Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card

The cardholders can avail various special perks using this Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card. This Emirates NBD credit card offers a huge range of privileges and benefits to its card members. The bank has partnered with many travel experts in order to help the cardholders in experiencing the world in their way.

Features of Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit CardEmirates NBD dnata Platinum Credit Card

Mentioned below are the eminent features of this Emirates NBD Credit Card-

No-Interest Period

This NBD Credit Card offers the cardholders interest-free duration of up to 55 days, only when the cardholders keep paying their balance outstanding in full on or before the due date.

Flexible Payment Plans

This ENBD Credit Card offers the cardholders a flexible way of making payments by letting them pay only five percent of the balance outstanding (every month). The remaining balance can be carried forward to the following statement. The card members can select to make 5, 10, 25,50 or 100 percent payment of the balance outstanding monthly.

Instant Cash

The cardholders can access cash immediately equal to 50 percent of their credit limit using this Emirates Credit Card at around 810,000 ATMs and Emirates NBD branches, that has the MasterCard or Visa symbols, across the globe. The bank charges a fee on cash advance (or the equivalent of international currency, when applicable), whatever is higher.

Coverage under Protect Plus

The cardholder can avail the insurance called Protect Plus with this ENBD Credit Card under which they can spend on their credit card with an assurance of getting covered in case of any unforeseen event. In such cases, the balance outstanding on their credit card gets waived off. This insurance covers the following unfortunate events-

  • Death
  • Critical Illness
  • Loss of job (involuntary)
  • Cash benefit at hospitals
  • Total Disability (permanent)

The card members automatically get enrolled in this insurance scheme at the time of application. The initial 2 months are complimentary, that is, they can avail this insurance for free. Subsequently, they will have to pay a nominal fee on the outstanding balance of their credit card.

Monthly Installment Scheme

Through this installment plan by ENBD Credit Cards, the cardholders can make payments conveniently on the purchases they have made in installments (per month) at a low rate of interest monthly. This facility makes bulky and unexpected payments simple. This facility needs no faxes, no forms, all the card members are required to do is make a call post purchasing this NBD credit card. This is a flexible option in which the cardholders can select their preferred term of installment (six, twelve, twenty-four and thirty-six months). This scheme is economical as it levies a low rate of interest. In order to convert the purchases of the cardholders into this installment plan, the cardholder just has to log into their mobile or online banking and select the plan that is the most suitable for them.

Purchases on No-interest Installments

The cardholders also have an option to convert their holiday or ticket package bought at dnata into three or six months’ convenient installment. The cardholders can contact the counter staff of dnata while making the purchase to avail this offer.

DoubleSecure Facility on Emirates NBD

In order to maintain an additional safety on the card for transactions online, the bank has done a partnership with Visa on VBV (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard over MasterCard SecureCode so as to offer the cardholders this DoubleSecure facility. With this facility, they can shop online safely through the password protection available at participating merchants online. The card members just have to enroll this credit card in the DoubleSecure facility at zero cost. They can call on 600540000 for further information.

Contactless Payments

The cardholders can pay easily and quickly using this Emirates NBD Credit Card, through the option of contactless payment. The card members can use their smartphones or smartwatches to make safe and fast contactless payments with this card

Security and Emergency Services

This Emirates NBD Credit Card Offers the cardholders various security and emergency services which include customer assistance 24/7, SMS alerts, complimentary roadside assistance round the clock and various online banking services.

Benefits of Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card

Mentioned below are some exclusive benefits of this Emirates NBD Credit Card-

Salik Auto Top-up

This Emirates Credit Card offers the cardholders an option of automatically recharging the Salik Account in the case of the reduction in the Salik account balance using this Salik Auto Top-up facility. The account of the card member is recharged automatically as soon as the balance gets reduced to the threshold of 30 AED.

