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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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Top FAB Rewards Offer Credit Card

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), the largest bank in the UAE, has established itself as a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of financial services. Among its diverse offerings, FAB credit card portfolio is tailored to cater to the unique requirements of various market segments.

With a keen understanding that rewards and offers play a pivotal role in choosing the right credit card, this article will delve into the top-notch FAB credit card options available. From travel and cashback to low-rate, signature, and infinite credit cards, we will explore the rewards that these cards offer in-depth to help you make informed decisions as you navigate the dynamic world of FAB credit card reward points.

So let's dive in and discover the perfect credit card in UAE that aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

Top FAB Credit Cards in UAE

As previously highlighted, FAB provides an array of credit cards to match the varied preferences of numerous consumers. In this article, we will be examining the following top-tier FAB credit cards to offer you a comprehensive understanding of their rewards and points –

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FAB Credit Cards Rewards Points: Overview

Depending on the type of your FAB credit card, you can earn the following points or rewards on your card –

FAB Credit Card Type of FAB Rewards Points
FAB Infinite Travel Card FAB Miles
FAB Signature Travel Card FAB Miles
FAB SHARE Standard Credit Card SHARE Points
FAB SHARE Platinum Credit Card SHARE Points
FAB SHARE Signature Credit Card SHARE Points
Low-Rate Credit Card Low-interest rate
Cashback Card Cashback / FAB Rewards
Signature Credit Card FAB Rewards
Infinite Credit Card FAB Rewards

Interpreting the FAB Credit Cards Rewards

Without further ado, let’s take a look at each type of reward and its associated features for a better understanding of how the FAB credit card rewards point work – 

1. FAB Miles

One of the forms of reward points on FAB travel cards, FAB Miles, is highly popular in the UAE. The rewards program is designed to provide added value and enhance the overall card usage experience for FAB travel credit cardholders.

How to Earn the FAB Credit Card Points – FAB Miles?

You can earn FAB miles when you use your FAB travel card, like FAB Infinite Travel Card & FAB Signature Travel Card, for making purchases or performing transactions. The number of FAB Miles earned per transaction may vary depending on the specific credit card and the type of purchase made. Given below is the current list of FAB Miles you can earn on the given card- 

FAB Infinite Travel Card

For each USD 1 spent on retail purchases 1.5 FAB Miles
For each USD 1 spent on travel purchase 2 FAB Miles

FAB Signature Travel Card

For each USD 1 spent on retail purchases 1 FAB Mile
For each USD 1 spent on travel purchase 1.5 FAB Miles

How to Redeem the FAB Credit Card Points – FAB Miles?

You can redeem the FAB Miles through the FAB travel portal via mobile or online banking portal.

Using the Portal to Redeem FAB Miles

  • Plan your journeys with a selection of over 800 airlines, more than 500,000 hotels, and car rentals.
  • Convert FAB Miles to a partner travel programme.
  • Purchase gift cards from global brands using your FAB Miles.
  • Redeem FAB Miles for credit on your Travel Card.

Using the Portal to Pay with FAB Miles

  • Reserve and complete payment for travel bookings.
  • Enjoy free hotel nights when reserving accommodations via the portal.
  • Use FAB Miles to cover your yearly credit card fee (either immediately or by scheduling a future payment).

Using the Portal to Get Exclusive Benefits from their Partners

Enjoy advantages with the FAB Travel Card, such as discounted fares from top airline companies and attractive deals with worldwide hotel partners.

You can transfer FAB Miles at the participating hotels and airline partners as given below:

  • Aeroplan
  • Jumeirah One
  • Avianca LifeMiles
  • BIG Rewards 
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
  • Flying Blue 
  • Club Vistara
  • Fortune Wings Club 
  • IHG® Rewards
  • Wyndham Rewards

2. SHARE Points

SHARE points are rewards currency associated with FAB SHARE credit cards. These points can be earned through eligible purchases made using the card. You can accumulate SHARE points and redeem them for various rewards, such as shopping, dining, entertainment, or travel. The points can be used at participating partners within the SHARE rewards program, providing you with a range of options for utilizing your earned points.

How to Earn the FAB Credit Card Points – SHARE Points?

