Emirates Islamic Bank Business Premium Package

Emirates Islamic Bank was founded in 2004 and since then, it has been able to carve a place of itself the UAE’s competitive banking industry.  EIB works in compliance with the Shari’a laws and has always been one of the first choice banks for customers. EIB offers a Business Premium package which is specially designed for growing businesses. It brings a variety of customised services along with high returns, helping you to grow your business hassle-free.

Why You Should Open Emirates Islamic Bank Business Premium Package

For you to achieve the future goals of your business, Emirates Islamic Bank business banking premium package provides you with a wide range of financial solutions.

1) Business Current Account

With EIB’s Business Premium, you can manage your daily transactions effortlessly. Also, with Emirates Islamic business banking premium plan, you get current accounts that help you to manage your day-to-day banking needs. A current account can be used by those customers who want to do business transactions on a regular basis. You can do withdraw or transfer money using a cheque, credit card or any other payment mode. So, while you are shopping and you need cash or you want money for your inventory, you don’t have to visit the bank again and again. You can get money wherever and whenever you want without much effort.

2) Investment Saving Account

Savings is when you save aside some amount for your future needs. Now while you’re saving your money, you also want returns out of that money. The EIB Business Premium plan does exactly that. It allows you to save money and get returns out of the deposited amount. Not only that, but you will also get specialised advice and can access the Sharia-compliant fund. With Emirates Islamic Bank Business Premium’s Investment saving account, you can obtain profits on saving your money; it also offers a unique balance between saving money and liquidity. It also provides fixed deposit accounts that help you to deposit your money for a certain period and you can withdraw that money after the completion of that period. A fixed deposit account enables you to get higher profits.

Benefits of Emirates Islamic Bank Business Premium:-

1) Low Cost 

The account gives you preferential treatment and superior benefits like online transactions at a very cheap rate for your convenience.

2) Customer Service

The managers are very cooperative and always ready to help you out if you find any difficulties or queries. Emirates Islamic Bank has a magnificent record of customer service, which makes it one of the leading banks in the UAE.

3) Proper Cash Management

Emirates Islamic Bank provides you with convenient cash flow management and online transactions at a very minimal cost.

4) One-stop solution for all your financing needs

Emirates Islamic bank business premium is designed in a way that their products and services take care of your different needs. The products and services are there to meet the demands of your business. As a single solution may not suit everyone, that is why EIB has developed different customisation options that you can select at any given point in time based on the needs of your business. You just need to maintain an Average Monthly Credit Balance of AED 35,000 in your current account and you get Digital Business Banking with convenient business transactions hours. 

Features of EIB Business Premium

1) Easy to switch bank account package

You don’t have to worry much about changing your existing package to a new package. EIB Business Premium provides you with a hassle-free process of changing your existing account package.

To change your existing account package, you need to have the following documents that you need to carry along to the nearest branch of EIB.

  • Trade license
  • Company’s stamp
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Identity documents (you can use the following documents)
  • Passport (of all the partners)
  • You will need Visa and Emirates ID (of all the partners)

2) Get your documents updated easily

Documents can be updated easily through offline or even online mode. You may visit the nearest bank branch to get your work done.

3) Hassle-free update, deletion and modification of personal information

To get personal information like your signature updated, you will have to visit the branch with the request letter duly stamped and signed by the authorised signatory.

And the following documents:

  • Trade license
  • Company’s stamp
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Identity documents
  • Passport (of all the partners)
  • You will need Visa and Emirates ID (of all the partners)

4) Online services

With EIB’s mobile application, you can order a new chequebook, debit card, etc. Otherwise, you may visit any of the nearest branches or contact customer support service.

Check your Eligibility:

Credit balances in current accounts of at least 35,000 AED monthly qualify you to grab the advantages of EIB’s business banking services or any financing facility.

Note: If the aforementioned requirements are not satisfied, a minimal monthly cost of AED 300 will be charged for Business Premium Services.

Documents required to apply for EIB Business Premium account

  1. Certified Copies of all Passport owners
  2. Copy of Registration of the business
  3. Business and/or Trade License
  4. Articles of Association or documents related to a partnership
  5. Certificate from the chamber of commerce
  6. Statements of three years of audited/in-house financial accounts
  7. Last 12 months bank statements
  8. A letter requesting facilities
  9. Any other documents (as required by the Bank)

Note: Verification will necessitate the use of originals of all documents.

Procedure for opening Emirates Islamic Bank account

Offline Mode

To open a bank account, the applicant should go to the nearest Emirates Islamic Bank branch. They must carry the necessary papers, which must be presented with the application form.

Note: For any queries regarding the bank account, you can use the customer support service or visit the nearest branch to resolve them.

The applicant can also contact the bank’s official customer care number. A bank executive will visit you at your doorstep the very next day to verify your documents.

Online Mode

Applicant can visit www.policybazaar.ae to get his/her account activated easily.

You can also compare other EIB packages and take benefits of ongoing offers of the Emirates Islamic Business Premium package.


Q1: Can I convert my existing package to EIB’s Business Premium package?

Ans: Yes, any of your existing accounts can be converted to the premium business account package. You can even hold both the accounts simultaneously by simply applying for another account. 

Q2: How can I convert my existing account to EIB’s premium business package?

Ans: Your current account package can be easily converted in a single visit to the nearest branch.

Q3: What are the documents required to convert my account to premium business package?

Ans: Following are the documents required to convert your account to premium business package: 

  • Trade license
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) 
  • Identity documents of all the partners
  • Stamp of the company

Q4: How can I make changes to my current Premium business package?

Ans: You may contact Emirates Islamic Bank call centre on 04-3160065 or you can visit any of your nearest branches or business banking centres.

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