Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank was established with an aim to offer world-class Shariah-compliant banking products and services. Founded in 2004, the bank has now created a strong customer base with its impeccable ways to manage funds and banking facilities. 

Be it a long-term corporate partner or individuals seeking financial solutions, the Emirates Islamic strives to serve its diverse client-base with the best possible features. They use Islamic mechanisms like Ijarah, Murabaha, and Takaful to run the institute.

Emirates Islamic Bank Products
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Bank Account Provided by Emirates Islamic Bank

Range of Products and Services Offered by the Bank

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Online and Offline Features of the Emirates Islamic Bank

Online banking has, undoubtedly, made banking easier and more convenient. Owing to the evolving demand for online services, Emirates Islamic Bank you can also avail of Internet banking. Internet banking can be done from the convenience of home or workplace, without the need to visit the bank branch.

The following are the features of internet banking:

  • The online banking services are available 24*7 so that you can access them anytime and from anywhere. 
  • The customers can request cheque books or receive a demand draft through online banking without any hassle.
  • You can access internet banking using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 
  • The features of online banking can also be availed with mobile application option.
  • The bank also allows you to authorise a sub-user for your Internet banking account. They can open the account and conduct tasks for you.
  • You can easily get insights into your bank balance, transactions, monthly report, etc. in just a few clicks.

If you are not comfortable with net banking, availing of in-branch banking services is always an option. You can track and visit the nearest branch and get your queries resolved with the assistance of an executive. All the services and products available on the online platform can be accessed through offline banking. You can go for either options, based on your convenience. 

Emirates Islamic Bank - An Overview of Products and Services

Products of Emirates Islamic Bank 
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Emirates Islamic Bank - Products and Services 


Keep your money safe with Emirates Islamic Bank Accounts. These bank accounts are regulated by a personal Shariah community to ensure that banking is done according to Islamic Shariah principles. The following are the types of bank accounts that Emirates Islamic has:

1. Current Account

  • This is a Shariah-compliant account with cheque book facility.
  • You also get an internationally recognised debit card that is internally accepted with Emirates Islamic Current Account.
  • This account enables you to trade in multiple currencies including – AED, GBP, Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahraini Dinar, Yen, USD, Saudi Riyal, Canadian Dollar, and Omani Riyal.
  • There is no minimum balance required if you transfer your salary to account.

2. Savings Account

The Savings Accounts of Emirates Islamic enables you to save and manage your funds in an easy and convenient manner. All the saving account solutions abide by the Islamic Shariah principles.

  • Kunooz Saving Account
    • Kunooz Saving Account gives you an opportunity to win exciting prizes every month along with saving your money.
    • You can win a cash prize of AED 10,000 in every 2 weeks.
    • You receive a debit card that is internationally recognised. 
    • You can also win a Tesla as monthly prize.
  • E- Saving Account
    • E-saving account is a Shariah-compliant Wakala profit account.  
    • You can earn 0.80% of profit in AED annually, and 0.60 % in USD annually.
    • You also get to enjoy unlimited bank transactions.
  • Investment Saving Account
    • This Emirates Islamic bank account is an investment Saving Account that generates high-value profits. It is based on the Mudraba Shariah principle.
    • You get your profits in your account quarterly.
    • You can manage your account transactions online using Emirates Islamic Online banking.
  • Super Savings Skywards Account
    • If you have Skyward Membership, you can avail of all the benefits of the Super Saving Skywards Account.
    • You can earn a bonus of 2020 Skymiles Miles as soon as you open the account
    • You also get a “no minimum account balance required” benefit.
  • Super Savings Etihad Account
    • Super saving Etihad Account enables you to save money and earn up to 150,000 Etihad Guest Miles on your balances.
    • There is welcome bonus of 2,000 Guest Miles.
    • You can redeem these points for cabin upgrades, flights, and other air travel services.
    • You also receive an internationally acknowledged debit card.
  • Emarati Family Saving Account
    • Emarati Family Saving Account follows the Wakala Shariah principle.
    • With Emarati Family Saving Account, you can get the benefit to open a separate saving bank account for each family member.
    • You earn high-profit rates based on the balance in each family member’s account.
    • You can add up to 10 immediate family members.

