Top 5 Benefits of Paying Off Utility Bills Using Credit Cards in UAE

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Credit cards have become an important tool with respect to personal and business finances. Besides helping us pay off our bills and debts, a credit card can also help in purchasing regular essentials without any hassle. Due to a large number of benefits and features, most individuals now prefer paying bills with a credit card.

Primary Features of Credit Cards 

Discussed below are the key advantages and features that you can enjoy while utilising credit cards for various payments –

  • Periodic Payments: With credit cards, individuals can set up their monthly bill payments using the auto-pay option. This type of service can prove helpful in preventing delayed payments and avoiding the resultant late payment fees.
  • Earn Rewards: Credit card holders receive reward points upon payments made using their credit cards. The earned points can be further redeemed to get discounts and offers on further purchases related to shopping, dining, groceries, entertainment, and more.
  • Get Discounts and Offers: Besides the rewards points that provide benefits on accumulation, credit cards also offer multiple direct benefits in the form of additional offers and discounts to customers for different purchases.
  • Convenience of Payment: Credit card payments are easy to perform and generally lead to the completion of transactions within a few seconds. Moreover, the payment can be made at any time from any location.  

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5 Benefits of Using Credit Cards for Utility Payments

As mentioned earlier, using credit cards for payments makes for a highly convenient payment experience. The same applies to paying bills with credit cards, as you can get done with regular and periodic bills easily. 

Discussed below are the advantages you can get while making credit card payments for utility bills –

Helps in Saving Money 

Financial institutions and banks generally offer discount coupons applicable when paying bills with credit cards. These offers can provide you discounts or cashback upon successful payment and eventually help you save some money. The money either gets credited to your credit card account or the wallet of the website source from where you initiate the payment.

Bill Payment with Automatic Transaction

Using a credit card can help you protect yourself from the late fees charged for delayed utility bill payments. For this, customers can set up the auto-pay option for recurring payments. This way, your money gets debited from your credit card amount automatically at the end of the billing cycle each month.

Earn Reward points

Most banks in the UAE provide reward points on every credit card payment. Customers can then easily redeem these points later to make other purchases and get discounts and cashback. Credit card users also get the option to purchase vouchers to use for other bill payments.

Helps in Money Management

Besides the auto-pay option, you can also turn on alerts for other bills’ approaching dates on your registered email ID and mobile number. This feature can help you plan out the payment of your bills and expenses in advance.

Enhances Credit Score

Two major factors that affect your credit scores are utilisation of your credit card and the timely payment of your bills. Your credit Score increases as you keep using your credit card (under the specified limit) and paying the bills on time. By combining these two in one, i.e., paying bills with credit cards on time, you can significantly improve your credit scores. This can be achieved by using the previously discussed features of auto-pay, alerts, and more

How to Use Credit Card for Utility Bill Payment? 

Check out the following ways through which you can utilise your credit card for utility bill payments –

Via Website

  • Go to the official website of the bank whose credit card is used by you
  • Log into your bank account and visit the payment section
  • Choose the type of utility bill payment you want to make payment for
  • Type in the details related to your bill account and submit them
  • After you are redirected to the next page, select credit card as the payment method
  • Provide details related to your credit card such as credit card number, expiry date, CVV number, and so on
  • Submit these details and wait till the payment is completed
  • Once done, you will be taken to the confirmation page

Via Mobile Application 

  • Download and install the mobile app of your bank on your smartphone
  • After completing the registration process, use your online banking credentials to sign into your account
  • Proceed toward the section for payments and tap on the bill payment option
  • Choose the bill type you want to pay and provide the related bill details
  • Submit the details – this will take you to the payment page
  • Select credit card as the payment method and type in your credit card details 
  • Upon successful payment, you will be directed to the confirmation page
Credit Card Bill Payment Online & Offline in UAE

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