  • As a SHARE member, you can get rewards in the form of SHARE points for all your shopping, dining, and leisure activities.
  • By being part of this program, you'll also gain access to exclusive SHARE member perks, along with periodic special promotions, discounts, and chances to participate in contests, which you can enjoy all – and even share with others.
  • You can accumulate points on your spending at over 3,500 shops, eateries, and experiences in Mall of the Emirates and City Centres throughout the UAE. Additionally, the SHARE program is compatible with all VOX Cinemas, Carrefour locations, and hotel restaurants within the malls.
  • You can also set up a group of nine people to easily pool and gift your FAB credit card reward points. Moreover, you can share the points outside your group with any other SHARE number.
  • Given below are the transactions that are not eligible for SHARE Points –
    • Cash advances
    • Balance transfers
    • Fees and charges
    • Finance charges
    • Purchase of foreign currency, saving certificates, bonds, and other debt investments
    • Easy cash or quick cash
    • Transactions at exchange houses
    • Charitable donations
    • Transactions converted at EPP with a 0% interest rate
    • Transactions incurred by using the accounts more than your credit limit

Refer to the table given below for an overview of FAB SHARE Points on FAB SHARE credit cards –

SHARE Points on Your Spending (Including Regular SHARE Earnings) FAB SHARE Standard Credit Card FAB SHARE Platinum Credit Card FAB SHARE Signature Credit Card
Carrefour (in-store or online) 6.75 % 6.75 % 6.75 %
Spending at VOX Cinemas, iFLY Dubai, Little Explorers, Dreamscape, Magic Planet, and Ski Dubai  5 % 6 % 8 %
Additional earnings when you transfer your salary to a FAB account (on selected categories) 0.25 % 0.25 % 0.25 %
Spending at select merchants, including utility and fuel providers, and other supermarkets 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 %
Spending at Mall of the Emirates and City Centres across the UAE Up to 3 % Up to 4 % Up to 6 %
Other retail, online, and international spending 1.5 % 2 % 2.5 %

How to Redeem the FAB Credit Card Points – SHARE Points?

You can use your SHARE points to pay for any purchases at Mall of the Emirates, City Centres throughout the UAE, and Majid Al Futtaim brands. In addition, you can also enjoy the flexibility to pay with your SHARE points alone or combine them with cash to complete the transaction.

Terms and Conditions of FAB SHARE Points

Keep the following terms and conditions in mind while applying for FAB SHARE Credit cards –

  • If an eligible transaction is reversed, the corresponding SHARE Points that were credited to the account will be deducted from the accumulated SHARE Points balance. Debits to the SHARE Program account will reduce the accrued points balance based on the calculation criteria specific to a particular FAB SHARE Credit Card.
  • If there is a change in the status of the FAB SHARE Credit Card (for instance, an upgrade or downgrade), the SHARE Points calculations will be modified accordingly.
  • SHARE Points earnings will be limited to the card's monthly usage limit.
  • Virtual transactions with FAB SHARE Credit Cards are eligible to earn all types of SHARE Points except for the signup bonus points, which are awarded only upon physical card activation.
  • SHARE Points earned from eligible transactions made by supplementary cardholders will be credited to the Primary Cardholder's SHARE account.
  • SHARE Points will not be credited if:
    • The card account is not in good standing.
    • Any other event occurs that, in FAB's sole discretion, should result in the cancellation of the SHARE Program benefits for the Cardholder.
  • The available SHARE Points can be viewed at any time online via the SHARE App. It is your responsibility to ensure that your SHARE Program is open and active.

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1. Low-Rate Interest

Low-rate interest is applicable on FAB low-rate credit cards. While the card is not eligible for any points, it provides an interest rate as low as 1.5% per month on spending with 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 18 months.

Some of the key features of low-rate credit cards are given below –

  • This FAB credit card is available for both UAE nationals and expatriates.
  • The interest rate can be as low as 1.5% per month for UAE nationals and 1.99% per month for expatriates.
  • To settle the minimum due payment of your credit card, you are required to pay a 3% minimum payment of the statement balance per month.
  • Easy payment plans are available from 0.99% for up to 4 years.
  • Get access to quick cash at nominal rates directly to your UAE account.
  • The annual fee shall be waived if you spend over AED 15,000 in the first three months. In addition, if spending over AED 30,000 on the card annually, the fee shall be waived yearly.

2. Cashback 

With the FAB cashback credit card, you can get 5% cashback on fuel, groceries and utilities. The card qualifies for FAB credit card rewards points – FAB reward –  and can help you save a substantial amount. Furthermore, you can earn AED 300 cashback as a welcome bonus, provided you make one retail transaction within the first 30 days of car issuance.