3. Deposit Account

Emirates Islamic offers a bunch of Deposit Account solutions to help you gain high profits under Shariah principles. The following are the types of deposit accounts that help you earn high profits:

  • Booster Wakala Account
    • With a booster Wakala Account, you can boost your deposits and earn up to 7.5% of profit per year. 
    • You can avail of easy withdrawal facility (less than 6 months). However, you will not be able to earn profit on this withdrawal.
    • Flexible tenures are available as per your requirements.
  • Investment Term Account
    • An investment Term account enables you to earn profits and is based on the Murdaraba principle.
    • These profits are added to your account in every quarter. 
    • This account can be used either as an individual or a joint account. You can also open this account for minors.
  • “Flexi” Term Deposit
    • You get a 9-month flexible deposit term with a partial withdrawal facility
    • You receive your profits quarterly.
    • You can do transactions in both AED and USD.


Emirates Islamic offers a wide range of credit card solutions for convenient expenditure. You can also take advantage of all premium lifestyle benefits available with Emirates Islamic Credit Cards.

1. Etihad Guest Cards

  • Etihad Guest Premium Card
    • An Etihad Guest Premium Card opens up a host of benefits, such as earning Etihad Guest Miles and upgrading to Etihad Guest Gold Tier status. 
    • You get a welcome bonus of up to 55,000 Etihad Guest Miles.
    • Earn 3.5 Etihad Guest Miles with every USD you spend.
    • Get premium complimentary benefits like Airport transfer, Inflight Wi-Fi voucher and access to Dubai/Sharjah Ladies club.
  • Etihad Guest Saqer Credit Card
    • Etihad Guest Saqer Credit Card lets you choose the category in which you want to earn Etihad Guest Miles.
    • You earn a joining bonus of 30,000 Etihad Guest miles with an annual membership.
    • You also enjoy premium access to airport lounges, valet parking, golf course, and Dubai/ Sharjah Ladies Club.
  • Etihad Guest Ameera Credit Card
    • Etihad Guest Ameera Credit Card is specially designed for women.
    • Choose the category you want to earn rewards. The categories include beauty, wellness, dining, jewellery, and watches.
    • You can earn 2.5  Etihad Guest Mile with every dollar you spend in the chosen category.
  • Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card
    • At the time of joining, you get a bonus of 5,000 Etihad Guest Miles once you pay the annual membership fees. 
    • You get 10% of Guest Miles back if you book a flight with Etihad Guest miles. 
    • You can access luxury hotels around the world with this Platinum Credit Card.

2. Emirates Skywards Credit Card

  • Skywards Black
    • Skywards Black enables you to earn rewards on every retail purchase you make with the card. 
    • You get complimentary Skywards Silver Tier Membership with exclusive perks like extra luggage allowance, Bonus Tier Miles, and priority check-in.
    • You can access lounges of over 1000 plus globally.
  • Skywards Infinite
    • You get all the premium complimentary benefits like lounge access, Emirates Silver Tier Membership, valet parking and more. 
    • You also get complimentary Reel Cinemas Movie tickets every month. You can get maximum three ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ movie tickets. 
    • You get international assistance for your credit card no matter where you are.
    • You can enjoy 15% off on Emaar Entertainment attractions.
  • Skywards Signature 
    • With Skywards Signature Credit Card, you can earn 1.5 Skywards Miles for every dollar you spend.
    • Get double Skywards Miles on any transaction with Emirates Airlines.
    • You can also take advantage of special visa offers with Skywards Signature.

