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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is one of the UAE's most prominent financial institutions and offers a wide range of products and services to customers. Credit cards make for one such product of the bank, with FAB Bank offering various types of fab credit cards to cater to the needs of different market segments in the UAE.

FAB Gold Credit Card is one of the renowned cards in the UAE owing to its long list of benefits and rewards collected every time the card is swiped. Let's cover the features, benefits, fees, eligibility criteria, and many more crucial aspects of the FAB Gold Credit Card.

Features & Benefits of the FAB Gold Credit Card

FAB Gold Credit Card comes with benefits like interest-free credit for longer periods than other credit cards, offers provided by merchants on shopping, and so on. Some of the major features and advantages of the FAB Gold Credit Card are listed below – 

  • You can avail of interest-free credit for up to 56 days
  • Cardholders can set reminders for their due bill payments – once your bill is due, you will get an SMS alert for the same
  • You will receive an SMS alert for each transaction completed using your card 
  • Get unlimited free supplementary cards for your family members and control the spending limit of each card as the primary cardholder
  • Access various offers brought to you by merchants from Oman and across the world
  • FAB Gold Credit Card bills can be paid online without any hassles
  • The one-time password (OTP) feature ensures safe transactions by verifying each one of them 
  • FAB Gold Credit Card is an EMV card that stores your information on a metallic chip instead of a magnetic stripe, which makes it more secure when using it for dining and shopping

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Eligibility Criteria for a FAB Gold Credit Card

Applicants are required to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to apply for the FAB Gold Credit Card – 

  • The applicant needs to be at least 21 years old or above
  • A monthly salary of at least OMR 700 is required on the applicant’s part to be considered eligible for the FAB Gold Credit Card

Besides the mentioned factors, keep in mind that a good credit Score is also essential to increase the chances of approval of your credit card application. Irrespective of your income, a poor credit score may result in your credit card application rejection or an increase in interest rates.

Documents Required to Apply for a FAB Gold Credit Card

After verifying your eligibility for a FAB Gold Credit Card, you need to keep the following documents ready to be submitted at the time of applying – 

  • Filled out credit card application form
  • Security cheque
  • Copy of passport along with visa stamp and Civil ID (applicable for expatriates)
  • Civil ID for Omanis nationals 

Note: First Abu Dhabi Bank may ask for additional documents at its discretion during the FAB Gold Credit Card application process

Fees & Charges on FAB Gold Credit Card

Have a look at the table below to view the applicable charges and fees as well as the key rates for the FAB Gold Credit Card – 

FAB Gold Credit Card Fees and Charges


Annual fee of primary credit card

OMR 35 

Yearly fee of supplementary credit card

OMR 17.5 

Replacement of card (for lost/stolen cards or regular wear and tear)

OMR 15

Interest rate for FAB customers (salary mandated)

1.5% per month

Interest rate for non-FAB customers

1.75% per month

Cash advance limit

80% of the credit limit

Cash advance fee

2.5% or OMR 5 (whichever is higher)

Late payment fee

OMR 7.5

Over limit fee

OMR 7.5

Copy of credit card statement

OMR 5 per month

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How to Apply for a FAB Gold Credit Card?

The procedure for applying FAB Gold Credit Card is rather straightforward, as you can apply for the card online, offline, or even by phone banking.

  • Online Mode: All you need to do is visit the official FAB website, head to the 'Credit Cards' section, select the FAB Gold Credit Card from the list, and apply. Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying for the FAB Gold Credit Card. Once the details provided by you are verified by the bank, you may be contacted by the bank to proceed your credit card application further.
  • Offline Mode:  You can also apply for the FAB Gold Credit Card offline. For this, you can visit your nearest FAB branch and connect with a bank representative who will provide you with the application form and guide you further. Submit this application form after filling it up as well as the required documents to the bank and follow the concerned representative’s instructions further.
  • Phone Banking: You can also connect with the bank via phone by dialling the official number of FAB and requesting the customer service team to initiate your application for the FAB Gold Credit Card.
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What is the interest-free credit period for the FAB Gold Credit period?

You can enjoy an interest-free credit period of up to 56 days with the FAB Gold Credit Card.

My monthly salary is OMR 900. Can I apply for the FAB Gold Credit Card?

The minimum monthly salary requirement for a FAB Gold Credit Card is OMR 700. So if you earn OMR 900 per month, you can apply for this card.

Is there any annual membership fee for a FAB Gold Credit Card supplementary card?

Yes, the annual membership fee for holding a FAB Gold Credit Card supplementary card is OMR 17.5.

How can I apply for a FAB Gold Credit Card?

You can apply for a FAB Gold Credit Card online, offline, or by phone.

Is it safe to use FAB Gold Credit Card?

Yes, it is safe to complete transactions through FAB Gold Credit Card, as it is an EMV card and has features like OTP verification that provide security.

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