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Established in 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank has over 40 years of experience in faithfully serving UAE residents through its diverse line of credit cards. As the largest Islamic Banking organization in the UAE, Dubai Islamic Bank offers a fully Shariah-compliant range of cards and one of its most rewarding credit cards is DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card

This DIB credit card helps its card members to make the most of their each spending since it lets them earn up to 3% cash back on everyday purchases. This credit card is jointly owned by Dubai Islamic Bank and Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Loaded with exclusive features and benefits, this DIB credit card is ideal for day to day use.

Features & Benefits of DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card

Members of the Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card receive a variety of industry-leading features and benefits such as:

Balance Transfer

Cardholders can avail of the Dubai Islamic Bank balance transfer facility to move the outstanding balance of any other bank’s credit card onto the DIB Consumer Reward credit card. By doing so, cardholders can enjoy 0% profit rate for first few months, during which they can conveniently clear their outstanding debt.

Cash Withdrawals

Members of this DIB credit card may withdraw up to 80% of their available credit card limit. The funds can be accessed instantly as cash through any ATM in the world that accepts Visa, or directly transferred into the cardholder’s Dubai Islamic Bank card account via the DIB online portal.

Credit Shield Takaful

Every Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card comes with an optional insurance policy, known as the Credit Shield Takaful. Credit Shield Takaful offers cardholders indemnity from credit card payments in the event of total permanent disability, loss of employment or death of the cardholder.

Chip & Pin Security

The Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card is a Chip & Pin card. Chip & Pin cards contain microchips which are near impossible to duplicate. This prevents the Dubai Islamic Bank card from being misused or copied.

Roadside Assistance

Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card benefits also include 3 complimentary roadside assistance services per year, which cardholders can access by paying a one-time upgrade fee as specified by Dubai Islamic Bank.

24/7 Customer Support

As a Visa-based card, the Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card is accepted all over the world. As such, cardholders can connect to a Dubai Islamic Bank card customer care executive from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

Online Banking

Convenient, secure and highly intuitive is how the Dubai Islamic Bank card online portal may be described. The Dubai Islamic Bank online platform allows cardholders to perform traditional banking operations such as initiate fund transfers, make card payments and more from anywhere across the globe.

DIB Consumer Reward Card Rewards & Offers

This DIB credit card comes with the following rewards and offers:

Cash back

The Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card offers its card members cash back every month across nearly every category of purchase which includes groceries, refuelling, bill payments, NOI & salik recharges and more. With no minimum spend required, card members can use this credit card at participating merchants and earn cash back every time they spend on their DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card. Below is the cash back rate for DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card members:

Merchant Categories Cash back (in %) Maximum Monthly Cash back (in AED)
Fuel Spends 3 100
Supermarket & Hypermarket Purchases 3 300
Etisalat & Du Bill Payments 3 100
Automobile Servicing 3 300
Salik & NoI recharges 3 25
Utility Bill Payments 3 100

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card

The Dubai Islamic Bank Consumer Reward credit card eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Age Eligibility: 21+ years
  • Minimum Monthly Salary Requirement: AED 5,000

Fees & Charges on DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card

Check out the schedule of charges for DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card:

Fees and Charges Amount
Annual Membership Charges AED 157.50
Cash Advance Charges AED 94.50
Late Payment Charges AED 236.25
Card Replacement or Reissuance Charges AED 52.50
Duplicate Statement Charges AED 47.25
Sales Voucher Copy AED 26.25
Returned Cheque Fee AED 105
Outstation Cheque Processing Fee AED 52.50
Upgrade Charges AED 288.75
Credit Shield Takaful Charges 0.94%
International Usage Charges (Non AED) 2.26%
International Usage Charges (AED) 2.09%
Annual Membership Fee for Internet and Supplementary Cards Free
Payment Via DIB Cheque Free
Liability Letter Issuance AED 52.50
Profit Rate on Easy Payment Plan/Balance Transfer/ Cash on card A maximum of 3.15% per month

(Updated as of October 29, 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions on DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card

Q1: What is the minimum salary required for this Dubai Islamic Bank credit card?

Ans: The minimum monthly salary required for the DIB Consumer Reward Credit Card is AED 5,000.

Q2: Are cash back points transferable on any other credit card?

Ans: No, you cannot transfer the cash back points to any other credit card.

Q3: Will I get cash back points on foreign transactions as well?

Ans: No, you will get cash back points on local purchases only.

Q4: What are the cash advance charges?

Ans: The bank levies AED 94.50 as cash withdrawal/advance charges.

Q5: What are the charges on credit shield Takaful?

Ans: The bank levies 0.94% of the outstanding balance on Credit Shield Takaful.