3. Cashback Cards

With Emirates Islamic's wide array of cashback cards, you can win cashback on every purchase you make. All credit card solutions abide by Shariah guidelines, so there will not be any concern about Riba. The following are the types of cashback credit cards the bank offers:

  • Cashback
    • You can earn up to 5% of cashback on your phone bills.
    • Redeem your cash backs easily with Emirates Islamic Online or Mobile banking.
  • Cashback Plus
    • With Cashback Plus, you can earn unlimited cash back without having to pay any annual fee
    • Earn up to 10 % of the cashback on groceries, dining, telecom, and education.
    • Get premium access to more than 1,000 airport lounges around the globe
  • RTA
    • The RTA Credit Card offers a 10 per cent cashback on RTA transport purchases
    • Get up to 10% of Cashback on fuel pay outs.
    • Earn up to 2.25% of cashback for every Emirati Dirham you spend.

4. Rewards and Lifestyle

  • Flex
    • A flex credit card helps you win up to 2.25 SmartMiles for every AED 1
    • Get a welcome bonus of 10,000 EI SmartMiles
    • Easily redeem your rewards from wherever you are using the “Instant Purchase” feature.
    • You can redeem these miles with more than 300 airlines and 180,000 hotels globally.
  • Flex Elite
    • With Flex Elite card you can win up to 3.75 EI SmartMiles on every Emirati Dirham you spent.
    • You pay an annual fee only for the first year and receive a joining bonus of 75,000 EI SmartMiles.
    • You get all the premium complimentary benefits like valet parking, Golf rounds, access to the airport's lounge, etc.
  • Emarati
    • With the Emarati Card, you can enjoy the lifestyle and travel perks you always wanted
    • You get about 3.75 EI SmartMiles for every Dirham you spend.
    • The credit card offers you travel and medical insurance whenever you need to travel.
    • Get complimentary access to two Valet parking per month and Dubai/Sharjah Ladies Club.
  • Expo Credit Card
    • You can receive multiple cashback rewards and enjoy travel privileges with Emirates Islamic Expo Credit Card.
    • First-time EXPO ticket buyers can get up to 50% back as cashback. 
    • You also get 10% cashback on fuel purchases.


Manage your finances conveniently with Emirates Islamic Bank by availing of the finance services. Some of the services are discussed below:

1. Personal Finance

There are two types of personal finance-

  • Personal Finance - Here, you can go for personal finance of as high as AED 2 Million (Expats) and 4 million (Nationals). It does not impose over-limit fees. 
  • Good and Services Finance - Here, you can avail of finances up to 20 times your salary. The finance gets approved quickly without intensive documentation at a competitive price.

2. Commercial Property Finance

  • The customers can avail up to AED 10 million finance. 
  • You get a quick approval with no intensive paperwork.
  • The bank provides repayment terms of up to 15 years.

3. Home Finance-Manzili

  • Only 1% processing fees is charged for home finance of up to 80% of the property value.
  • Documentation process is easy and approval is done quickly.
  • You get a maximum repayment tenure of 25 years.

4. Auto Finance

  • The bank offers maximum 5 years of repayment tenure in case of auto finance.
  • It follows Murabaha structure and is 100% Shariah-compliant 
  • To avail this benefit, transferring salary is not mandatory.

5. Home Finance Bina'a

  • You get the finance that is about 85% of the property value.
  • You can opt for monthly loan repayment for a longer tenure (up to 25 years).
  • The bank uses the Takaful coverage to offer protection to your family in unforeseen circumstances. 
  • It follows the Islamic principle of Forward Ijarah to help you with the construction of the property.

6. Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment 

  • You get Housing Program facility of up to AED 1,000,000 along with Home Finance from Emirates Islamic for your property.
  • The repayment tenure is up to 25 years.
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment comes with Takaful coverage that covers damage and loss to the property.

Priority Banking

With the assistance of a dedicated relationship manager at priority banking services, you can avail expert banking and wealth solutions. The following are the solutions offered by Emirates Islamic Bank:

1. Banking Solutions

  • Priority Banking Packages
    • UAE Expatriates get a welcome bonus of AED 1,000 while the UAE Nationals and Priority Plus Expats are rewarded with a welcome bonus of AED 1,300.
    • The customers get a free Kunooz Savings Account and free current/ high value salary account.
    • With Priority Plus, you can enjoy up to 3 free international remittances every month while for Priority Expats, you can avail of two free international remittance monthly.
    • The Priority Plus members get 30% off on safe deposit lockers on rent.
  • Forex 
    • The forex solution allows you to do transactions at competitive rates.
    • You can go for small amount exchanges in around 19 currencies.
    • The orders for currency exchange can also be placed online.
  • Profit Rates
    • You can check the latest profit rates on the official website of the bank.
    • The profit rate for a high-value salary account is 0.40% per annum.

