Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card

Quite naturally, credit cards have become a preferred way of spending in the UAE region. However, UAE residents have over 200 different credit cards at their disposal making it difficult to take the best pick.

This is where Dunia Finance’s Platinum Credit Card comes to rescue of UAE residents.

Given the fact that the affluent UAE residents look for maximum value for their spending, UAE’s leading finance company, Dunia Finance introduced its Platinum Credit Card. This credit card helps the cardholder to consolidate their expenses and earn maximum value for every dirham they spend. Since its introduction in the UAE region, Dunia Platinum Credit Card has consistently topped all popularity charts amongst credit card seekers in the region.

Dunia Platinum Credit Card rewards the cardholder continuously with 5% cash-back rewards on all purchases at department stores, 1% unlimited cashback on all other spends, complimentary Valtrans Valet Parking Facility, and free Zomato Gold Membership. But the best part is that this card is available with no annual fees. No wonder, Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card consistently ranks alongside the bestselling and sought-after credit cards in the UAE.

Benefits of Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card

Dunia Platinum Credit Card is an elite credit card that promises unlimited cash back, rewards, and benefits to the card members. This bestselling card offers maximum savings and exclusive discounts. Here’s a rundown on a few benefits offered by Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card.

  • 5% cash back on all eligible purchases at apparel, furniture, electronics and a wide range of other department stores.
  • Complimentary access to 25 premium airport lounges at different destinations across the globe including KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, USA, Germany, Canada and more.
  • Dunia Travel Advantage services where card members get to earn special travel packages, and up to 5% airline discounts and airport pick-up & drop-off services on spending 5,000 dirhams (minimum) per booking.
  • Unlimited dining discounts with free Zomato Gold Annual Membership.
  • 1% unlimited cashback on various other expenses.
  • 30% discount when booking on Cleartrip.
  • 15% off on car rentals with Avis across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Canada, and USA, and a free upgrade with each rental globally.
  • 20% discounts on Careem rides.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 offers on entertainment, leisure, and more throughout the Middle East region and Africa.
  • 15% off and other special privileges on serviced luxury apartments.
  • Shipping discounts at various US online stores through MyUS.
  • Exclusive benefits at nine shopping villages in the Europe region.
  • Free Valtrans Valet Parking Facility at leading dining hotspots and shopping malls throughout the UAE (facility can be availed on making a minimum cumulative retail expense of 3,000 dirhams during the last billing cycle).

Features of Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card

Dunia Platinum Credit Card comes loaded with a lot of ground-breaking features to ensure immediate and unlimited rewards and savings for card members. Here is a little overview of some of the standout features of the Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card.

Purchase Protection

The cardholder can confidently shop using this Platinum Credit Card as the bank offers protection to their purchases in the event of accidental damage or theft. This facility lasts up to ninety days from the purchase date.

Supplementary Credit Cards

The card member can avail a maximum of four free supplementary credit cards for the family members of the primary cardholder.

Double Secure Facility

This Dunia Credit Card comes with double protection for the cardholder and their family through the insurance partners. The total outstanding amount on this credit card is covered with the double secure feature.

In case of critical illness, total permanent disability, or death, the double secure feature not just covers the outstanding amount but also offers the same amount to the nominee. It also offers coverage in case of employment loss.

3D Secure Transactions

This credit card features 3D Secure authentication for transactions made at online merchant websites. This offers additional security and protection to merchants and cardholder against unauthorized online transactions.

Top Reasons to Get Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card

Low annual fees, 5% cashback on department store purchases, 1% unlimited cashback on all other spends and complimentary access to 25 premium airport lounges, reasons are absolutely aplenty to get Dunia Finance Platinum Card. Here are 5 top reasons why Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card makes for the best bet for UAE residents.

  1. Low Annual Fees: Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card charges low annual membership fees of AED 525. With this card, the cardholder can save a few of their hard-earned dirhams every year while earning consistent cashback and making huge savings on the money they spend.
  2. Cashback Bonanza: Dunia Finance Platinum Credit cardholders get to avail 5% cashback for retail spends on apparel, cosmetics, electronics, and furniture. In addition, Platinum Credit cardholder gets to enjoy 1% cashback on all other spends. It is a limited time offer subjected to withdrawal or change anytime as per the sole discretion of Dunia Finance Bank.
  3. Complimentary Lounge Access: Dunia Finance Platinum Credit cardholder can avail complimentary access to more than 25 premium airport lounges across a wide range of destinations including, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Kuwait, Egypt, Germany, etc.
  4. Dining Bonanza: Apart from exclusive cashback rewards, Dunia Finance Platinum Credit card member also get to enjoy free Zomato Gold Membership. This amazing dining reward helps card member enjoy 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at various restaurants using this Dunia Finance Credit Card.
  5. BOGO Bonanza: This credit card doesn’t only help card member to earn cash backs, but also helps ensure maximum savings with Buy 1 Get 1 offers. They get to enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 offers on a wide range of products and services throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card Offers (Updated on July 2019)

  • 5% cashback on all department store purchases
  • 1% unlimited cashback on purchases 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at over 21000 restaurants
  • 15% discount on car rental from Avis
  • 20% discounts on Careem rides
  • 30% discount on Cleartrip

Fees and Charges on Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card

Fees and Charges Details
Annual Membership Fee Free for life
Retail Interest 3.33%
Cash Advance Fee 3.15 percent of the amount of cash advance or AED 210 (whichever higher)
Over Limit Fee 325 dirhams
Late Payment Fee 230 dirhams
Card Replacement Fee 78.75 dirhams
Copy of Sale Voucher 26.25 dirhams (available only for previous 3 months)
Foreign Currency Transaction Fees 2.99%
Minimum Payment Due 5 percent of the statement balance including overdue amount or 100 dirhams (whichever higher)
No Liability Certificate 52.5 dirhams
Liability Letter 52.5 dirhams
Paper Statement Fee No charges in the agreed cycle
Fee for Cheque Issuance of Credit Balance 25 dirhams
E-statement No charges in the agreed cycle
Double Secure 1.04 percent of outstanding amount monthly

How to Redeem your Reward Points?

Redeeming Platinum Reward points is simple. Here is how card members can redeem their platinum reward points. Once card members are able to collect Dunia reward points on their Dunia Platinum Credit Card, they can: 

  1. Call up the 24-hour Dunia contact center on 04 42-38642 and select the offers of their interest, or
  2. They may send a request at customerservices[@]dunia[.]ae with their choice of the offer.

Additional Information/Documentation

Here is a list of documents that applicants need to have in order to get Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card:

  • Income documents/recent pay slips (Salaried individuals)
  • Passport copy
  • Residence visa (copy)
  • Emirates ID (copy)
  • Previous 3-6 months’ bank statement
  • Credit card copy
  • Recent credit card statement (copy)
  • Residence proof

How to Apply for Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card?

Applying for Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card is simple and hassle-free. The card seekers may simply visit the official website of Dunia finance and fill up the application form . However, finance experts’ advice that it is important to carefully compare the features and benefits of different credit cards before buying one. This helps to ensure that the intended credit card is a good fit or not depending upon the requisites, budget and needs of the card seeker.

But here’s the deal:

There are more than 200 credit cards in the UAE and almost all of them are loaded with a wide range of features and benefits for the card seekers making it difficult to pick the best from the lot.

This is where Policybazaar.ae comes to the rescue of the credit card applicant. The platform compares Dunia Finance Platinum Credit Card with other popular credit cards in the category to help the applicant make a well-informed decision.

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And that’s not all:

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