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Credit score, calculated by the Al Etihad Credit Bureau, has a range between 300 and 900. This score is of significant importance in the UAE, as it is considered by banks and financial institutions when an individual or a company applies for a new loan or credit card.

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731 Credit Score – An Overview

Credit Score (Range)


Star Equivalent


Very low












Very High


As one can observe from the table, a credit score of 731 is a ‘high’ credit score in the UAE. With an excellent financial record demonstrated by such a score, you can easily receive approval for your loan and credit card applications. Financial institutions recognise you as a capable borrower and accept your loans and credit card requests instantly. That’s not all – you can even get lower rates of interest on your loans and credit cards with such scores. 

How to Get a 731 Credit Score?

As clear now from the previous discussion, having a credit score of 731 is highly beneficial if you plan to avail yourself of financial services or products in the UAE. However, in case you have a low or medium credit score, you will find it difficult to do the same. 

With credit scores being dynamic in nature, you can easily improve your score and take it even beyond 731 to enjoy the perks of high credit scores with respect to credit cards, loans, and more.

Keep the following points in mind to improve your credit score in the UAE - 

Pay All Bills Promptly: 

Bill payment is one of the major aspects taken into consideration when assessing credit score. Thus, whether it is a credit card bill or any utility bill, one must always pay off the amount before the due date to improve their credit score.  

Restrict the Number of Loan and Credit Card Applications:

 If you continuously send applications for loans and credit cards without any gap, it makes a negative impact on the financial institution. Thus, if your application for any of the mentioned products is rejected, you should first check your credit score and make the necessary improvements before applying later. 

Ensure Timely Debt Repayment:

 If you have taken a loan, it is crucial that you maintain a good history of paying your monthly instalments on time. Banks determine your credit card payment history based on your payments of up to the past five years.  

Avoid Checking Credit Score Frequently:

 It is a myth that frequent credit score checking does not affect your credit score. Checking your credit score multiple times within a short span can have a large impact on your credit score. Thus, it is advisable to check your credit score only once in a while. 

Properly Use Your Credit Card: 

Financial institutions recommend making the most of credit cards. Thus, if you have a credit card, you could use it regularly for regular bill payments or even large purchases like flight or hotel bookings.

At the same time, it is highly important to note that maxing out on your credit limit quickly leads to credit score reduction, as it highlights that you are unable to keep your spending within healthy limits. Thus, while you should not let your credit card stay unused for long, you should also avoid excessive spending with it to have your credit score improve. 

What a 731 Credit Score Can Get You? 

With a credit score of 731, you can expect the following scenario with respect to credit cards, loans, and others: 

Credit Cards for 731 Credit Score

With a credit score of 731, individuals have a wide range of options to choose from. If they fulfil the other eligibility requirements, they can expect easy approvals with respect to credit cards as well as a higher credit limit.  

Personal Loan for 731 Credit Score

Financial institutions tend to accept your personal loan applications easily if you possess a credit score of 731. Moreover, the interest rate on your loan could also be reduced in such cases. The latter part is of utmost importance considering the high interest rates of personal loans. Individuals with a 731 credit, thus, can get these loans at affordable rates.  

Homes Loans for 731 Credit Score

As mortgage loan amounts are higher, financial institutions prefer to provide loans to individuals with a higher credit score. With a 731 credit score for a home loan being considered among the excellent scores for the same, however, one can easily secure a home loan in UAE without many obstacles. 

Auto Loans for 731 Credit Score 

If you wish to obtain a loan for your vehicle, it is essential to have a ‘high’ or ‘very high’ credit score. A 731 credit score, falling in the ‘high’ credit score category, can easily help you get a car loan. 

Insurance Plans with a 731 Credit Score

While credit scores don’t impact the approval of insurance plans as much compared to loans and credit scores, they still affect the premiums. With a 731 score, one can expect low premiums on their plans.

How to Check Your Credit Score for Free? 

One can visit the official website of the AECB and check their credit score, although a fee would apply in such cases. With Policybazaar UAE, however, you can find out your credit score for free! Policybazaar.ae directly obtains the credit score from the AECB and provides it to the user. However, as the fee is borne by us, you will be able to check your score for free.

Checking your credit score for free in UAE from our website is fairly easy. You can visit policybazaar.ae and hit the ‘credit card’ drop-down menu available on the home page. You can then select the ‘credit score’ option and visit the page. You can then submit all the required information in the form present on the page to access your score for free.

Key Takeaways

Maintaining a high credit score is always recommended to avoid any hassles during the approval process of your loan or credit card applications. A 731 credit score is among the most excellent credit scores an individual can have in the UAE. In case your credit score is not good, you can still improve it by repaying all your credit dues and loan instalments on time and being responsible with your finances in general.

You can reach out to us and check your credit score for free. You can also connect with us if you need any assistance concerning your credit scores.

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