Eligibility Criteria for UAE Nationals to Apply for a Personal Loan

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Personal loans are procured to fulfill various financial needs or during emergencies which are beyond the scope of the regular income. There is a wide range of banks or lenders who offer a personal loan in UAE to any individual who meets the eligibility criteria as decided by the respective bank. Failure to meet any of the eligibility criteria may lead to the rejection of the loan application. And rejections will hurt your credit score and make it difficult for you to avail loan even from other lenders. That is why it is very important to understand if all eligibility criteria are met for applying for a personal loan in UAE.

So, if you are UAE nationals and you want to know the eligibility criteria requirements for availing personal finance in the UAE then you have come to the right place.

Here are some common factors that affect the personal loan eligibility criteria for UAE Nationals.

Applicant’s Age:

Age is one of the primary factors that lender take into consideration before sanctioning a personal loan to UAE Nationals. The young age at you are, higher are the chances of procuring personal finance as you’ll have several earning years in front of you to repay the loan amount. There are general guidelines followed by the majority of the banks and financial institutions for sanctioning a personal loan for UAE nationals that they must be aged between 21 to 65 years. However, it may vary one bank to another.

Income Criteria

Your monthly income is yet another important factor that banks and financial institutions take into consideration before offering a personal loan in UAE. The loan amount that is offered to the borrower basically depends on how much do you earn. So, the higher your annual income, the higher the loan amount you will get as lenders will consider you as someone with the great repayment ability.

However, each of the personal loan lenders has different minimum income requirements. You must be aware of the income eligibility required by the bank or lender to get your personal loan application approved.

Employment Status

Employment status is amongst the important thing that the personal loan lender will consider before offering you a personal loan. Your employment status includes the length of your employer with the current employer. The personal loan lenders generally want this duration to be around three to six months. They might reject your personal loan application if your working experience is less than that.


The employer with whom the applicant is currently working with is indeed the best way to measure his/her credibility. Being a part of well-renowned and high turnover organizations is an asset when it comes to applying for a personal finance since their employee’s growth is guaranteed. In addition to this, the employer you’re working with is a part of the lender’s approved list of the employer.

Credit Score

Besides your employer’s credibility, applicant credit rating holds a great value. Having an excellent or good credit Score increases the chances of availing personal finance at the low interest rate, high loan amount, and flexible tenure options. In case of any outstanding debt, delay payment history, or fraudulent track records, the lender has a right to reject your loan application or they might offer you a personal loan at a high rate of interest in order to lower their risk. That is why it is very important to clear off your outstanding dues on time so that you can maintain a good credit score.

Salary Transfer

To be eligible for a personal loan in UAE, few banks require that the personal loan applicant’s monthly salary should be transferred to a bank account held with them or in any other bank’s account. Through this, they just want to see a secure & stable income with proper income proofs. So, if you are getting a good amount of salary but you get it through cash or cheque then the lender might think twice to offer you personal finance as they require proper evidence to support your loan amount.


Check Eligibility Criteria of Personal Loan for UAE Nationals

All the top leading banks and financial institutions in UAE offer a personal loan for UAE nationals. Personal loan eligibility criteria for each of these lenders vary. Here we have mentioned the eligibility criteria of top 3 lenders for personal loan for UAE Nationals:

Bank Age Criteria Minimum Monthly Income Required Employment Status
Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)
  • Minimum Age:  21 years
  • Maximum Age:  65 years
  • AED 8000
  • Confirmed Employee or minimum of 6 months experience is required.
United Arab Bank (UAB)
  • Minimum Age:  21 years
  • Maximum Age:  65 years
  • AED 7500
  • Working in a Government, Semi-Government or private employer approved by UAB.
Noor Bank
  • 21 years & above
  • AED 8000
  • Applicant’s employer must be on the approved list of Noor bank.


In A Nutshell

Personal loan is an unsecured loan that means you do not need to submit any guarantor or collateral to avail it. As there are guarantor involved, hence the bank or lender is a great risk, if in case of the borrower do not repay the loan amount or runs off without repaying the loan amount. The decision of sanctioning a personal finance to the applicant is hence based on several factors which evaluate the applicant’s ability to repay the loan amount on time.

Before sanctioning personal loan for expats or UAE nationals, lender consider certain factors in order to be double sure about the repayment capacity of the lender before they approved or sanction a personal loan.

So, make sure you go through the above-mentioned eligibility criteria requirements for availing a personal loan for UAE nationals. However, each bank has its own eligibility criteria for personal finance but this will give you a general idea about the eligibility requirements.  

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