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Emirates Citibank World Credit Cardholders can enjoy their travels with much-needed peace of mind. Irrespective of where their journey takes them, they can enjoy their travels with the peace of mind. When anyone travels, they get exposed to various perils. Unfavourable events can turn their travel upside down. When in a foreign country, in case of a health emergency getting medical help can be very difficult. Thanks to complimentary travel accident and medical insurance offered by Citibank World Credit Card, the cardholder be insured against the incurred medical expenses. Additionally, they can get compensation for the inconvenience caused by the covered emergency medical condition, delay of checked-in baggage, flight delays, and other unpredictable eventualities.

Features and Benefits of Emirates Citibank World Credit Card

Here are the features and benefits of Emirates Citibank World Credit Card:

a. Complimentary Access to Airport Lounge

The cardholder can avail unlimited access to more than1000 airport lounges across the world on a complimentary basis. Additionally, the facility can be availed by the supplementary cardholder(s) as well.

Access Denied: In an unfortunate situation, if any participating lounge denies complimentary access to the cardholder, the cardholder can access the lounge by using their Citi Credit Card. They must request for written confirmation from the reception desk that the facility of lounge access was not available on their card. In order to claim reimbursement for the same, they must provide the written to the Citibank.

Please Note: The cardholder must file a claim within 30 days of travel.

b. Emirates Advantage Offer

The cardholder can avail the benefit of 0 percent interest for a period 3 months with the Easy Instalment Plan offered by Emirates Citibank World Credit Card. The offer can be availed of purchasing Emirates tickets at the official website of Emirates using their Emirates Citibank World Credit Card by opting forEmirates Advantage.

c. Complimentary Travel Accident Insurance

Citi Emirates-Citibank World Credit Card members are covered under travel accident insurance on a complimentary basis. In addition to that, the card members can file a claim for compensation in case of inconvenience caused due to missed flights / delayed flights and loss of checked-in luggage or delay of checked-in luggage for the tickets booked with their Emirates-Citibank Credit Card.

d. Complimentary Meet and Greet Service

The card member gets the benefit of availing Marhaba Silver Meet and Greet service on a complimentary basis. They get a privilege to experience a comfortable journey through DIA-Dubai International Airport.

Marhaba Bronze Meet & Greet Service

The Citi Emirates-Citibank World Credit Card members can experience luxury in a true sense. They can avail one Marhaba Bronze Meet and Greet Service absolutely free of cost on an annual basis. In order to avail the service, the card member needs to book a complimentary Marhaba Bronze Meet and Greet service at least 48 hours before their departure or arrival. In order to make a booking, they can call Citi Phone Banking Service helpline- +971 4 311 [4000/ 4653]. The helpline is open 24*7. In the case of late bookings, the cardholder needs to get directly in touch with the Marhaba sales office or call centre at their own expenses. Here are the contact details of Marhaba Dubai Call Centre

Number-+971 4 3898989 

For making late bookings that are less than 10 hours, the cardholder will have to pay additional charges at Dubai International Airport.

Services Offered upon Arrival

After arriving at Dubai International Airport, just before the cardholder gets to immigration, they will see their name flashing on the Marhaba screens. The cardholder may approach any Marhaba representatives. The representatives will fast-track the cardholder through the arrival formalities at Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Emirates Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport.

After that, they will escort the cardholder to the arrivals area. There the cardholder you can meet their loved ones or exit the airport.

The meet and greet service is very helpful for someone who’s travelling for the first time, old aged people and people with disability.

Offered Services upon Departure

The representatives will fast-track the cardholder through the departure formalities. Whenever possible, they will be provided with hand baggage trolleys. The cardholder can access the Marhaba Meeting Lounge. It is near the check-in area of Emirates Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 of Dubai International airport.

In Marhaba Meeting Lounge, the cardholder and unwind and savour light refreshments.

