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To check the creditworthiness of an applicant (whether for a new loan or credit card), financial institutions often make use of their credit scores. Credit scores, ranging from 300 to 900, are calculated by the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) which produces credit reports as well for all the companies and individuals in the UAE. 

A credit score of 722, lying near the upper extreme of the credit score range, is considered a ‘high’ credit score in the UAE. Such a credit score proves beneficial when you apply for a financial product or service. 

To find out how helpful a 722 credit score is for buying loans and credit cards and other associated factors, continue reading below. 

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722 Credit Score – An Overview

The following table depicts the categorisation of credit scores in the UAE:

Credit Score (Range)


Star Equivalent


Very low












Very High


As evident from the table, a credit score of 722 is considered a ‘high’ credit score in the UAE. If you have a credit score of 722, banks and financial institutions not only accept your applications instantly but offer better terms and rates as well (provided you qualify for other eligibility requirements). 

How to Get a 722 Credit Score? 

If you have a 722 credit score, it means that you have managed your debts, credit dues, and general finances aptly over time. Having such a credit score can be beneficial for you when you apply for a new financial product in the country. 

Thus, if you wish to avail yourself of the benefits enjoyed by individuals with a 722 credit score, you can aim to enhance your credit score.

Refer to the following points to find out how you can do the same - 

Timely Payment of Bills:

It is crucial to pay all your utility bills on time at the end of each billing cycle. If you make any delays and pay your bills after the due date repeatedly, your credit score will eventually fall. 

It must be noted that the AECB verifies your credit card bill payments of up to the previous five years, meaning that you will need to be punctual with your payments for a considerable time to get a high credit score. 

Restrict Sending Multiple Credit Card and Loan Applications:

It is highly recommended to limit your applications for loans or credit cards, as sending multiple applications at a time can be detrimental to your score. 

If your application is rejected for the first time, you should avoid re-applying immediately. You can instead wait, improve your credit score, and apply again. This holds true even if there is an emergency, as multiple applications can easily bring down your credit score.

Use Credit Cards Appropriately:

It is essential to use your credit card correctly and avoid spending beyond the specific credit limit. Your credit card performance is analysed on the basis of credit card usage. Thus, you can easily increase the score if you appropriately use your card.

Avoid Checking Credit Score Often:

Contrary to popular opinion, frequently checking your credit score can negatively impact your credit score. Consequently, to ensure that you are aware of the changes in your credit score without bringing your credit score down, you should check your score only occasionally

What a 722 Credit Score Can Get You?

The following points discuss your status as an applicant for loans, credit cards, and more with a 722 credit card -  

Credit Cards for 722 Credit Score

Individuals with a credit score of 722 have a plethora of options available for credit cards. As they have an excellent credit score, they will be eligible to apply for most credit cards if they fulfil the other requirements. 

Personal Loan for 722 Credit Score

Financial institutions in the UAE easily offer personal loans to those having a 722 credit score. Additionally, such individuals are generally charged with a lower rate of interest on their loans.  

Homes Loans for 722 Credit Score

Mortgage loan applications are generally accepted by all loan providers if the applicant has a credit score of 722. As home loan amounts are massive, the importance of credit score is especially emphasised here, which proves beneficial for individuals with a 722 credit score. 

Auto Loans for 722 Credit Score 

With such a good credit score, you can easily opt for a car loan without any trouble. Besides easy approvals, you can also secure your car loan at lower interest rates with such a credit score. 

Insurance Plans with a 722 Credit Score

Insurance premiums, while not to the extent of loans or credit cards, still depend on the credit score of an individual. With a credit score as high as 722, however, one can expect a lower premium for their insurance plan. 

How to Check Credit Score in UAE for Free

As discussed already, the al etihad credit bureau releases credit scores for all the individuals and companies in the UAE. However, the bureau charges a fee whenever you want to check your credit score. 

With policybazaar.ae, however, you can easily check your credit score for free. When you apply for a credit card or loan from our website, you will get to check your credit score for free, with the fee charged for the verification being borne by us. 

You can visit policybazaar.ae and locate the drop-down menu ‘credit card’, under which you will be able to find the ‘credit score’ option. Once you are on the page, you can provide a few details like your contact number, nationality, and more and follow the procedures displayed on the screen. This will generate your credit score and have it shown for your reference on your screen.


Having a 722 credit score in the UAE can be quite useful in terms of getting approval for loans and credit card applications. With such a high credit score, financial institutions not only accept your application but charge a lower interest rate as well. 

In case your credit score is below 722, you can easily improve on it by regularly paying your dues and instalments on time and handling your finances properly. You can also limit your number of applications for a loan or credit card at a time to protect your score from going down. 

If you wish to check your credit score for free, you can reach out to policybazaar.ae and do the same easily. Apart from this, if you have any queries related to credit score, you can also get in touch with one of our professionals.

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