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The high membership charges on golf clubs, expensive gear, and green fees make golf a sport for the rich. With UAE being a place of luxury, a lot of people living there have a hobby of playing a game or two of golf during the weekend. But not everybody can afford this expensive sport.

But here is good news-

Various banks in the UAE are offering credit card with golf benefits. These golf privileges can help in significantly reducing the cost incurred on the game. You can enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts on pro shops, green fees, membership fees, beverages and food, and certain free rounds of golf at the best golf courses or clubs in the UAE.

Now, you must be wondering how would you be able to avail these amazing offers? All you need to do is select the right golf credit card. This way, even your expenditure will let you earn through valuable rewards. You might be able to save a few dirhams by using these perfect credit cards smartly.

Features and Benefits of Credit Cards Offering Golf Privileges

Here is a list of various benefits and features offered on these credit cards.

  1. Free rounds of golf
  2. Complimentary access to the best golf clubs across the UAE
  3. Amazing green fee discounts
  4. Big membership fee discounts
  5. Discounts on bringing an accompanying guest
  6. Great discounts on foods & beverages, pro shops, and more at premium golf clubs in the UAE

While these are the golf related features and benefits on a golf credit card, there could be other benefits also.

  1. Free airport lounge access
  2. Free supplementary credit cards for the family members (who are eligible)
  3. Discounts at participating restaurants
  4. Monthly offers on Movie tickets
  5. Complimentary security features like purchase protection and extended warranty

How to Apply for Credit Card with Golf Benefits in the UAE?  

There is nothing special about applying for this credit card in the UAE. You can apply both online and offline. Let’s take a look at the application process for this credit card.

Online Application

Only when you meet the eligibility criteria, you can directly apply online for a golf card. All you need to do is visit the desired bank’s official website and apply for that golf credit card which meets your financial needs. So as to start the application process online, you need to select the Apply Now option and fill in the necessary details.

As soon as the bank receives your application, they check whether your application is eligible or not. If it is eligible, then you will receive a call from the executive of the bank within 3-5 working days. The bank executive will then help you with the remaining steps of your application process. They will ask you for the submission of the required documents for processing your application. After receiving the documents, the concerned bank will process your credit card application in a few working days.

It is advised that you take note of your application number so as to track your application status.

Offline Application

Another option to apply for a credit card with golf benefits is offline. If you are not very comfortable in applying for this card online, you can visit the nearest branch of the bank. The bank official will be able to guide you about the card that complements your financial needs as well as your budget. After you select the card, you have to fill in the application form and submit it along with the documents required for applying for the credit card.

Golf Credit Cards in the UAE

Here is a list of a few golf credit cards available in the UAE.

Credit Card Annual Fee
Emirates NBD Platinum Credit Card 700 AED
Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card 1,575 AED
Noor Bank Platinum Rewards Credit Card 500 AED0
Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card 800 AED
HSBC Black Credit Card 1,500 AED
ADCB Etihad Guest Above Infinite Credit Card 2,625 AED

Note: The credit cards on the table are not listed in any particular order. Select the one which suits your golf needs as well as other requirements.  

The Final Verdict!

Golf being a great game has become the choice of sport for many residents in the UAE. However, you cannot deny that it is an expensive hobby to keep up with. A lot of avid golfers have agreed to the fact that playing golf is really a costly matter. The banks or credit card issuers have come to our rescue in this situation. Due to golf credit card, golfing has turned into a comparatively affordable sport for the people in the UAE. A lot of banks in the UAE offer amazing golf privileges on their cards through which you can gain free rounds of golf and various other discounts.

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