Terms and Conditions of Marhaba Meet and Greet Service

Here are the Terms and Conditions of Marhaba Meet and Greet Service:

  • Marhaba Meet and Greet service is a complimentary offered specifically to the primary cardholders.
  • Cardholders can avail only 1 complimentary booking which is valid for one individual in the calendar year.
  • At the time of making Marhaba Meet and Greet Booking, the following information should be provided:
    • Name of the passenger
    • Flight Details
    • Departure/ Arrival Terminal at Dubai International airport
    • Number of an individual for which the Marhaba Meet and Greet service is needed
    • Reference number of the Marhaba booking
  • All the benefits are provided at the discretion of Citibank as per best-effort basis.
  • Citibank, reserves the right, amend, to vary, add or delete any of the Terms &Conditions.

e. Dining Privileges

Gourmet Pleasures offered by Citi is a dining program that offers amazing dining discounts. The cardholder can enjoy up to 20 percent discount at specified restaurants and eateries across the UAE.

f. Complimentary Movie Tickets

The cardholder can avail up to 2 Buy One Get One movie tickets per month on a complimentary basis. The offer is valid for the movie tickets purchased using Emirates Citibank World Credit Card on any weekday.

g. Free Supplementary Cards

The cardholder can avail unlimited supplementary cards for their eligible family members. They don’t have to pay any extra-charges fee and they can set the spending limit as a percentage of their own limit on every supplementary card.

Eligibility Criteria for Availing Supplementary Card

The cardholder can avail a Supplementary card for:

  • Their Blood Relatives
  • If they are over 13 years of age

Here are the required details for availing Supplementary card:

  1. Full name
  2. Applicant's name as they would like it to have on the supplementary credit card
  3. Date of birth of supplementary credit card applicant
  4. Mother's maiden name of the supplementary credit card applicant
  5. Occupation of the supplementary card applicant
  6. The relationship of the supplementary card applicant with the primary card holder
  7. The maximum credit limit for the Supplementary Card applicant
  8. Credit card number of the primary credit card

Cashback Back & Free Airport Lounge Access - Policybazaar uae

Rewards and Offers on Emirates Citibank World Credit Card

The cardholder can make the best use of their credit card by putting spend on their credit card. When they put spend on their card, they earn Skyward Miles as per the following.

  1. FX Spend- The cardholder will earn1 Skywards Mile for each USD of FX spending.
  2. Local Spend- The cardholder will earn0.75 Skywards Miles for each USD of local spending.

Please Note- The cardholder may earn Skywards Miles as per the assigned credit limit to their credit card. The Skywards Miles earning is capped for specific spend categories such as e-Government, grocery stores etc.

Skywards Miles statement

The Skywards Miles you will earn will be transferred to your Skywards account on a weekly basis and will reflect in your statement.

To track your activity and see your current miles balance please visit www.emirates.com

Skywards Miles Earning Exclusions

The cardholder won’t be entitled to earn Skywards Miles for the transactions mentioned below:

1. Fee payment(s) for Annual Membership for the cardholder’s Citibank MasterCard or VISA Credit Cards as well as fast track redemptions.

2. Finance charges, cash advance charges, late payment fee or any other automated or manual cash withdrawal or disbursement.

3. Balance transfer, traveler's cheques, repayment of bank loan(s), payment of bank fees or charges or any other unauthorized fee etc.

4. Buying foreign currency and transactions made at the exchange house(s).

5. Premiums, payments or contributions for the following:

  • Invest Plus
  • Credit Shield
  • Credit Shield Plus
  • Any product(s)/program(s)/ insurance program(s) or products Citibank may offer/ distribute.

6. Payment made for Utility bill(s).

7. Purchase of bonds, securities, saving certificates, or/ and other debt/ instrument(s)/ purchase of investment plans or/ and brokerage services be it over the counter or online.

8. Transactions conducted under the category Government Services as per MasterCard/VISA.

9. Transactions that are disputed, unauthorized, erroneous, illegal or fraudulent as per Citibank.

10. Transactions made using the UAE DDS (Direct Debit System).

11. Transactions that are converted into Easy Installment Plans with a 0% reducing balance rate on an annual basis. Misuse of the credit card to create fictitious transactions via POS terminals at merchant outlet(s) or through other means.

How to Redeem Skywards Miles?

Redeeming the accumulated Skywards Miles is easy and simple. Here are ways the cardholder can redeem the accumulated miles:

  • By buying a reward ticket or upgrading an economy flight ticket to business class flight ticket or business class flight ticket to First Class flight ticket with Emirates.
  • At the listed Emirates partners in car hire, hospitality, retail, lifestyle, or at the Emirates partner airlines.
  • At the Emirates High Street. It is a rewarding shopping experience that offers a wide range of more than 400 products.

