What is the Difference between Titanium & Platinum Credit Cards?

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When we hear titanium and platinum, we start thinking of shiny jewelry. Yes we know, it does sound like that, however, a titanium or platinum credit card has nothing in common with jewelry, not even with metal.

Titanium and platinum credit cards in UAE are not any financial or legal terms. These terms are in fact used for marketing credit cards depending upon the benefits they offer to the users. These offers may differ from one provider to another.

Earlier, only selected banks used to offer titanium credit cards. Moreover, only those customers, who were invited, were eligible for these cards. However, these days a lot of credit card providers offer such marketed cards that are full of additional benefits.

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These titanium and platinum credit cards are usually for loyal cardholders or for those people who charge a huge amount of funds to their cards.


Titanium and platinum credit cards are different from each other in terms of eligibility requirements for credit, fees and interest, benefits offered, and credit limit. Let us now discuss these factors in detail.

Credit Eligibility Criterion

The titanium and platinum credit cards usually have higher requirements for obtaining the card as compared to silver, gold, or standard cards. You may have to fulfill strict credit eligibility criteria for availing these cards which may include the following.

  1. Minimum monthly income
  2. Minimum and maximum age limit
  3. Spending a particular amount of money
  4. Employment duration

Now, a titanium credit card might have more such requirements as compared to a platinum card, depending upon the discretion of the bank.

For example, some titanium credit cards might be offered to only those customers who spend at least a particular amount every month apart from other requirements. While in case of platinum credit cards you only need to submit an application and have good credit.

Fees and Interest Rates

Interest rates on a credit card are determined usually by your credit Score and by the discretion of the bank or card provider. Both titanium and platinum cards tend to have lower rates of interest.  

Titanium credit cards generally come with additional benefits that include no late payment fees and no transaction charges. While such offers are not usually found on platinum credit cards.

However, both platinum and titanium credit cards charge annual fees for the benefits they offer. The annual membership charge on titanium credit cards is usually more than that on platinum credit cards

Higher Credit Limits

Almost all credit cards come with credit limits. Even the best credit cards have a credit limit. There is no exception when it comes to platinum credit cards in the UAE.

Whereas, titanium credit cards and other credit cards that are offered to consumers with higher income may sometimes have no credit limit. Even if these cards have a credit limit, then it may go up to hundreds and thousands of dirhams.

Benefits for the Credit Card Users

All the credit cards available in the UAE offer a variety of benefits. Hence, both titanium and platinum credit cards usually offer incentives such as frequent air miles, insurance programs, travel & lifestyle benefits, and cash back.

Card providers that have a high-value titanium credit card may at times offer more additional benefits like access to popular restaurants, events, and secret sales. Such benefits mostly come only with those titanium cards, which levy an annual membership charge from the users.

Which is Better: Gold, Platinum or Titanium Credit Card?

The Bottom Line!

A lot of luxury card users select the titanium or platinum card as it usually acts as a status symbol. While making an impression amongst friends or making payment for dinner at some business meeting, certain colors on a credit card are considered to instantly designate you as someone with a higher economic status.

Other than that, these cards are used by those who need those additional benefits on their cards as per their requirement. Although there is no denying that platinum and titanium credit cards are full of amazing features, but they cannot be called the best credit cards.

Reason being:

The word “best” for any credit card is subjected to your needs. Whichever suits your requirement as well as your budget the most becomes the best credit card for you.

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