Deem Mastercard Platinum Cash Up Credit Card

Deem Finance Platinum Card allows the cardholder to live their best life with substantial savings on the expenditure they make on entertainment and shopping. The huge range of features available on this Deem Finance Credit Card including shopping, dining, travel, entertainment, and much more, making it attractive for the users.

Benefits and Features of Deem Mastercard Platinum Cash Up Credit Card

Here is the rundown on the main benefits and features of this Platinum credit card.

Lounge Access

The cardholder can travel with convenience with the benefit of free access to more than 25 airport lounges in the Levant and the Middle East.

Car Rentals

The cardholder can enjoy a discount of 15 percent on car rentals with Avis throughout the globe.

Double Secure

The Double Secure insurance benefit on this Deem Finance Credit Card covers the outstanding amount of the credit card. Moreover, it also provides the nominee of the cardholder with an equivalent.

Careem Rides

Deem Bank offers a discount of up to 20 percent on three Careem rides every month.

Valet Parking

The cardholder can enjoy up to four free Valtrans valet parking facility in one month at famous dining hotspots and shopping malls throughout the UAE and at the Dubai airports.

Purchase Protection

In case of accidental damages or theft, the bank provides coverage for a maximum of 180 days from the purchase date through the facility of Purchase Protection.

Cleartrip Discount

The bank offers a maximum discount of 30 percent on international flights, roundtrip, or hotel bookings with Cleartrip.

Easy Payment Plans

If the cardholders spend 500 dirhams and above using their credit card, they get to enjoy flexible repayment option including simple installments. The tenure for the installment can be 3 months (minimum) up to 24 months (maximum).

Supplementary Credit Cards

The family of the cardholder can enjoy the benefits and privileges offered on this free for life credit card through supplementary cards.

Balance Transfer

The card members have the option to transfer their outstanding credit card balance from other banks to Deem Bank at a low fee.

Other MasterCard Benefits

The card member also gets to enjoy various other MasterCard benefits on this Deem Credit Card.

Rewards and Offers on Deem Mastercard Platinum Cash Up Credit Card

Here is the rundown on the main rewards and offers of this Platinum credit card.

Offers App

The card member can enjoy more than 390 discounts and deals on entertainment experiences, tourist attractions, amusement parks, and casual dining with the Offers App on their smartphones. Both primary, as well as supplementary cardholders, can avail of these deals.


Cash Up

On this Deem credit card, the cardholder can earn cash up on the transactions they make. They can earn cash back in the form of a credit on their statements with the cash up points. The payment for their next purchases can be made at different establishments through this cashback. Here is the cashback they earn according to different categories.

  • A maximum of ten percent on shopping at a departmental store and other fashion outlets
  • A maximum of five percent on online shopping
  • A maximum of five percent on entertainment such as entertainment zones for kids, concerts, plays, tourist attractions, musical shows, and operas
  • A maximum of one percent on other retail transactions

Redeeming the Cash Up Points

The cash up earned can be redeemed for a wide range of options such as for obtaining cashback credit on the card statement, making payment for the next purchase, or for purchasing gift vouchers.

BOGO Offers

The cardholders can enjoy more than 900 offers at around 90 destinations with above 600 merchants through the MasterCard Buy one Get one mobile app.

Eligibility Criteria and Charges for Deem Mastercard Platinum Cash Up Credit Card

Here is the Deem Finance Credit Card eligibility requirement.

Minimum Income Requirement: 10,000 dirhams per month

Fee & Charges

The table below contains the different fees and charges of this card.

Fee and Charges

Details (in AED)*

Annual Fees

Free for Life

Retail Interest Rate

3.33 percent

Over-limit Charges


Late Payment Charges


International Transaction Charges

3.139 percent

(Updated on November 27, 2019)

*All the charges are inclusive of VAT.


Q.1. What is the cash up offer on this Platinum card?

Ans: The cash up rewards on this credit card let you earn cash up at a fast rate on the below-mentioned spending categories.

  • Shopping at departmental stores and various fashion outlets
  • Online shopping
  • Entertainment such as entertainment zones for kids, concerts, plays, tourist attractions, musical shows, and operas

The cashback is earned individually on every transaction. With every transaction made on the categories mentioned above using the Deem Finance Credit Card, you will get cash up depending upon the category it belongs to and the purchase value made on the card.

Q.2. What is the minimum spend required to be eligible to earn cash up?

Ans: The minimum retail spends in a month should be 1,500 dirhams to be eligible to earn the Cash Up points. All the transactions are added up at the billing cycle. If the total retail spends are 1,500 dirhams or above, then the earn rate, as determined by the bank, will be applied.

For expenditure on government services, utility bills, fuel, and other related services, the earn rate is 0.50 percent. The earn rate is applicable no matter the transaction has been made overseas or within the UAE.

Q.3. How can I redeem the Cash Up points I have earned?

Ans: The redemption of the Cash Up points can be done using the mobile application of Deem or their online portal.

Q.4. How do I know the amount of cash up I have earned?

Ans: The amount of cashback or cash up you have earned gets reflected on the credit card statement each month. A cash up point is equal to 1 dirham, & the bank hasn’t determined any minimum spending criteria for earning cash up.

Q.5. For requesting the redemption, do I need to have a minimum amount of Cash Up points?

Ans: Yes, you should have a minimum of 100 Cash up points for redeeming these points accumulated on your card.

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