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Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card Features & Benefits

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Published: 19 October 2019Last Updated On: 12 January 2021

Get Cashback up to AED 2000

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Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is one of the leading Islamic Banking Institutions across the United Arab Emirates & it offers top of the line Shariah compliant credit cards to its customers. By charging no interest on their credit cards and catering to a fully transparent system of fees & charges, DIB has earned the trust of countless people.

The Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card is amongst the most innovative credit card offered by the bank that is especially created to be used for online shopping. It doesn’t contain a magnetic strip & can’t be used for offline purchases. This credit card is linked to the Dubai Islamic Bank Primary AI Islami Infinite / Charge Card. But for extra security, it has assigned a different verification code as well as the account number. In this manner, this credit card enables you to do safe and secure online purchases.

Key Highlights of the Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card 

  • Zero annual membership fee
  • Minimal risk exposure
  • Exclusive card for online purchases

Main Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card Features

The Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card has advanced features that make this card popular in the UAE. Listed below are the main features of this card:

Linked Card

This Al Islami Internet Card offered by the Dubai Islamic Bank can easily be linked to any other primary DIB credit card and utilized for online transactions. You can’t use this card for transactions via POS (Point of Sale) machines & manual imprints at restaurants or retail stores because it does not contain a magnetic strip. In addition to this, you can’t also withdraw cash at ATMs using this DIB card.

Secure & Safe

The Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card does not contain a magnetic strip & it has completely different verification details from your primary DIB credit card. In this manner, it protects you from any sort of online fraudulent activity, retail transactions or cash withdrawals.

Reduced Risk

This Credit Card offers easy access up to 20 percent of the primary DIB credit card limit and every transaction made with this credit card is recorded separately in the primary card.  

As this card has a restricted credit limit and a different verification code & account number from your primary credit card, the rest of the credit limit is not at risk when you do online shopping. In addition to this, card details and name are printed instead of embedded on the card, ensuring that it can’t be used for transactions where imprinters are utilized to record purchases.

Common Billing

All transactions that have been made with the Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card are consolidated into the statement of the primary card. And payments can easily be made as per the primary card payment process.

Top Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card Benefits

The following are the key benefits of this Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card:

No Annual Fee

You can save a certain amount of money since this DIB credit card charge zero annual membership fees.

Monitor Your Online Spending

As this card will be linked to your primary card, all the transactions that you have made with the Internet card will appear separately. Thus, it provides you the convenience of monitoring your online transactions.

The Bottom Line

The Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Card is one of the best credit cards that make your online shopping experience safe and secure in the best possible manner. With zero annual fees and additional security, this credit card is indeed the right choice for making online transactions.