In order to redeem the accumulated Skywards Miles the cardholder can contact Skywards at their helpline number +971 600 555555 or they can simply sign in to their Skywards account by logging on to the official website of Emirates.

Steps to Redeem Skywards Miles

Here are the steps to redeem Skywards Miles for flying anywhere using the Emirates network.

  • Step 1- Log in to Skywards account.
  • Step 2- Select Book a flight.
  • Step 3- Under search and book flights tab, click on Redeem Skywards Miles.
  • Step 4-Choose inbound/ outbound flight.
  • Step 5-Select Book the itinerary
  • Step 6-Enter the required information or select on Please use my Skywards Information.
  • Step 7- Enter card details, review the purchase and check-out.

Steps to Upgrade an Existing Economy Flight Ticket using Skywards Miles

Here is how the cardholder can upgrade their economy flight ticket to business flight ticket or from business flight ticket to first class flight ticket:

  • Step 1-Log into Skywards account.
  • Step 2- Click on manage a booking.
  • Step 3- Select upgrade with miles.
  • Step 4- Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.

Exclusive Promotions and Offers on Emirates Citibank World Credit Card

Let’s check out the exclusive promotions available for Emirates Citibank World credit cardholders in the UAE:


When you make use of your Emirates Citibank World Credit Card for eligible purchases (exceeding AED 150) on Amazon.ae, you will instantly receive a 10% discount (up to AED 50). Note that this offer can be utilised once per month and remains valid until December 31st, 2023.

Here are the claim codes for each month - 

  • July: CB10JUL
  • August: CB10AUG
  • September: CB10SEP
  • October: CB10OCT
  • November: CB10NOV
  • December: CB10DEC

You can avail of this offer through the following two methods - 

  • On the product page, before adding items to your cart, select the 'redeem' option from the offer dropdown. This will promptly adjust the product price. Note that this process must be repeated for each qualifying product.
  • During the payment stage, either use a stored card or add a new one. Upon entering the CVV code, click 'use this payment method’. If the offer hasn't been previously applied on the product page, you can still apply the discount by entering the correct claim code for the current month in the promo window.

Important: If the offer has already been used on the product page, refrain from combining the claim code with the product page redemption as it may result in an error message.

Given below are the terms and conditions that apply to this offer - 

  • This promotion is exclusively applicable to the Emirates Citibank World Credit Card issued by Citibank UAE.
  • In cases of multiple Citibank World credit cards linked to a single Amazon.ae account, only the initial credit card will be eligible for the offer.
  • This offer excludes consumer electronics, products from Amazon Global Store (sold and shipped by Amazon US and UK), Amazon Gift Cards, Helpbit, Amazon Home Services, and Baby Food.
  • In case of order cancellation or refund, the Cardholder will only receive a refund for the actual amount paid, i.e., discounts will not be reimbursed.
  • The offer is not valid for 'Cash on Delivery' items.
  • Any cardholder engaging in fraudulent activity will be disqualified from the offer.
  • This credit card offer cannot be combined with other Amazon promotions.
  • When using multiple Cards within a single Amazon.ae customer account, only the initial Card utilised during the Offer Period will be eligible for this promotion. If the same Card is employed across various Amazon customer accounts, only the first account to employ the Card (during the Offer Period) will qualify for this promotion.


You can use your Emirates Citibank World Credit Card to place an order of at least AED 150 on the Carrefour mobile app or website to enjoy a 15% discount (up to AED 50). This offer is valid until December 31st, 2023, and can be accessed once per calendar month for each cardholder.

Claim codes for each month - 

  • June: CITIJUN15
  • July: CITIJUL15
  • August: CITIAUG15
  • September: CITISEP15
  • October: CITIOCT15
  • November: CITINOV15
  • December: CITIDEC15

Please take note of the subsequent terms and conditions for this promotion - 

  • Apple Pay transactions are excluded from this offer.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other vouchers, SHARE points, or coupon codes.
  • Refunds for cancelled orders will only cover the amount paid and not the discounts.
  • For Carrefour website/app usage with multiple Cards on one account, only the first Card used during the Offer Period will be eligible.
  • If the same Card is used on different Carrefour accounts, only the initial account to use the card during the Offer Period will be considered.
  • Failing to comply with the Offer Terms will result in the forfeiture of the discount. In this scenario, there would be a requirement to reimburse the discount amount for the relevant transactions.
  • Citibank retains the right to disqualify any individual involved in fraudulent activity from participating in the offer.
  • This promotion does not apply to wholesale customers.


