Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 07 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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Grocery Shopping just became exciting!

The Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card is a card that rewards you for your grocery shopping as well as other spends. Any spend made in the Union Coop store earns you an unlimited 5% cashback as Tamayaz Points. These points can be earned on other transactions made with your card as well.

Highlights of the Card

  • Welcome Gift of 6,000 Tamayaz Points
  • Free for Life
  • Legal and Medical Assistance
  • Various Options to make Card Payments
  • Shariah Compliant

Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card Features

The key feature of this card is:

Free for Life

The card is a free for life credit card, i.e. the cardmember does not have to pay an annual fee.

Tamayaz Program

A program by Union Coop by which the customer can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Every 1 AED incurred in Union Coop, earns you Tamayaz points.
  • Immediate Discounts
  • Tamayaz members can enjoy exclusive benefits

For every 1 AED spent, entitles to the following Tamayaz points:

  • Spent internationally, 2 points
  • Spent locally, 1 point
  • Spent in Union Coop, 3 points

Your Tamyaz Points can be redeemed in any Union Coop stores.

Cash on Call

As a member of the Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card, you can avail up to 80% of your credit limit as immediate cash via the cash on call facility.

Credit Shield

The Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card provides you and your family member protection by covering your credit card outstanding in unfortunate situations such as accidental death or total disability. 

Supplementary Cards

Your family members can be a part of enjoying the privileges of a Tamayaz Card. The Emirates Islamic bank allows you a maximum of four supplementary cards for your family members.

Visa PayWave

Visa PayWave is a convenient and faster way of making payments. It works on chip technology which allows you to make faster contactless payments. You can use your contactless card for payments of amounts up to AED 100.

Cash Advance

You can withdraw cash from any of the bank's branches or the ATMs available worldwide. 

Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card Benefits

The exclusive benefits offered to the cardholder are:

Shopper Valet

Shopper valet is a service provided by this Emirates Islamic Credit Card to their cardholders that assists them by accompanying them while they shop with a smart trolley for a faster shopping while avoiding the queues. This is available at selected branches on a first come first serve basis.

A cardholder can redeem one complimentary service per month.

Extended Warranty

The cardholder enjoys an extended warranty as the Tamayaz Card doubles the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Complimentary Valet Parking

The card member is entitled to one free valet parking per month.

Purchase Protection

The cardholder is protected against the damage or loss of the purchase made with their card within 365 days.

Golf Access

The cardholder can indulge in the gold experience as they enjoy unique experiences and exclusive discounts on golf.

International Assistance

You can contact the VISA service representative from anywhere across the globe at any time of the day and any day of the year.

Mazaya Offers

The cardholder is offered exclusive deals on dining, travel, and shopping.

Over to You!

For someone who loves a great deal while making their household purchases, the Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card is the perfect pick. You can enjoy great rewards while shopping for your grocery needs along with any other transaction made by your card.