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With an increase in the number of options and technological advancement, credit cards have quickly become a popular instrument for payments and other financial procedures. One of the eminent financial institutions providing credit cards in the UAE is the Standard Chartered Bank, which has exquisite options to suit the requirements of a diverse customer base.

To be aware of your spending via credit cards, available credit limits, and other factors, one can always access a credit card statement. And while the card statement may appear complicated, understanding it is fairly straightforward. The same applies to the Standard Chartered Bank credit card statement, which has all the crucial details related to your credit that you can check out and manage your finances efficiently.

Benefits of Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Statement

Viewing the Standard Chartered Bank credit card statement provides you with numerous advantages like the following -

  • Your credit card statement can help you keep a record of all your credit card payments and transactions
  • The card statements also display the amount that you may have exceeded beyond your credit limit, allowing you to exercise better constraints on spending
  • It serves as an effective reminder for your credit card bill date/cycle
  • The statements also help you detect cyber theft or unauthorised transactions as they comprise even the most minute information of your payments

How to Check Your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Statement Online

Besides being a highly convenient way, obtaining a credit card statement online is also beneficial for our environment as it is completely paperless. Additionally, you won’t even have to worry about the time of accessing the statement as the service is available round the clock. 

There are primarily two ways through which you can view the document- online banking and mobile banking. 

  • Internet Banking: With this online banking method, you can easily get your credit card e-statement by simply logging into your internet banking account and viewing your statement in a few steps -
  • After signing in, move to the ‘eStatements and eAdvices’ section
  • Select the ‘About Statement’ option
  • Click on the ‘Sign up now’ option
  • Mobile Banking: Easily accessible at any time and anywhere, the mobile banking facility allows users to view and download the e-statement of their Standard Chartered credit cards. All you need to do is install the Standard Chartered app, sign in to your account, and obtain the card statement from the e-statement section.

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How to Check Your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Statement Offline

Sometimes, one may face technical issues in viewing their credit card statements online or even prefer the offline mode altogether. In such circumstances, the bank allows you three alternative ways to check your statements - SMS banking, contacting the customer care team, and visiting the branch physically.

  • SMS Banking: One of the most convenient ways of offline banking, the SMS banking service helps you obtain your information regarding your credit card's last 5 transactions, outstanding balance, the balance, and so on. You can register for SMS banking first and send a text message to 3993 to obtain the required information. Keep in mind that you may be required to mention your account nickname or the last 4 digits of your credit card for identification.  
  • Connecting to Customer Support Team: You can also reach out to one of the bank’s representatives on phone and request the relevant information by dialling 600 5222 88 . 
  • Visiting Your Nearest Branch: Standard Chartered Bank customers can also receive their credit card statement and related information in person. For this, you can locate your nearest bank branch and have a chat consultation with the concerned bank authorities.

Key Terms of Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Statement

  • Available Credit Limit: It is the amount limit specified for your credit card by your bank. Thus, you must aim to cover all your expenses within the given credit limit every month. In case you exceed the limit, you will be liable to pay an additional fee for the same. 
  • Billing Date: At the end of the billing cycle, each user is required to pay their credit card bill. If one is unable to pay off the bill by the due date, the bank could impose a fine. 
  • Accessible Cash Limit: Credit cards of the Standard Chartered bank allow each user to withdraw cash using their credit cards. However, it sets a specific amount of your credit limit that you can convert into cash. This cash withdrawal limit is specified on your credit card statement. 
  • Reward Points: As mentioned earlier, credit cards come with great benefits and advantages in terms of discounts, offers, and even complimentary services as per your credit card usage. These reward points are added to your account after every card transaction and can be redeemed for shopping, leisure, dining, entertainment, flight bookings, and many more. All the available rewards points as well as the disbursed ones are mentioned in the statement. 
  • Past Dues: A credit card statement from Standard Chartered Bank also reflects all your pending payments (if any). So if you have missed out on any previous credit card payments, you can verify the same using your credit card statement. It should be noted that this statement may display even the previous dues that have been repaid for reference.

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How to fetch Standard Chartered Bank credit card statement online?

To acquire your credit card e-statement from Standard Chartered Bank, you can either use internet banking or the bank’s mobile application.

What all information is mentioned in a credit card statement of the Standard Chartered bank?

A Standard Chartered credit card statement consists of information like total credit limit, available and used credit limit, accessible cash limit, reward points, due payments, and billing date.

What happens if the credit card bill has not been paid by the due date?

If you don’t complete your Standard Chartered credit card bill payment by the due date, the bank imposes a fine which can keep on increasing with the passage of time.

What is the process for viewing the earned reward points at Standard Chartered Bank?

You can view your reward points either by logging in to your online bank account or checking your credit card statement.

How does the Standard Chartered Bank credit card statement help in tracking any unauthorised transactions?

The Standard Chartered credit card statement consists of all the detailed information regarding all payments. Consequently, you will be able to view all your transactions and spot unauthorised transactions, if any.

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