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A recent report by Payfort suggests that there are over 5 million credit card users in the UAE. This is more than half the overall population of UAE. In 2018, the overall population of the UAE was 9.54 million. Here’s one more surprising fact: in 2017, around 65% more UAE residents applied for credit cards than ever before, according to online media sources.

So what makes credit cards so popular in the region amongst residents and expats alike? Well, the answer isn’t too difficult. It is the exciting rewards, exclusive benefits and staggering features offered by the credit cards that make them the most popular mode of payments in the UAE region. In fact, McKinsey & Company found that over 53% nationals and expats in the UAE preferred putting all their spends on the credit cards simply to maximize the value of money and to earn rewards and benefits.

Now, given the fact that the residents of the UAE prefer spending on credit card for all aspects of their lifestyle, it’s no wonder why UAE’s leading Islamic financial banking institution - Emirates Islamic introduced it’s much ambitious Easy Credit Card in the region.

Loaded with an extensive range of exclusive benefits and innovative features, Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card offers instant rewards and easy payment plans to make life easier for card members. Some of the major benefits under which cardholders can enjoy offers are dining, travel, entertainment, and shopping. Customers can enjoy ski Dubai offers on credit card along with plethora of unique rewards. Easy Credit Card has been carefully conceptualized and thoughtfully designed by Emirates Islamic Bank to meet every budget, taste and preferences. No wonder, this card has found thousands of users, suitors and admirers ever since its launch. 

About Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

Launched in June 2015, Emirates Islamic Easy credit card has become an apt alternative for any spender who wants to get credit card issued without too much hassle and instantly start enjoying innovative features and exclusive benefits on each dirham spent. The card has long been a popular mode of payment for those who look for supreme rewards, matchless benefits and complete convenience.

With its rather powerful line-up of exciting features and nonpareil benefits, the card has earned a number of accolades, awards and love, over the years. Easy Credit Card members get easy access to instant rewards and easy payment plan options with 0% profit rate on every purchase they make with the card. From spends at malls & retail outlets to entertainment venues and from supermarkets, to jewellery stores, card members are privy to rewards and exclusive privileges for every dirham spent on the Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card.

In addition to the unlimited array of rewards and privileges, what essentially makes this credit card a top choice amongst both UAE nationals and expats is the fact that it is absolutely free for life. The card is also linked to the ever-so-popular Mazaya Offers Platform that provides huge discounts on shopping, dining, and travel. With so much and more on offer, it comes as no surprise that this card makes for the best type of spender in the UAE region, from conservative spenders to the spendthrifts.

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Features of Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

UAE’s leading Islamic financial banking organization, Emirates Islamic has long been known to conceptualize and create credit cards that help card users consolidate all their expenses and make maximum bucks for their hard-earned bucks. And Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card is perhaps of the best credit cards that makes it utterly easy for the card members. This awesome credit card product comes packed with an exclusive range of helpful features. Here is a list of some of the best features of Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card:

  • Easy Payment Plan
  • 0% Profit Rate
  • Cash-on-Call
  • Cash Advance feature
  • Balance Transfer
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • 3D Secure
  • Fully Shari'a compliant

Benefits of Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card makes an absolutely fabulous choice for those who are often to be seen hunting for credit cards that can make their life easier with an ocean of rewards and benefits. Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card comes loaded with a wide range of benefits and perks for the users. Some of the most notable benefits of the card are listed below:

  • Zero annual fee for life
  • Auto enrolment to choice points program
  • 1 Choice point per 1AED spend
  • Instant redemption across supermarkets, retail outlets, electronics, leisure, entertainment, jewellery stores & much more.
  • Exclusive Mazaya discounts (Includes ski Dubai offers on credit card)
  • Easy Payment Plans with 0% profit rate

Eligibility for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

Here is a list of eligibility criteria for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card:

  • Income Eligibility- AED 5,000 and above (Minimum monthly income)
  • Residential Eligibility -UAE residents with valid UAE residence Visa
  • Verification Eligibility - Age/Id Proofs

Top Reasons to Get Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

Zero annual membership fees for lifetime, exclusive Mazaya Offers, and easy payment plan, there are absolutely reasons galore to get Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card. In fact, most Easy Credit Card users often complain about the problem of plenteous choices when it comes to naming the top reasons for buying this exclusive credit card product. Here we present to you the top reasons that compel most credit card seekers in the region to get this amazing credit card offered by Emirates Islamic Bank. 

