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Reading and understanding your credit card statements is an essential part of properly managing your credit card in UAE. Credit card statements help you keep track of your transactions, spot frauds, and maintain transparency without any additional effort.

This piece will discuss the different online and offline methods you can use to get your Mashreq Bank credit card statement, key terms to view and understand, and all the important sections. Let’s start by exploring the key terminology for Mashreq Bank credit card statements. 

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Sections of Understand Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement

Your Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement can be divided into a few sections which make it easier for cardholders to read and understand the credit card statement. Each section offers insights into different aspects related to your credit card like transactions, the account, rewards, etc.

Account Information

You will generally find this section at the beginning of your Mashreq Credit Card Statement. It mentions: 

  • Account Number: Which could be written completely or discretely with only the last four digits visible
  • Personal Info: Your details like your phone number, name on the card, email address, and others will be included here  
  • Residential Address of the Cardholder
  • Billing Cycle Dates of the Card

Account Summary

The account summary section will offer a quick review of the billing cycle that just ended. You will be able to find: 

  • Previous Balance: Not of the billing cycle in consideration but the previous one 
  • Payments Made & Credit Received: The term ‘payments’ simply indicates the transactions you made while credits are the transactions that got refunded or any cashback from the merchant 
  • Additional Fees or Charges: Cash advance fee, balance transfer fee, and so on 
  • Overall Balance: The balance that you need to repay for the billing cycle
  • The due date for this billing cycle 


You can find a detailed description of each transaction made using your credit card in the billing cycle here. 

  • Transaction Dates: The dates on which your credit card was used  
  • Category of the Merchant: Consists of categorical terms such as grocery/supermarket, travel, retail, and more. 
  • The amount spent on each transaction 
  • Name of the Merchant/Vendor
  • Information for Easy Monthly Payment Plan, if any

Reward Information 

  • Rewards for the Current Cycle
  • Previous Reward Balance 
  • Rewards Balance Currently Available for Redemption 
  • Rewards Redeemed Previously

Payment and Credit Information

  • Minimum Due Balance
  • Total Balance Due
  • Paid Interest & Fees 
  • Available Credit Limit

Additional Charges – Interests and More

  • APR on Purchases
  • Cash Advance Interest 
  • Balance Transfers Interest and/or Fee

Fine Print of the Account 

  • Contact Details of the Bank
  • Explanations for Types of Interest Rates

How to Check Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement Online?

Via Mashreq Bank Net Banking

  • Find the official net banking page of Mashreq Bank (also known as MashreqOnline). 
  • Use your customer ID and password to log into your net banking account. 
  • Head to the main menu and click on the credit card section. 
  • Choose a Mashreq credit card from the available list and scroll down to locate the ‘e-statement’ tab. 
  • Click on the download button here and get your Mashreq Bank credit card statement. 
  • You can download up to 6 months old credit card statements from your net banking account. 

Via Mashreq Bank Application 

  • Download Mashreq Mobile, the Mashreq Bank mobile application.
  • Go to the main menu of your account and open the credit card section. 
  • Choose a credit card from the list if you have multiple cards with Mashreq. 
  • Download your Mashreq credit card statement using the download button. 
  • You can also view your other previous Mashreq Bank statements using the Mashreq Mobile app. 

Via Email

Contact Mashreq Bank customer support cell and request a monthly credit card statement subscription. The customer care executive will ask for your updated email ID to initiate your subscription process. Choose your statement type – monthly, weekly, or fortnightly, and inform the executive regarding the same. You will get a confirmation once the subscription is in place.   

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How to Check Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement Offline?

Via Mashreq Bank Branches

  • Find a nearby Mashreq Bank branch and make preparations for a visit. 
  • Connect with a credit card executive once you are at the branch. 
  • Ask them for a subscription to offline paper credit card statements. 
  • The executive will help you with a subscription for the same. 
  • Your statement will be delivered to your home once the subscription sets in. 

Benefits of Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement

  • Transparency of Operations
  • Identify Fraud Transactions
  • Convenient Tracking of Payments
  • Summary of the Expenses 
  • Proper Information About Dues
  • Avoid Penalties and Interest Spikes
  • Find Billing Errors

Key Terms in Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement

  • Transaction Dates: These are the dates on which your credit card was used to make payments. However, it should be kept in mind that the recorded transaction dates in your Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement may occasionally differ from the original dates. This is due to the fact that transactions may sometimes take a few hours or days to get processed completely by the bank and the merchant. 
  • Available Credit Card Limit: The available limit on your credit card is the remaining balance that you can use currently. The limit is calculated by subtracting the balance due for repayment for the billing cycle from the total limit. 
  • Payment Due Date: The due date for your credit card balance is the last date by which you can repay the balance. Any payments made after that are charged with a late payment fee as well as APR. 
  • Statement Date: This refers to the date on which your Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement was issued. It is not to be confused with the billing cycle date or the due date. 
  • Previous Balance: The final due of your previous billing cycle is often mentioned in the Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement along with the cycle under consideration. This amount is provided just for user reference. 
  • Minimum Amount Due: This is the amount that you will be required to pay out of the total balance before the last day of your payment grace period. Failing to pay the minimum due will result in a late payment fee plus interest. 
  • Previous Cycle: This term is generally used to refer to the cycle that just ended. As a new credit cycle already begins by the time you get access to the statement, the cycle for which you receive the statement becomes the previous cycle. 

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How to check Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement online?

You can use net banking, the Mashreq Mobile app, or an email subscription to view your statement. 

What is my Mashreq Bank Credit Card Statement password?

Your birthdate in DDMMYYYY format is to be used as your Mashreq credit card statement password. 

Can I get weekly credit card statements for my Mashreq Bank credit card?

Yes, you can subscribe to a weekly or a fortnightly Mashreq Bank credit card statement. 

How many credit card statements can I view using my Mashreq Bank net banking account?

Up to 6 months old credit card statements can be viewed using your net banking account. 


How do I subscribe to my monthly, weekly or fortnightly Mashreq Bank credit card statements?

Contact the customer support cell of Mashreq Bank to get your credit card statement subscription.

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