Instant Cash: Card members can avail immediate access to a maximum of 50% of their credit limit in the form of cash. This instant cash can be availed at more than 810,000 million ATMs or at any of the bank branches across the world which displays the Mastercard or Visa logos.  
  • SMS Alerts: This Emirates NBD credit card enables its card members to track all of their card transactions with the help of this advanced SMS alert feature. They get an SMS alert on each and every transaction made on the credit card on their phone. This advanced feature does not only help the card members to keep an eye on their every expenditure, withdrawal, and more but also helps them to identify any unauthorized use immediately.
  • Online Banking: This is one of the best features of this Emirates NBD credit card as it enables card members to monitor their card balances & transactions as well as make payments from the EBND Account. Cardholders can enjoy online access to their card account from anywhere in the world.
  • Customer Assistance: This Emirates Credit Card offers assistance to its cardholders round the clock so as to help them in solving their issues, if any.
  • Insurance Benefits: This Emirates NBD credit card offers various insurance benefits to the cardholders:
    • Card members can enjoy free life insurance cover under they can avail a cover of AED 75,000 (accidental or natural death).
    • Lifestyle Protector which includes a unique protection scheme if there is any eventuality.
  • DoubleSecure: Emirates NBD DoubleSecure is an advanced security feature that entitles the cardholders to shop at participating online merchants in an easy & safest manner. 
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Cardholders just need to enter a one-time authentication code when they make any transaction using this credit card. The authentication code will be sent on the registered mobile number as an SMS or the card member’s registered email address. In this way, even if someone already knows the credit card number, they will not be able to complete the transaction without entering that authentication code.

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Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card Rewards & Offers

Card members can enjoy the following offers & rewards:

Plus Points- Reward Program

Card members can earn rewards in the form of plus points on each spend and can instantly redeem them at their favourite stores. They can even convert their Plus Points to Cashback or Frequent Flyer Miles.

  • Earn a maximum of five Plus Points on each AED 400 spent on weekends.
  • Earn a maximum of four Plus Points on each AED 400 spent on RTA.
  • Earn a maximum of one Plus Point on each AED 400 spent on weekdays.

Movie Tickets

The card members can book 2 regular Standard 2D tickets at just a price of AED 47.25 online at the VOX cinemas official website or through the VOX cinemas mobile app using this credit card. Additionally, they will receive a complimentary upgrade to the next size on the purchase of any popcorn and beverage at cinema candy bar when they show their Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit card.

Bon Appetit

Cardholders can avail a maximum discount of 30% at 2000+ restaurants in the UAE. In order to avail these exclusive discounts and fantastic dining experience, they just need to use their Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card at the partner restaurants of Bon Appetit.     

Travel Discount

The cardholder can enjoy a 3% off on airline tickets and a maximum of 7% off on booking holiday packages when the booking is done through the Travel desk at Emirates NBD.

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Visa Offers

Being a member of this ENBD credit card, one can enjoy the following visa offers:

  • Avis Car Rental: Following offers & discounts are availing at AVIS for the card members of the Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card:
    • A maximum of 35% off on standard rates.
    • A maximum of 30% off on international leisure rates.
  • Hotels.com: Cardholders can enjoy 8% off on hotel booking through the Hotels.com. They can use the “VISA8” promo code to enjoy this exclusive offer.
  • Fairmont: Card members can get a 15% off on booking 2 nights at the participating Fairmont hotels.

Other Lifestyle Offers

Emirates NBD offers the GoodTimes & LiveWell facilities that allows the card members to avail a wide range of lifestyle & entertainment experiences, and enjoy several fitness activities.

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Eligibility Criteria for Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

The following eligibility criteria should be met by the applicant seeking an Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card:

  • The minimum age of 21 years is required to be eligible for this credit card.
  • Both UAE Nationals & Expats can apply for this credit card.
  • The applicant must have a minimum monthly income of AED 6,000.
  • The applicant must have a good credit history to qualify for this ENBD credit

Documents Required for Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

The documents which are are required to apply for this Emirates NBD Credit Card are as follows-

  • Emirates identity card (original and a copy).
  • Password (copy) for Identification purpose.
  • Trade License (only for non-individuals)
  • Recent Salary Certificate (for salaried employees)
  • Bank statement of the recent 3 months (if bank statements aren’t original, a mini statement printed from an ATM has to be submitted)
  • Security Cheque

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Fees & Charges on Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card

Mentioned below are the Emirates NBD Credit Card Fees & charges:

Fees & Charges Amount
Annual Membership Fees AED 99
Monthly Finance Charges 3.25%
Cash Withdrawal or Advance Fee AED 99 or 3% of the total amount (whatever higher)
Late Payment Charge AED 230
Over-Limit Charge AED 279
Foreign Currency Transaction Charges Non- AED purchases- 1.99% AED purchases- 1.99%
Card Replacement Fees AED 50
Charges on Return on Direct Debit or Cheque AED 100
Insurance Fee 0.99% on the present balance within the billing period (initial 2 months free)
International Delivery Charge AED 150/Per credit card
0% Installment Plan Fees AED 49 (on each transaction)
Cancellation Fees 3% on principal outstanding or AED 250 (whichever is higher)
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(These charges are applicable with effect from July 2024)

Latest Emirates NBD Credit Card Offers
Q1: How can I avail offers on VOX cinema using my Emirates NBD Go4it Gold credit card?

Ans: You can avail the movie offer on your credit card by booking and paying for this ticket online on VOX cinemas website or through the VOX cinema mobile app. You can also avail an upgrade on popcorn and beverage at the candy bar of the cinema by showing your Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card.

Q2: How can I avail free Dubai ferry rides on my Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card?

Ans: For this facility, you need to reach the prescribed station on any of the days scheduled. And then, present your Emirates NBD GO4it Gold Credit Card on the ticket booking counter. You will then receive an entry pass that you have to present before you board Dubai Ferry.

Q3: Will I be able to provide Nol Tag ID for manual or Auto top-up on my Emirates NBD Go4it credit card?

Ans: This credit card has a new Nol Tag ID which is assigned to you. You can activate Auto top-up facility only for this Nol Tag IDthat is linked with your card. The manual top-up lets you to top-up any Nol Tag ID that is valid, if needed.

Q4: How can I pay for top-up transactions (auto or manual) done using this ENBD Go4it credit card?

Ans: All the top-up transactions, whether auto or manual, made on this Emirate NBD Go4it credit card will be included in your monthly statement. You can pay for this statement via a lot of flexible options for payment.

Q5: Is my Nol account credit limit same as the credit limit on my Emirate NBD Go4it Gold Credit card?

Ans: Your credit limit and your Nol account on this Emirates NBD Credit Card are different and hence the credit limit is not linked directly to the balance of Nol account. The credit limit is mentioned in the letter while you receive this Emirate NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card.

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