Credit Cards Reviews & Rating

Just superbCredit Cards

Even more than 10/10 to It was just WOW getting all credit cards on fingertips and the application as well

Best credit card site!Credit Cards

Been to couple of sites but is truly the best place to get credit cards. It's almost like you don't have to do anything major and yet get epic options and at what good low rates too

Best for shopping freaksCredit Cards

As an avid online shopper, I was thrilled to discover's credit card section. It has truly great cards for shoppers, and has so many credit cards at pretty low interest rates.

Thanks for making credit card shopping so easyCredit Cards

Have always found shopping for a credit card hard. however made it a breeze! With the site's detailed information on each card rates, rewards, fees, I could easily make an informed choice.

One-stop shop in the truest senseCredit Cards

What I loved about is that it's truly a one-stop-shop for all my credit card needs. Whether I want to compare and get different cards or read up on a particular one, I can do everything on the site!!

Hassle-free credit card application process!Credit Cards

100% recommending Policybazaar UAE to everyone! Amazing collection of credit cards with 24/7 customer service! Good going team!

Satisfied with Ajman Bank Credit Card Rewards!Credit Cards

I recently purchased an Ajman Bank Credit card in the UAE and I am incredibly satisfied with the benefits that I have earned so far. I feel like I am managing my finances much better with the card's budgeting and tracking features. Additionally, I am enjoying exclusive rewards, discounts and cashback offers from a wide range of merchants, which is a great incentive. I am also able to take advantage of the no interest payment plan, making it convenient and affordable to shop

HSBC Zero Credit Card Helped Me Save a Lot of MoneyCredit Cards

I recently purchased an HSBC Zero credit card in the UAE. I am pleasantly surprised by the benefits I have earned. The card offers 0% interest on balance transfers, cash advances and purchases, which saves me a lot of money. I also get complimentary air miles and reward points whenever I use the card. Thanks to the card, I can now shop without any worries of interest rates or late payment fees. Overall, the card has been a great choice for me.

Saved a Lot of Money with Balance Transfer Credit Card!Credit Cards

I recently purchased a balance transfer credit card in the UAE. The benefits have been numerous. My balance transfer interest rate is 0% for up to 12 months, which is saving me a lot of money. I have also been able to take advantage of cashback offers, reward points and exclusive discounts. The credit card also offers me free access to a range of airport lounges and travel insurance. Overall, I'm very pleased with the balance transfer credit card I purchased and the benefits it has provided me.

Got Discount on Movie Tickets!Credit Cards

The cinema offers credit card in the UAE has been extremely beneficial for me. I get access to exclusive discounts on movie tickets and food items. I also get amazing reward points and cash back offers for each purchase I make. The best part is that the card has no joining or annual fees. I'm also given priority access to special screenings and events. All in all, the cinema offers credit card has been a great way to save money and enjoy movie-going experiences.