2. Wealth Solutions

Following are the ways to invest in wealth solutions:

  • Sukuks
  • Gold Certificate
  • Leading Islamic Funds
  • Regional and International Equity Trading
  • Gold Certificates
    • The gold certificate enables you to buy and sell gold bars at live prices that are associated with the international markets.
    • For this, only 1% of processing fees is levied.
    • The Takaful fees levied is 0.3% per annum for 5 years and above five years, the storage fees is 1% per year.
    • The Gold selling charges is 0.5% of the sale value.
  • Finance Against Gold Certificates
    • You get up to 50% finances on the current value of the Gold certificates.
    • The tenure for repayment is 4 years.
  • Sukuks
    • The Sukuks are Shariah-compliant and also follow government guidelines 
    • Minimum investment amount required is AED 7,34,602.
    • They are suitable to be used by individuals who want to invest in international trade market without any exposure of equity markets and want gains higher than the deposit rates. 
  • Structured Products 
    • You can invest in various assets like foreign exchange, fixed income, equities, etc. 
    • The bank offers tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.
  • Islamic Investment Funds
    • You can seek assistance of the Emirates Islamic Advisor to know about the most suitable investment option for you.
    • All the products are Shariah-compliant.

Business Banking

You can effortlessly achieve your business goals and financial requirements with Shariah-compliant business banking products and services from Emirates Islamic Bank. The following are the business banking solutions that the UAE bank offers:

1. BusinessONLINE

  • You can access all your banking accounts using BusinessONLINE.
  • It provides real-time information and a comprehensive payments suite.
  • BusinessONLINE is secured with 128-bit SSL data encryption and certified by NORTON.

2. Trade Finance

  • EI Trade is Emirate Islamic Bank’s online trade finance portal for fast and efficient transactions for your company. 
  • It saves operating costs of the trading companies significantly. 
  • The representatives will assist you throughout the processes.

3. Payroll Solution

  • The payroll solutions are Shariah-compliant and convenient to use.
  • By filling out the form and following the quick and simple steps, you can avail of the payroll solutions for your business.
  • It also offers a free international debit card.

4. Business Banking Packages

Some of the exciting business banking packages include-

  • Business Digital
    • You can do digital transactions at competitive and preferred price. 
    • You can enjoy a daily withdrawal limit of up to AED 50,000 on your business credit card.
    • This facility also gives you an option to connect with the designated relationship officer.
  • Business Platform
    • The daily cash withdrawal limit of a business debit card is AED 50,000.
    • You can make unlimited counter transactions as and when needed,
    • Enjoy a special foreign exchange rate.
  • Business Gold
    • The daily cash withdrawal limit for a business debit card is AED 35,000.
    • Enjoy the counter transactions up to 40 times.
    • Avail of the benefits and assistance of a dedicated relationship manager.
  • Business Premium
    • Enjoy your preferred FX rates. 
    • The customers enjoy a complete cash management products suite.
  • E-Trader
    • For the first year, there is no minimum balance required. 
    • You get a 50% discount on transactions done via an electronic banking channel.
    • Enjoy your preferred FX rates.

5. Product and Services

Accomplish your long-term goals with the realistic business solutions and approach offered by the bank. The products and services are discussed below:

  • Financing
    • By filling the form and following a few simple steps, one can go for the financing solutions.
    • All the Financing products are Murabaha and Ijarah-compliant.
  • Treasury
    • You can avail of the FX spot and forwards services 
    • The FX Spot and Forwards can be easily accessed in GCC and major international currencies.
  • Trade Licence Update
    • You can easily update your trade license with the bank’s assistance.
    • A valid trade license needs to be submitted with 60 days after the expiry.