  • Zero Annual Fees for Lifetime - Though there could be plenteous reasons for having Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card, the one reason that invariably beats all others hands down is the fact that this card comes with zero annual membership fees for life. In fact, this is one feature that makes this credit card such a sought-after financial instrument in the ever-so-competitive financial sector of the UAE. With no annual membership fees for lifetime, card users can continue to avail the multiple benefits and rewards offered by the card, without having to worry about paying a few hundred dirhams each year as the yearly membership charges.
  • Auto Enrolment to Choice Points - This is yet another feature that makes Emirates Islamic Credit Card so sought after in the UAE region. For every 1 AED spent, card members get 1 Choice Point. These choice points can be instantly redeemed for airline miles, vouchers, across supermarkets, retail outlets, leisure options, entertainment venues, jewellery shops, electronic stores and much more. In a month, card members can earn Choice Points for transactions made on Easy Credit Card offers for up to the assigned Credit Limit.
  • Easy Payment Plan - The availability of easy payment plan on the Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card remains one of the most lucrative excuses for most card applicants in the UAE region. With this amazing feature card members can easily convert all their single purchases into easy monthly instalments without having to pay anything extra. From telecom to electronics and from supermarket to entertainment, all spends can be converted into monthly instalments for a period of 3, 6, 9 & 12 months. Card members can call up Emirates Islamic at 600599995 to get their convert their card spends into monthly easy instalment with 0% profit. In fact, easy payment plans with 0% profit rate have long been one of the most powerful lures compelling even the most seasoned of spenders into applying for card.
  • Mazaya Offers - Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card members also get access to the region’s popular Mazaya Offers, where they get to enjoy unlimited discounts on dining, shopping, travel and entertainment. It is easy to avail Mazaya discounts and card members can simply present their card at the partner retailers and restaurants to avail hefty Mazaya discounts.
  • Worldwide Acceptance - Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card is accepted worldwide and card members get to enjoy the unlimited rewards and benefits not only in the UAE but also across the globe. This card is accepted at more than 1 million ATMs and over 30 million retail outlets across the globe.

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Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Offers (Updated in June 2018)

  • Up to 25% off at Ski Dubai, Magic Planet (No Promo Code Required)
  • Up to 30% at restaurants across the UAE (No Promo Code Required)
  • 40% off on La Moda Sunglasses (No Promo Code Required)
  • 15% off on best available room rates at Cristal Hotel, Abu Dhabi (No Promo Code Required)
  • 20% Discount on Entry Tickets to Al Noor Island (No Promo Code Required)
  • Up to 30% Discount at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club (No Promo Code Required)

Fees and Charges on Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

Particulares Fee and Charges
Annual Membership Fee Free for life
Cash Advance Fee 3% of cash advance amount or AED 99 whichever is higher (This will be revised to 3% of cash advance amount or AED 149 whichever is higher effective April 01, 2019)
Maximum cash advance per transaction        10,000 or 50% of the card limit whichever is lower
Over limit fee AED 249 (This will be revised to 279 effective April 01, 2019)
Late payment fee AED 225
Card replacement fee Free (This will be revised to 50 effective April 01, 2019)
Copy of sale voucher AED 50
Overseas transaction in UAE Dirhams            1.99%
Forex Charges   2.34%
Minimum Payment Due 5% of statement balance PLUS any overdue amount, or AED 100, whichever is higher
No Liability Certificate AED 50
Liability Letter AED 50
Paper statement fee 10 (No Charge for Priority customers)
Cheque & Direct Debit Return      AED 100
E statement Free

Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Rewards

1. Choice Points - Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card gets its card members automatically enrolled to one of the UAE’s popular credit card reward programs, Choice Points. This amazing credit card rewards program has been carefully conceptualized and specially designed to help Emirates Islamic credit card customers earn rewards for all their spends across retail, lifestyle, dining and shopping with flexible redemption options.

Choice Points allows Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card members to earn reward points for every dirham spent on the card. For every 1 AED spent, card members get to earn 1 Choice Point. Card members earn 1 Choice Point for every 1 AED spent on both international and domestic spends.

These Choice Points accrued on the card account can be instantly redeemed for travel, shopping, dining benefits. In addition, new card members are rewarded with joining and annual bonus. Here it is important to know that card members can only earn Choice Points for purchases made on the card for up to the monthly credit limit assigned against the card.

2. Mazaya Rewards - In addition to the Choice Points, Emirates Islamic Easy Card members also get to avail the multiple benefits and rewards from Mazaya Offers Platform. This amazing offers & rewards platform allows card members to enjoy up to 30% discount on dining across restaurants in the UAE. In addition, card members also get to earn discounts and rewards when shopping at partner retail outlets across the UAE. Plus there are travel benefits that card members can enjoy too. Mazaya Offers also allows card members to earn excusive MasterCard rewards and offers too along with ski Dubai offers on the credit card.

How to Earn Rewards?

1. Choice Points - Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card members can conveniently earn and avail flexible redemption options with Choice Points Program. There are multiple rewards, discounts and reward points on offer for card members whenever they choose to spend on their Easy Credit Card. Reward points can be earned for all expenses across shopping, dining, entertainment and travel expenses put on the cars. And these points can be redeemed for vouchers and gift cards for travel, shopping, entertainment, dining and travel benefits.

Check out the table below to understand the earning rate for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card:

Type of Spend   Choice Point Per 1 AED
International spend 1 Choice Point
Domestic spend 1 Choice Point

2. Mazaya Rewards - Card members can get to avail exclusive Mazaya offers, rewards & discounts by putting their dining, shopping and travel expenses on their Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card.

