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Analysing your credit score is a crucial step in the process of obtaining a credit facility or product in the UAE. A similar case is there for banks and finance houses, which also check credit scores of the applicants before they approve applications for credit facilities. Checking your credit score by yourself and finding whether it is good will not only help you prepare a roadmap to get an excellent credit score but also facilitate the process of finding suitable credit facilities for your customer profile. 

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We will discuss a 735 credit score in this piece covering several important related questions - Is 735 a good credit score? Which credit facilities can be obtained with it? What can you do to get a 735 credit score? 

Let’s start by analysing this credit score. 

Is 735 a Good Credit Score?

Here is how credit scores are divided into categories in the UAE:

Credit Score (Range)


Star Equivalent


Very low












Very High


A 735 credit score falls into the “high” category of credit scores as per the guidelines published by the AECB. 4 stars are awarded to a 735 credit score, denoting that it is an excellent credit score to have in the emirates. Having a credit score of 735 would generally lead to easy approvals for all your credit facility applications, be it credit cards or loan products. 

Banks see candidates having a credit score of 735 as highly creditworthy, hence even approving their preferred terms for the credit products they require. While you can work to move upward to a better credit score (the ‘very high’ category), having a credit score of 735 is sufficient to cover all the bases related to the preferred level of credibility by the banks. 

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What Can You Get with a 735 Credit Score?

Getting any type of credit facility or product should not be a problem for someone who has a 735 credit score. Let’s figure out how exactly your having a credit score of 735 can help you with different kinds of credit facilities in the UAE:

  1. credit card with 735 Credit Score: Having a credit score of 735 can help you get any credit card you desire and qualify for in the UAE. Keep in mind that almost all credit cards come with individual eligibility criteria. If you clear the said criteria for any given credit card, you can easily get it with a 735 credit score. This includes special benefits and premium credit cards as well.  
  2. Personal Loans with 735 Credit Score: Personal loans are highly flexible, both in terms of their usage and loan conditions. The interest rates for these loans can be negotiated by the borrower as per their customer profile. Having a credit score of 735 can help you properly negotiate your personal loan interest rates and get a lower rate for your loan. 
  3. Mortgage Loans with 735 Credit Score: Having a good credit score is vital if you plan to get home loans in the UAE. While approval for loan products like personal loans is not subject to credit scores generally, approval for home loans is highly influenced by your credit score. Having a credit score of 735 can help you get easy approvals, low interest rates, and high loan amounts for your mortgage loan products. 
  4. Auto Loans with 735 Credit Score: Similar to personal loans, auto loan approvals are generally not affected that much by credit score. Nevertheless, a high credit score like 735 can help you achieve some of the lowest interest rates available for the loan. Good credibility works wonders when loan interest rates are concerned. 
  5. Insurance and 735 Credit Score: Your insurance premium calculations are influenced by credit scores to an extent. Insurance providers tend to offer lower premium rates to candidates with high credibility, as they are less likely to default on the payment across the tenure of the plan. 

How to Get a 735 Credit Score?

Having a credit score of 735, as we just saw, is highly beneficial for all your banking and finance-related activities in the UAE. However, if your score is lower, you can still get a high credit score like 735 by following a few simple tips:

  1. Prompt Bill Payments: Bill payments are among the most influential factors with respect to your credit score in the UAE. This makes it essential to stay on top of all your bill payments, whether it is a monthly electricity bill or a monthly loan payment. You should avoid late payments or defaulted payments at all costs, as any accumulated debt here will hamper your journey to get a 735 credit score. 
  2. Credit Limit Utilisation: While most credit cards come with high credit limits, their utilisation must be limited to a maximum of 30% of your credit limit. While using a bigger chunk of your credit limit occasionally is acceptable, it is best not to make a habit out of it. Additionally, not using your credit cards or using too little of the maximum credit limit is also detrimental to your credit score. The recommended credit limit utilisation percentage ranges between 10% to 30% of the total credit limit. 
  3. Diverse Credit Portfolio: Credit facilities are broadly divided into two categories – revolving credit and instalment credit. Credit cards make for one such example of revolving credit, while loans are an example of instalment credit. It is advisable to include both types of credit facilities for credit score improvement to a great extent. Having both types of credit facilities will represent you as a skilled financial planner who can handle all different credit products efficiently. 
  4. Consistent Performance: The final steps in the process of obtaining a 735 credit score are consistency and patience. Credit scores do not change overnight, with any significant changes in your credit score generally taking up to a few days or weeks to get reflected. Hence, the key to bringing a substantial change in your current credit score is staying consistent with the aforementioned practices. 

Free Credit Score Check with Policybazaar.ae

You can now run a free credit score check with Policybazaar.ae when you set out to apply for personal loans or credit cards with us. For this, you can simply fill out the lead form of the credit product you wish to get. Once you submit it, you will the most relevant quotes for your choice of credit product along with your credit score. The scores are obtained directly from the AECB although the fee for the verification is borne by us.

Key Takeaways

  • A 735 credit score is a 4-star credit score categorised as a “high” credit score in the UAE. 
  • Candidates having a credit score of 735 can easily get any credit services they desire as long as they qualify for them with respect to the other eligibility criteria. 
  • You can check your authentic AECB credit scores for free when you apply for personal loans or credit cards with us. 
  • Getting and maintaining a 735 credit score only requires you to make timely payments, use credit facilities wisely and maintain a diverse credit portfolio for a prolonged period.

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