FAB Cashback Credit Card allows you to earn cashback in the form of equivalent FAB rewards. As you use the card for eligible purchases, a percentage of the amount spent will be converted into FAB rewards, essentially cashback points. These points can then be redeemed for various benefits such as statement credits, gift cards, or other FAB rewards program offers.

The percentage at which you earn cashback may vary depending on your spending categories, such as dining, grocery, fuel, or other retail purchases. The FAB Cashback Credit Card may also feature promotions or bonus cashback offers for certain spending categories or during specific periods.

How to Earn FAB Credit Card Rewards – Cashback on FAB Cashback Credit Card?

Tabled below is the cashback that you can receive on your FAB credit card as per the shopping type –

Spending Type Cashback % Posted in the form of Equivalent FAB Rewards
Spending in the supermarket, including online marketplaces 5 % 12.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending
Utility payments, not including telecommunications 5 % 12.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending
Fuel 5 % 12.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending
All other retail spending including online shopping  1 % 2.5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending
All non-AED spending 2 % 5 FAB Rewards/ AED 1 spending

How to Redeem Cashback?

To redeem your cashback, call the FAB call centre on 600 52 5500 and submit your request regarding the same.

3. FAB Rewards

FAB Rewards is a loyalty program associated with FAB Infinite and Signature credit cards. You can earn points or FAB credit card rewards for eligible purchases made using these cards and redeem them for various benefits like travel, shopping, dining, entertainment, and other experiences.

The number of rewards earned per transaction may differ as per the spending category and the specific credit card tier (Infinite or Signature). These cards may also offer additional benefits, such as airport lounge access, travel insurance, and exclusive discounts or promotions with partnered merchants.

How to Earn the FAB Credit Card Points – FAB Rewards?

  • With FAB Infinite Credit Card, you can earn up to 5 FAB rewards for every AED 1 you spend.
  • With FAB Signature Credit Card, you can earn up to 5 FAB rewards for every AED 1 you spend.
  • You can also get FAB credit card reward points – FAB rewards on the FAB mobile application as follows – 
    • Welcome bonus in FAB rewards
    • When you activate your FAB credit card, you can earn FAB rewards equal to the annual membership for the first year.

How to Redeem the FAB Credit Card Points – FAB Rewards?

You can instantly redeem your FAB credit card points and select from a broad range of rewards, including shopping, cashback, settling utility bills, dining experiences, or planning your upcoming vacation.

Let's look at each category and understand how you can redeem FAB rewards for a specific transaction.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) at Participating Stores

You can use your cards at the point of sale in-store at more than 4,500 terminals in the UAE, including well-known brands across Al Futtaim Group, Lulu, Al Shaya Group, Americana Group, Cine Royal, and more. 

Follow these steps to redeem your FAB credit card reward points in-stores –

  • Tap or insert your FAB credit card for payments.
  • Your FAB rewards balance will be automatically displayed on the screen.
  • You can pay the entire amount with your FAB rewards or make a partial payment. The remaining amount can be paid using your credit card.
  • The transaction will be processed, and the receipt will provide all the details of the summary of your FAB credit card reward points redeemed.

Some of the participating stores are listed below –

Automotive Brands Dining Gifts and Flowers Grocery Hotels
Lexus Angelina Digiphoto Studio Al Safeer  Accor Hotels
Toyota Bait Al Mandi Party Centre Bluemart Byblos Hotel
Honda Caesars Jenny Flowers International Day to Day Capitol Hotel
Porsche Café Blanc Pink Pepper K.M. Trading Crowne Plaza
Renault Paragon Toysrus and more Al Madina and more Dusit Thani
The Elite Cars Castello     Emirates Palace
Nissan and more Barbecue Delights and more     Hilton, Abu Dhabi

Apart from the list, you can also swipe your FAB credit card at schools, jewellery shops, shopping centres, home furnishing shops, and more.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Paying Bills

You can also use your FAB credit card and utilise your FAB rewards to pay your utility bills. For this, follow the given steps -

  • Log in to the FAB mobile banking portal.
  • Choose the service provider and key in the consumer number.
  • You can use your FAB credit card rewards to pay your bills anytime. Furthermore, you can pay your bill with FAB rewards or pay half the amount with your credit card.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Gift Cards and Shopping Vouchers

You can also redeem your FAB credit card reward points for downloading digital gift cards and shopping vouchers. Given below are the listed steps –

  • Sign into the FAB mobile banking application using your login credentials.
  • Locate the ‘Rewards’ menu and choose voucher and brand.
  • Key in the denomination and confirm the transaction.
  • The transaction will be processed upon submission, and a digital copy of your voucher shall be saved in the 'My Rewards' section.
  • You can use the voucher before its expiry date.