Bon Appetit

The cardholders also have an option to avail a discount of 30 percent at most at 2000+ restaurants in the Middle East, Europe, and the UAE. In order to avail these exclusive discounts and fantastic dining experience, they just need to use their Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card.

Discounts on Travel

The cardholders can avail a maximum discount of seven percent on their holiday packages and three percent discount on airline tickets when booked through the travel desk of Emirates NBD. Such discounts are applicable on base rate by dnata without including the surcharges and taxes.

MasterCard Benefits

The card members have an option of availing various MasterCard benefits on this card which include hotel stays, dining, air tickets, spas, shipping discounts, insurance cover, shopping benefits and more at renowned partner outlets.

Top Reasons to Get this Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card

This Emirates NBD Credit Card can be a suitable option for a lot of applicants because of the following reasons:

  • Discounts: The cardholders can avail discount on traveling and dining at various partner outlets when the booking or payment is done using this ENBD Credit Card.
  • MasterCard Benefits: The card members have an option of availing various MasterCard benefits on this card which include hotel stays, dining, air tickets, spas, shipping discounts, insurance cover, shopping benefits and more at renowned partner outlets.
  • Online Banking: The cardholders can access the safe and convenient net banking portal of the Emirates NBD for availing various banking services offered to them.
  • Customer Assistance: This Emirates Credit Card offers assistance to its cardholders round the clock so as to help them in solving their issues, if any.

Fees & Charges on Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card

Mentioned below are the Emirates NBD Credit Card Fees & charges-


 Fees  Amount 
Annual Fees 500
Annual Fees on Supplementary Cards Nil
Monthly Interest on Retail Purchase 3.25 percent
Monthly Cash Advance Interest 3.25 percent
Cash Withdrawal/Advance Fee 99 AED or 3 percent of the total (whatever higher)
Over-Limit Charge 279 AED
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Processing Fee on Foreign Currency Non- AED purchases- 1.99 percentAED purchases- 1.99 percent
Card Replacement Charge 20 AED
Fee on Return on Direct Debit and Cheque 100 AED
Sales Voucher Copy Fee 10 AED
Fee on Paper Statement 5 AED (monthly)
Fee on Duplicate Statement (each copy) 15 AED monthly for previous 3 months and 45 AED subsequently
Insurance Fee 0.99 percent on the current balance in the billing cycle (first two months free)
0 percent Installment Plan Charge 49 AED (per transaction)
Cancellation Fee on Installment Plans or Balance Transfer or Conversion of Balance or Dial-A-Cheque 3 percent on the outstanding principal or 250 AED (whatever higher)
Fee on Delivery Charges Abroad 150 AED
Minimum Due Payment 100 AED or 5 percent (whatever higher)

(These charges are applicable with effect from April 1st, 2019)

Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card Rewards

This Dnata Platinum Credit Card offers the cardholders different kinds of rewards which are as follows-

Instant Rewards

On each spend done using this ENBD Credit Card the card members can earn rewards in the form of dnata points at partner outlets in dining, leisure, travel, and entertainment. The cardholders can visit the official website of the bank for further information.

Travel Vouchers

This credit card offers the cardholders a travel voucher of at most 1000 AED-

  • Travel voucher worth 500 AED on paying the registration fee
  • Travel voucher worth 500 AED on spends (retail) of 10,000 AED during the initial three billing statements.\

Powerful Rewards

The cardholders can keep enjoying powerful rewards of fifteen percent (maximum) on this NBD credit card.

How to Redeem the Reward Points Earned on Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card?

The card members have the option of redeeming the points accumulated on their credit cards at the partner stores through these easy and convenient process-

  • They can make the purchase at any of the participating stores after presenting this credit card for paying.
  • The points balance of the cardholder displays on the payment machine.
  • The cardholder can ask the cashier to confirm the redemption of the points.
  • A transaction slip is given to the cardholder which contains the transaction details and rewards redemption summary.

How does the Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card work?

