Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 07 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 17 November 2020
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In today’s world, every day is full of buzz and a list of things to do. The Emirates Islamic Bank aims at focusing on the needs of its customers with its innovative financial products and services.

It understands the stressful everyday activities and has packed a credit card to make the lives of their customers easier. The Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card is free for life Shariah-compliant card that provides the cardholder with numerous easy benefits and rewards.

Highlights of the Card

  • Free for Life
  • Shariah Compliant
  • Global Acceptance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Attractive Profit Rates
  • Multiple Payment Options to Clear Your Card Outstanding

Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Features

The key features of an Easy Card are detailed below:

Balance Transfer

As a cardholder, you can transfer all your outstanding balances owed to other banks to your Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card. This helps in easy management of all the expenses in one place.

Cash on Call

In case of an immediate cash requirement, you can contact the helpline and avail immediate cash against your available credit card limit in your account.

Cash Advance

You can withdraw a certain percentage of cash against your available credit card limit from any branch of the bank or the ATMs available worldwide.

Payment Options

There are several options by which your credit card payment can be made, they are:

  • Online Payment: You can use the online banking service to pay your credit card bill.
  • Cash at Counter: You can visit the bank branch and make the payment over the counter.
  • Payment by Cheque: There are drop boxes available at designated branches by which cheques can be deposited for the card payment.
  • Cash Deposit Machine: Cash payment can be made at the branch’s cash deposit machine.
  • Online Auto Payment: You can schedule the payment of your monthly bill via your online banking account. In this, your bill is directly deducted from your account.
  • Exchange House: Payments can be made through exchange houses across UAE.

Easy Payment Plans

You can convert the big purchases into affordable monthly payments with your Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card. This is provided at an attractive profit rate of 0%.

Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Benefits

The exclusive benefits in line for the holder of the Easy Card are:

Supplementary Cards

Your family members can now partake in enjoying benefits and earning rewards with every transaction. You can avail up to four supplementary cards with this Emirates Islamic Credit Card.

Dining Benefits

The Mazaya Offers bring to you mouth-watering deals of up to 30% off on dining in your favorite restaurants.

Travel Benefits

The Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card brings to you exclusive travel Mazaya offers during the travel season.

Shopping Benefits

You can enjoy exclusive Mazaya offers while shopping at any of the partner retailer outlets.

Enhanced Security

The Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card ensures maximum security while making any transaction online. You can now pay online without any worry with the card’s 3D security feature.

Global Acceptance

You can use your card to make payments anywhere in the world. The Easy Card is accepted at more than thirty million retail outlets and over one million ATMs worldwide. 

On an Endnote

For someone who likes to live life with maximum ease, the Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card is the perfect pick. It not only provides you ease, but also a wide range of travel and lifestyle benefits. While being globally acceptable, it also keeps the security of your transactions intact.