Get up to a 20% discount (maximum AED 14) on grocery and food orders twice a month using the Talabat mobile app and your Emirates Citibank World Credit Card for payments. During checkout, apply claim code "MASTERCARD" to avail of the offer. 

Valid until December 31st, 2023, this deal can be combined with any active offers on the Talabat platform.

Latest Citibank Credit Card Offers

Eligibility Criteria for Emirates Citibank World Credit Card

Here is a little smattering on the eligibility criteria of the Emirates Citibank World Credit Card:

a. Annual Membership Charges: In order to be eligible for Emirates Citibank World Credit Card, the applicant needs to pay annual membership charges of AED 400. 

b. Minimum Monthly Income: In order to be eligible for Emirates Citibank World Credit Card, the applicant needs to earn a minimum monthly income of AED 12,000.

Emirates Citibank World Credit Card Fees and Charges

Here are fees and charges for Citi Bank World Credit Card: 

S.No. Particulars Charges
1.         Yearly Membership Fee  
2.         Monthly Retail Interest 3.25 Percent
3.         Monthly Cash Interest 3.25 Percent
4.         Yearly Membership Fee for Supplementary Card Free
5.         Direct Debit Set-up/ Amendment/ Cancellation Free
6.         Stopping Direct Debit Payment AED 50
7.         Card Replacement Charges AED 50
8.         Card Conversion Charges AED 50
9.         Sales Draft Copy Charges AED 65
10.     Credit Shield Plus Charges 0.82 percent of the outstanding monthly balance
11.     Life Style Protect Plus Charges 0.79 percent of the outstanding monthly balance
12.     Processing Fees For personal loan 1 percent of the total loan amount minimum AED 500 Maximum AED 2,500
13.     Loan Cancellation Charges AED 100
14.     Loan Rescheduling Charges AED 250
15.     Cash Advance Charges 3 percent of the advance amount or AED 99 whichever is higher
16.     Insta Loan Processing Charges AED 100
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FAQs on Emirates Citibank World Credit Card

Q1: What is a Complimentary Travel Accident Insurance?

Ans: It is travel accident insurance offered on a complimentary basis. In addition to that, the card members can file a claim for compensation in case of inconvenience caused due to missed flights / delayed flights and loss of checked-in luggage or delay of checked-in luggage for the tickets booked with their Emirates-Citibank Credit Card.

Q2: What is LoungeKey?

Ans: LoungeKey enables the primary as well as a supplementary cardholder to access more than 650airport lounge across the globe.

Q3: What is the benefit offered by LoungeKey?

Ans: It provides unlimited complimentary access to more than 650 airports lounges across the globe for primary as well as supplementary card members. In addition to that, they can bring one free guest every time they avail the complimentary lounge access. Here are the eligible cards for availing LoungeKey benefit:

  1. Emirates-Citibank Ultimate MasterCard/Visa
  2. Emirates-Citibank Ultima Visa
  3. Citi Prestige MasterCard
  4. Citi Life World Elite MasterCard,
  5. Premier Miles Elite MasterCard/Visa
  6. Citi Life Infinite Visa

Here are the eligible cards for availing LoungeKey benefit on an unlimited complimentary basis:

  1. Emirates-Citibank World MasterCard
  2. Premier Miles Signature Visa
  3. Premier Miles World MasterCard,
  4. Citi Life Platinum MasterCard

Q4: My primary card member is travelling me, I’m the supplementary card member. Do we both need to carry our credit cards?

Ans: Yes, you and your primary card member need to carry your cards and show it at the lounge reception. Only then, you can avail lounge access on a complimentary basis. In case the primary cardmember is entitled to bring a free guest, then the supplementary cardmember can accompany them as a guest. That being said, it is recommended that both the members should carry and use their own cards.

Q5: What are the maximum rewards a card member can earn on a monthly basis?

Ans: The maximum rewards earning for a card member is capped at 500 Skyward Miles on a monthly basis.

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