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Finding the right home to rent might be an overwhelming task for many UAE residents. However, house hunting in this country does not simply end with you finding the ideal property. Instead, you also need to fulfil a few crucial criteria beforehand. One such parameter is to meet the credit score to rent an apartment.

That said, when you finalise a property, your landlord may ask you to furnish your credit score. This will help him/her determine your capacity to pay rent on time. Therefore, having a healthy credit score might help you get the apartment of your dreams.

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Crucial Things Needed to Rent an Apartment in UAE

Besides the credit score for renting, property owners consider various other factors before renting out their properties. Some of those are:


Your employment status is a good indication of your rent payment capacity. A rule of thumb that most landlords follow is to multiply the rent of the apartment by 40. If the result does not exceed the tenant's monthly income, he/she will be able to pay rent on time. You must submit your monthly pay slips to prove your employment status. 

Criminal Records

Some property owners might also request you to furnish a certificate of good conduct. This will help them ensure that you are of sound character and have not committed any crime in the past. Thus, collect this certificate from the respective police department before starting your apartment hunt.

Screening Report of the Tenant

Some landlords submit the rent payment report of tenants to the credit reporting bureaus. To do this, they use tenant screening reports that include the background information of a tenant’s rent payment history, unpaid rents, former evictions, broken leases and other details.

Personal Identification Documents

Landlords also ask for your personal identification documents. This should include your personal data, such as name, age, current and previous addresses and contact number.

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Minimum Credit Score to Rent an Apartment in UAE

No specific credit score is needed to rent a house or apartment in the UAE. Moreover, the criteria for approval depends on various other factors, such as the location, property condition, landlord and more.

However, assessing your credit score before proceeding with house hunting can help you segregate properties that match your description. Moreover, a healthy credit score of 580 – 800 can help you get the property you desire at reasonable terms.

Things to Consider When Renting an Apartment with a Bad Credit Score

As mentioned above, the credit score to rent a house is one of the crucial factors many landlords in the UAE consider. However, if you have a bad credit score, you can consider the following things:

Improve Your Credit Score

If you are not in a rush to get an apartment, consider improving your credit score over the coming months. There are many ways through which you can attain a healthy credit score. Some of them include paying bills on time, paying off credit card dues and not applying for multiple loans at once

Seek a Co-signer

You can ask a family member or a friend with a good credit score to co-sign the rent agreement or lease. This can help you secure an apartment even with a bad credit score. By following this step, you make your co-signer liable to pay the rent if you fail to do so. Thus, ensure to discuss the aftermath of such a situation.

Pay a Substantial Security Deposit

Some landlords consider renting out their apartment to a tenant with a poor credit score if he/she agrees to pay a larger security deposit. Thus, paying the rent for the following months in advance can ease up the landlord’s concerns, which will help you get an ideal property to stay in.

Ask for a Shorter Lease

A shorter lease means that you are taking up the apartment for a shorter period. Moreover, if you can include the condition that you will vacate the property if you cannot pay the rent, that can also work in your favour. This factor makes most landlords willing to rent their apartments to individuals with poor credit scores.

Add a Roommate

You can also consider finding a roommate with a good credit score. This way, you can ask your landlord to check the credit score of your roommate first. This will make it easier for you to find a property as you do not need to meet the requirements of credit score to rent an apartment in UAE.

Renting an apartment requires thorough research and cannot be done in one day. To make the process hassle-free and seamless, consider meeting the parameters regarding credit score to rent an apartment in UAE.

Why do landlords check credit scores before renting out in the UAE?

Landlords in the UAE check the credit score of individuals to ensure that they do not default on rent payments.

Is a criminal background check necessary while renting a property in the UAE?

No, this is not a necessary clause. However, most landlords follow this to ensure the sound behaviour of their tenants.

Is a credit score of 600 good enough to rent an apartment in the UAE?

A credit score of 600 is considered to be fair in UAE. Thus, you might be able to rent a good property in the country with such a score.

What are the income proof documents I need to submit?

You can submit your latest pay slips or a signed contract with your employer stating your income to prove your employment status.

What credit score is needed to rent an apartment?

There is no such norm about the minimum credit score needed to rent an apartment. However, usually, any score above 650 is considered to be a good one.

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