How to Redeem Your Points?

Choice Points program provides Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card holders with easy and flexible redemption option. In order to redeem Choice Points, Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card members can either login to their Online Banking account or call up Emirates Islamic customer support centre.

Listed below are the easy steps to redeem Choice Points using Online Banking:

  1. Card members need to login to their ‘Online Banking’
  2. Then, they need to click on the tab that says ‘Cards’.
  3. Once in the ‘Cards’ segment, card members need to click on the ‘Choice Points’ link.
  4. Now, card member need to select the 'Points Redemption' option.
  5. Lastly, card members need to simply select the reward they want against their accrued Choice Points

Additional Information / Documentation

Here is a list of documents that is required to apply for the Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card. Please be advised, this list of documents is not comprehensive and shall not be considered as final requisite for applying for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card. One may or may not be required to furnish other documents, not listed here, too upon demand by Emirates Islamic bank. 

  • Copy of passport
  • UAE Resident Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Salary Certificates
  • 3 month bank statement
  • Copy of credit card
  • Recent credit card statement
  • Residence proof

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How to Apply For Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card?

In today’s fast-paced, busy and almost frenzied lifestyle, no one really has the time to visit a bank branch to apply for a credit card. Most credit card applicants now rely on the Internet to compare and apply for the credit cards of their choice. Quite expectedly, more and more financial institutions across the UAE and the world are making it easier for consumers to apply for credit cards online.

While some credit card companies in the UAE just ask the customers to fill a simple form online and provide basic details and thereafter contact the customers for further application process, there are many others that offer an end-to-end credit card application process online 

Applying for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Online - Applying for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card online is simpler than booking a movie ticket. All credit card applicants need to do is to visit Emirates Islamic official portal, choose Easy Credit Card from the list of cards, fill in some basic details and apply instantly.

Upon successful submission of the Easy Credit Card application, applicants are contacted by Emirates Islamic Bank representatives for further application process 

Applying for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card on Policybazaar - Those looking to compare Easy Credit Card with other similar cards before applying for it may choose to visit UAE’s leading credit card marketplace, Policybazaar.ae. 

Here are some simple steps to apply for Easy Credit Card at Policybazaar.ae:

  1. Visit Policybazaar.ae
  2. Click on the tab named ‘Credit Cards’
  3. Now simply fill your ‘Name’ and ‘Mobile Number’
  4. And then, your ‘Email Address’, ‘Monthly Salary’, ‘Nationality’ and ‘City’ to get best results
  5. Click on ‘View Cards’
  6. Now compare all the ‘Credit Cards’ you’re eligible to apply for
  7. Now, select the credit card you’re interested in
  8. That’s it! Now a representative from Policybazaar.ae will get in touch with you to process your application further

Advantages of Applying For Easy Credit Card On Policybazaar

There are multiple advantages of applying for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card on Policybazaar. This credit card marketplace helps applicants browse through and compare over 200 credit cards available in the UAE region in just a few clicks.

Let's take look at three major advantages of applying for Easy Credit Card through Policybazaar.

1. Robust comparison tool: Applicants can compare various credit cards for features, fees, benefits and a host of other details before applying for Easy Credit Card. This not only helps applicants make a well-informed decision, but also helps them get the best credit card available in the UAE region.

2. Simple Application Process: With Policybazaar’s end-to-end paperless online application process, applicants can apply for Easy Credit Card in just a few steps. Applicants don’t need to worry about being the card application rejected due to non-eligibility. At Policybazaar, applicants only get to see and compare the credit cards they are eligible to apply for depending upon their monthly salary, nationality and city of residence in the UAE.

3. 24x7 Support - In addition to all this, Policybazaar also provides credit card applicants with 24x7 customer support service throughout the year making it easy for applicants to call credit card experts at Policybazaar at any time and from anywhere.

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FAQ's on Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card

Q1: Is it possible to withdraw cash via Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card?

Ans: Yes, Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card allows card members to withdraw cash from more than 780,000 ATMs around the world. However, there is a cash advance fee charged for withdrawing money using the credit card.

Q2: Is it possible to get supplementary cards with Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card?

Ans: Yes! Card members can get up to 4 supplementary cards with Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card. Supplementary cards also earn the same benefits and advantage as the primary card.

Q3: Is there an annual fee for this card?

Ans: No! Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card is free for life for the eligible card members.

Q4: Is Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card Shari'a compliant?

Ans: The Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card is fully compliant with the Shari'a principles. The card does not charge any interest to customers. As such, the bank charges a fixed monthly fee for extending various features and benefits to customers.

Q5: How to make payments for Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card?

Ans: Here’s a list of ways by which card members can payments for their Emirates Islamic Easy Credit Card:

  • Direct debit from Emirates Islamic Current/Investment Savings Account
  • Online payments
  • Cash payments
  • Cheque payments
  • Exchange Cash Payments

Reviews & Ratings

4.6 / 5 (based on   20020 google icon reviews)

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