Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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This Deem Finance Credit Card is full of various attractive offers and benefits that make the user’s life easier, convenient, and more entertaining. The offers on lounge access, car rentals, and Careem rides make traveling easier for the cardholder. The highlight of this credit card is the cash up points, which can be earned easily on making transactions using the card. 

Benefits and Features of Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Listed below are the top benefits and features of this Titanium credit card.Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Lounge Access

The cardholder can travel with convenience with the benefit of free access to more than ten airport lounges in the Levant and the Middle East.

Double Secure

The Double Secure insurance benefit by Deem covers the outstanding amount of the credit card. Moreover, it also provides the nominee of the cardholder with an equivalent.

Car Rentals

The cardholder can enjoy a discount of 15 percent on car rentals with Avis throughout the globe.

Careem Rides

Deem Bank offers a discount of up to 20 percent on three Careem rides every month.

Easy Payment Plan

On spending 500 dirhams or more using this Deem card, the cardholders can make repayments in simple installments at economical rates of interest. The repayment tenure ranges from 3 to 24 months.

Supplementary Cards

Deem Bank allows the cardholders to extend the privileges and benefits offered by their Deem cards to their family through supplementary credit cards.

Balance Transfer

The cardholders can also transfer their outstanding balance from other bank to their Deem accounts at an economical fee.

Rewards and Offers on Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Listed below are the top rewards and offers of this Titanium credit card.

Cash Up

On this Deem credit card, the cardholder can earn cash up on the transactions they make. They can earn cash back in the form of a credit on their statements with the cash up points. The payment for their next purchases can be made at different establishments through this cashback. Here is the cashback they earn according to different categories.

  • A maximum of three percent at grocery stores and supermarkets
  • A maximum of three percent on government services expenditure and payment of utility bills
  • A maximum of three percent on fuel at the gas stations
  • A maximum of 0.5 percent on other retail transactions

Gift Vouchers

Using the cash up points, the cardholder can purchase gift vouchers from Ferrari World, Mall of Emirates,, Ski Dubai, Nine West, Toy Store, and more.

Offers App

The card member can enjoy more than 220 discounts and deals on entertainment experiences, tourist attractions, amusement parks, and casual dining with the Offers App on their smartphones. Both primary, as well as supplementary cardholders, can avail of these deals.

BOGO Offers

Using the MasterCard Buy One Get One App, the card member can enjoy more than 900 BOGO offers at over 90 destinations and over 600 merchants.

Eligibility Criteria and Charges for Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Here is the Deem Finance Credit Card eligibility requirement.

Minimum Income Requirement: 5,000 dirhams per month

Fee & Charges

The table below contains the different fees and charges of this card.

Fee and Charges

Details (in AED)*

Annual Fees

200 (1st year free)**

Retail Interest Rate


Over-limit Charges


Late Payment Charges


International Transaction Charges

3.139 percent

(Updated on November 7, 2019)

*All the charges are inclusive of VAT.

**If the yearly spend on this card is 12,000 dirhams or more, the cardholder can continue saving on this fee.

FAQs Deem Mastercard Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

Q.1. What is the cash up offer on this Titanium card?

Ans: The cash up rewards on this credit card let you earn cash up at a fast rate on the below-mentioned spending categories.

  • Payment of utility bills and expenditure at government services
  • Fuel bought at gas stations
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets

The cashback is earned individually on every transaction. With every transaction made on the categories mentioned above using the Deem Credit Card, you will get cash up depending upon the category it belongs to and the purchase value made on the card.

Q.2. How do I know the amount of cash up I have earned?

Ans: The amount of cashback or cash up you have earned gets reflected on the credit card statement each month. A cash up point is equal to 1 dirham, & the bank hasn’t determined any minimum spending criteria for earning cash up.

Q.3. Is the cash up available on the supplementary card too?

Ans: Yes, the transactions made on the supplementary card as well as the virtual card would be eligible for cash up and would appear on your primary credit card account.

Q.4. Is there any transaction, which is not eligible for getting a cash up?

Ans: Here is a list of transactions that are not available for cash up on this Deem Finance Credit Card.

  1. Cash through phone
  2. Interest charges
  3. Cash advances
  4. Balance transfers
  5. Commissions and fees
  6. Merchant refunds
  7. Credit card payment
  8. Quasi Cash Transactions

Q.5. What is Double Secure Protection?

Ans: The complimentary insurance facility of Double Secure does not just offer coverage for the outstanding amount on the credit card but also provides the nominee with an equivalent amount.