Use FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Transaction Reimbursement

You can also pay for any purchases worldwide using your FAB credit card, including Apple Pay or Samsung Pay transactions. Later, offset your spending by choosing the "Reimburse transaction" option from your Rewards dashboard on the FAB Mobile app. Note that this option can also be used to cover any bank fees.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Direct Cashback

You can redeem your FAB rewards for cashback in multiples of AED 50, which are processed immediately.

Here are the steps for the same –

  • Sign into the FAB mobile application, and locate the 'Rewards' sections followed by 'Cashback'.
  • Key in the amount in multiples of AED 50.
  • Select the card on which you want to receive your cashback credit and confirm the transaction.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Emirates Skywards Miles Exchange

You can use your FAB Rewards for Emirates Skywards Miles Exchange. Currently, 1 Emirates Skywards Mile is equivalent to 16 FAB Rewards. 

Follow the given steps to redeem your FAB rewards for Miles –

  • Log into the mobile banking portal, locate the Rewards section, and choose 'Convert to Miles'.
  • Select ‘Emirates Skywards Miles Transfer’ and provide your frequent flyer membership number.
  • You would be required to enter the number of rewards you would like to transfer. As an alternative, you can enter the number of miles you would like to receive.
  • Upon submission, miles will be credited to your account within 3 working days.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Emirates Guest Miles Exchange

You can follow the above-listed steps and redeem FAB rewards for Etihad Guest Miles Exchange. Currently, the equivalence is as follows - 12 FAB Rewards = 1 Etihad Guest Mile. To complete the transaction, you are required to enter the Etihad guest number.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Travel Bookings

You can use your FAB credit cards for travel bookings at more than 120 major airlines, 650,000 hotel properties, 36 car rental companies, and across 195 countries.

Follow the steps to redeem your FAB credit card reward points for travel –

  • Sign into the FAB mobile banking portal and navigate the 'Travel' section.
  • Choose the relevant travel service and get the option to pay in full or half. For the partial amount, enter your credit card number for the remaining balance and confirm the transaction.
  • Your e-ticket will be saved in your rewards section on your FAB mobile rewards dashboard.
  • You can present the ticket to the concerned personnel to access the service.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Shopping

  • Sign in to the portal and locate the 'Shop.'
  • Choose the product and payment option.
  • Enter other details like the delivery address and contact number.
  • You can use the reference number and merchant contact details sent to your registered email address. You can also visit the 'My Orders’ section on the FAB rewards shop and track the shipment.

Redeem FAB Credit Card Points (FAB Rewards) for Shukrans

You can convert your FAB credit card points to Shukrans via the FAB mobile or online banking portal. These Shukrans can be redeemed at 10 popular brands across more than 300 stores.

Mentioned below are the steps for converting your FAB rewards to Shukrans –

  • Log into the mobile banking portal and select 'Convert'.
  • After selecting the 'Shukran' option, key in your membership number.
  • Enter the number of Shukrans you would like to receive and click on the 'Confirm' button. 

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How Can I Apply for FAB Credit Cards?

Policybazaar.ae is the best platform to apply for FAB credit cards the most conveniently. You can access multiple credit cards available along with their exclusive offers and benefits in one place. With our round-the-clock customer service and required assistance, you can apply for a card without facing any hassles.

Follow the given steps to apply for FAB credit cards via Policybazaar UAE online portal –

  • On Policybazaar.ae, look out for the 'Credit Cards' section on the home page.
  • Fill out the lead form with the required details.
  • Upon submission, you will be directed to the ‘Credit Cards’ section, where you can explore and compare the best credit cards in the UAE. You can also use the filter feature to get the FAB credit card list.
  • Hit the ‘Apply’ button and follow the prompted steps.


Q1. What are the top FAB credit cards in UAE?

Ans: FAB provides a wide array of credit cards to cater to the diverse needs of market segments. Some of the top-notch FAB credit cards are -

  1. FAB Infinite Travel Card
  2. FAB Signature Travel Card
  3. FAB SHARE Standard Credit Card
  4. FAB SHARE Platinum Credit Card
  5. FAB SHARE Signature Credit Card
  6. Low-Rate Credit Card
  7. Cashback Card
  8. Signature Credit Card
  9. Infinite Credit Card
Q2. How can I track my FAB credit card reward points?

Ans: You can use the FAB mobile application or online portal to track your FAB credit card reward points.

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