Secret Hacks to Maximize Your Credit Card Points by Pooling

The UAE is leading the way in credit card point pooling, a revolutionary concept that is transforming how you can use and manage your credit cards. By pooling points from multiple cards into one account, you can benefit from increased points and rewards, which result in a better chance of reaching your desired redemption levels faster. 

This innovative system allows you to save time and money, making it easier than ever to make the most of your credit card points. 

This method of making the most of your credit card reward points comes from the fact that it is complicated to carry several credit cards at once. When you combine your credit card reward points, your redemption rate increases on travel reservations and you might also be able to redeem cashback points of the same value. 

Why You Should Consider Pooling Your Credit Card Reward Points?

It is usually not possible to spend the remaining points (after what you redeemed) on your credit card. Moving these reward points to another credit card, however, can help you increase your point balance, making it easy for you to redeem the points again. 

With credit card points pooling, you can keep your reward points active - this is ideal in a situation where you are planning to close your credit card. Instead of losing the remaining points, you can move them to another credit card. Credit card points consolidation makes it easier to manage them compared to having several types of points on different credit cards.

Furthermore, when you combine your credit card reward points, you can change the purpose of your points. For instance, when you consolidate your rewards into your cashback credit card, you can convert these rewards into points that you can claim when making travel reservations or dining reservations. 

Note - You can combine your points into a common loyalty programme. However, you cannot transfer or combine the reward points if you do not have credit card points from the same bank that has issued the credit card. 

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Points to Consider When Pooling Your Credit Card Reward Points

Here are some points to keep in mind before pooling credit card reward points - 

  • Does your bank or credit card provider allow you to pool or transfer points?
  • Are there any costs related to pooling your credit card points?
  • Can you combine your points with other people like your family?
  • Can you create a cost-effective strategy with whatever points you have got?

How to Pool Your Credit Card Reward Points?

Here’s how you can transfer your remaining credit card points to another card - 

  • Log into the account from which you want to transfer points.
  • Click on the reward card and choose the rewards balance. 
  • If you opt for redeeming these rewards, a separate tab will open. From this tab, you can transfer your rewards. This will navigate you to a new window displaying the “Earn or Use” option. 
  • In this window, you can figure out what all options are available for you to combine the reward points and make a suitable choice. 
  • Mention the number of points you want to transfer.
  • Review the details and process the transfer. 

Note - Besides credit card points, you can also transfer airline miles and hotel rewards based on the airline and the hotel linked to the credit card provider.

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No matter how you choose to combine your points, credit card points pooling can certainly help you maximise your reward points.