Ways to Bank

Through various online solutions, Islamic Emirates' customers can make banking transactions from anywhere.

1. WhatsApp Banking

  • You can perform the basic bank processes with the WhatsApp chat facility.
  • This allows you to check your balance, last transactions, credit card limit, and even request cheque books. 
  • You can also check the current foreign exchange rates on your mobile using WhatsApp banking.

2. Phone Banking

  • Phone banking enables you to access all your banking processes at any time by calling Emirates Islamic's 24/7 call centre.
  • You can get in touch with a team of assistants who help you in multiple languages including Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, and English.

3. Mobile Banking App

  • You can access all the banking services through Emirates Islam’s Mobile Banking Application.
  • You can download the application from Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.
  • Easy and fast self-registration using your debit card or account number.

4. Lockers and Lockers Plus

  • You can keep your valuables things safe with Lockers and Locker Plus at Emirates Islamic.
  • This service is readily available at all Emirates Islamic Bank branches in UAE.
  • You can easily access all your valuables during the branch's operating hours.

5. E-statements

  • You can easily avail of your banking e-statements whenever and wherever required. 
  • Get all your credit card e-statements with a few clicks.
  • You can also view a consolidated e-statement for all your account statements at one place.
  • The e-statement eliminates paper waste.

6. Online Banking

  • Online banking services by Emirates Islamic Bank are secure and trustworthy.
  • The registration for these online banking services is absolutely free.

7. SMS Banking

  • You can track your account transactions instantly using SMS banking.
  • You also get instant alerts for new updates or transactions in and out of your account. 
  • Get all your card details, account balance and summary on your mobile phone instantly with a few clicks.

Emirates Islamic Bank Customer Contact Info

Official Website https://emiratesislamic.ae/
Email ID Customercareunit@emiratesislamic.ae.
Personal Banking  UAE - 600 599995 International - +971 600599995
Priority Banking UAE- 800 111 22 International - +971 600599995
Company Address  Almizhar Branch: Almizhar 1 - Aswaaq Mall, Almizhar Al Twer Branch Al Nahda Road, Near Al Twar CentreEmirates Islamic Bank - Awards and Achievements
Year Awards Award By
2020 The Islamic Bank In Customer Care World Finance Islamic Finance Awards 
2020 Best Credit Card In UAE World Finance Islamic Finance Awards 
2020 Islamic Bank of the Year UAE -2020 The Banker
2019 Best Islamic Bank Global Islamic Finance Awards


Q1. How can I open a joint Emirates Islamic Account?

Ans: Customers who are above the age of 18 years can easily open a joint account. Either of the partners can operate the account individually. In some matters, joint consent may be mandatory.

Q2. Can I open a bank account for my minor child?

Ans: Yes, the bank allows the guardians to open an account for a minor. However, for such an account holder, a cheque book facility is not provided and the account can be operated only by the guardian.

Q3. How is Emirates Islamic Credit Card different from conventional credit cards?

Ans: Emirates Islamic Credit Card has no difference in functionality in comparison to the conventional credit cards. However, Emirates Islamic credit cards do not impose any interest or hidden cost. It only charges an annual fee which the user has to pay monthly.

Q4. What is meant by Takaful?

Ans: Islamic insurance is known as Takaful. It operates on the liens of donation. It is different from conventional insurance as Takaful is Shariah-compliant and includes Islamic guidelines.

Q5. Is the password to my online banking visible to the bank employees?

Ans: No. The password and the secret questions are end-to-encrypted using a 128-bit encryption level. So, no employees or anyone else can know your password until you choose to disclose it.

Q6. How can I locate Emirates Islamic Bank near me?

Ans: By visiting the company website, you can find the preferred branch or ATM. You need to mention the location and what you want to search (branch, ATM, or both) and the tool will show you the result accordingly.

Q7. Is it possible to get Auto Finance from Emirates Islamic Bank?

Ans: Yes, you can visit the bank website and find out about getting an auto loan. You can also opt for a car loan from the bank. Browse through the loan section to get the best deals on all kinds of loans.