The applicant has different options to apply for this ENBD Credit Card-

  1. Online Banking: The applicants who wish to obtain this ENBD Credit Card online can do the same through the secure online banking portal of the bank. The applicants can conveniently apply for the credit anytime anywhere.
  2. Phone Banking: The applicants can also use the Emirates Platinum Card Contact Number to avail the phone banking facility and apply for this credit card.
  3. Branch Application: The hopeful applicants who are not comfortable using online or phone banking facility put forward their Emirates NBD Credit Card Application through any brick and mortar branch of the credit card. All they need to do is visit their nearest branch, fill the application form and submit it.

Documents Required to Obtain the Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card

The documents are required to apply for this Emirates NBD Credit Card are-

  • Emirates identity card (original and a copy).
  • Password (copy) for Identification purpose.
  • Trade License (only for non-individuals)
  • Recent Salary Certificate (for salaried employees)
  • Bank statement of the recent 3 months (if bank statements aren’t original, a mini statement printed from an ATM has to be submitted)
  • Security Cheque

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card

Q.1. What does payment hierarchy mean and in what order should I make payments on my Emirates NBD Platinum Credit Card?

Payment hierarchy means the allocation of various payments on the card account, that is, when payments are made on your credit card, this payment hierarchy informs the bank about which outstanding component of your credit card (principal amount, interest, installment plans, fees and more) is to be paid off first.

The payments you make to your credit card are applied on the following payment order-

  • Charges and Fees
  • Installment Schemes
  • Zero percent DAC
  • Cash Advance
  • Purchase Transactions (Retail)
  • Current Transactions
  • Zero percent Balance Transfer

Q.2. How can I view the balance on my Dnata Platinum Credit Card and my statement?

You can access the balance on your credit card and the details of your transactions using the following options-

  1. Online Banking
  2. Mobile Banking
  3. IVR at Call Centre
  4. Send an SMS on 4455

Q.3. How can I make a request for replacement or new card?

To make an application for a new credit card, you can visit any one of the nearest branches of the bank. You can also schedule the appointment for which you need to do is share your contact details through the bank’s website, through their call center or through online banking. You can make a request for a replacement card using the 24/7 customer service of the bank or by using the mobile banking app.

Q.4. What is the new points program by my Dnata Platinum Credit Card?

This improved points program by dnata on this Emirates NBD Credit Card includes the following-

  • You can earn dnata points immediately and redeem them at the participating partners
  • You can avail an accelerated earning of dnata points at twenty premium partners in more than 400 locations.

You can earn these points and use them immediately to make payment for holidays, meals travel and even for your coffee at the concerned store directly.

For example, you can buy your travel tickets for 10,000 AED at dnata through this Emirates NBD Card and earn dnata points worth 1000. You can then spend these points directly at Costa, hence paying for your cup of coffee using these dnata points.

Q.5. How can I enroll for this dnata points facility?

You do not need to enroll for this program of dnata points. This enrollment is free and automatic. Only selected customers are being invited to experience this facility and the cardholders of Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card are amongst these selected ones.

Q.6. Can I earn these dnata points for all my transactions?

You can earn these points for all the retail purchases made by you through your Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum Credit Card wherever you are. You will not earn any rewards on your card on cash advance, interest charges or fees. Go through the terms and conditions on dnata points thoroughly to learn about all the eligible transactions in detail. The spending on primary, as well as supplementary cards both, are eligible for earning dnata points.

Q.7. How will I be able to track the dnata points I have earned?

  • You can view the balance of your points earned by inserting your credit card inside the paying terminal when you are at the outlet of the partners participating.
  • When any transaction ends at the participating partner’s outlet, a transaction slip is available which displays the summary of rewards including the following:
  • Points you have earned on that particular transaction
  • Opening Balance
  • Redeemed points (if any)
  • Closing Balance
  • The balance of dnata points in your credit card account is displayed in the monthly statement of your card.
  • You can also contact the bank on 600540000 to know the balance of your dnata points.
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