How to Auto Debit Mashreq Credit Card Payments?

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Mashreq Bank, established in 1967 by the Al-Ghurair Group, is a leading financial institution in the UAE. As one of the country's leading banks, Mashreq Bank offers excellent financial and banking services to customers and businesses alike. Remarkably, the expanded its presence beyond the UAE with operations in the Middle East and beyond as well.

A notable offering from Mashreq Bank is its credit card portfolio in the UAE. These cards are vouched for their convenience and loads of rewards that they come with. Additionally, these cards also offer services like Mashreq auto debit credit card payments, which allow users to enjoy the utmost convenience, ensure timely payments, and avoid late fees or penalties.

If you are wondering how to auto-debit Mashreq credit card payments, this article will serve as your one-stop guide for the same.

Understanding the Mashreq Auto Debit Feature for Credit Cards

Mashreq Auto debit credit card payment represents a convenient payment option for your Mashreq Bank credit card bills. Enrolling in this direct debit service allows the bank to automatically deduct funds from your account on the scheduled due date to settle your credit card balances. This feature eliminates the requirements for manual payments and guarantees the timely settlement of your expenses.

How to Access the Auto Debit Feature of Mashreq Credit Card?

To access the Mashreq auto debit credit card payments service, you can use any of the 2 convenient options - either use the Mashreq mobile app or the Mashreq website and log in to your online account. Once done, you can easily enrol in the direct debit feature and set your payment preferences. You can decide whether to make the full or minimum payment every month, depending on your financial status.

By utilising the direct debit facility, you can experience the convenience and assurance of having your credit card payments handled automatically. This not only helps you steer clear of late payment fees but also enables you to maintain a favourable credit score while simplifying your financial management.

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Notable Features and Benefits of Mashreq Credit Card

With Mashreq Bank credit cards, you can avail of exceptional features and benefits that are tailored to meet your everyday requirements with the utmost care. Beyond ensuring top-notch security, Mashreq Bank credit cards have gained customers' trust through nearly 50 years of expertise in understanding and exceeding expectations.

Here are some key features that set Mashreq Bank credit cards apart -

  • Unparalleled customer support: Mashreq Bank customer service team has highly skilled professionals that are committed to promptly resolving all credit card-related concerns. As a customer of the bank, you can effortlessly seek assistance through phone, email, or online banking, and experience swift and efficient support.
  • Enhanced security and insurance: Robust security measures and transfer limits are in place with Mashreq Bank credit cards to combat fraudulent and unauthorised usage, ensuring peace of mind for all online and in-store transactions. Additionally, Mashreq Bank offers a comprehensive range of credit card insurance options, including Smart Protect, Pay Protect, and Wallet Protect. These features provide coverage in case of unexpected events such as unemployment, illness, or fraudulent transactions.
  • Convenient Mashreq mobile banking: You can conveniently stay on top of your credit card activities and transactions through the secure and user-friendly Mashreq Mobile Banking app. You can use it to gain access to your account statements, make transfers, apply for various products offered by Mashreq, and withdraw cash without needing your physical card.
  • Flexible and easy payment plans: Another great feature of Mashreq Bank credit cards is the flexibility of easy payment plans. As a cardholder, you can make purchases and pay later at lower interest rates with flexible instalments of up to 36 months, empowering you to manage your expenses more effectively.

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To Conclude

Mashreq Bank credit cards are known for their incredible array of features and benefits backed by decades of expertise and customer trust. As a user, you can also utilise the intuitive Mashreq Mobile banking app as well as flexible payment plans to manage your expenses effectively.

The Mashreq auto debit credit card payments feature greatly streamlines credit card payments, allowing customers to settle their balances effortlessly. You can easily avoid late fees and penalties by authorising automatic deductions from your bank accounts on the due date while enjoying a hassle-free payment experience.

Let’s now go through some frequently asked questions related to Mashreq auto debit credit card payments below -


Q1. Are any Mashreq bank credit cards available that do not charge annual fees?

Ans: Yes, Mashreq Bank offers a selection of credit cards such as the Mashreq Cashback Credit Card and Mashreq Noon Credit Card which don’t have any annual fees.

Q2. Is it possible to convert regular card payments into convenient instalment plans?

Ans: Yes, it is easy to convert your regular card payments into flexible instalment plans to simplify your payment process with Mashreq credit cards.

Q3. Are any processing fees associated with converting regular payments into instalment plans?

Ans: The processing fees for converting your regular payments into instalment plans may vary depending on the merchant's policies.

Q4. What is the late payment fee applicable to Mashreq credit cards?

Ans: Mashreq credit cards have a late payment fee of AED 241.5 which is imposed for delayed or missed payments.

Q5. Do all Mashreq Bank cards come with comprehensive card protection?

Ans: Yes, Mashreq Bank offers card protection known as Pay Protect which covers the due amount in case the cardholder passes away or is diagnosed with a critical illness.

Q6. What is the fee for replacing a Mashreq card if lost or damaged?

Ans: In case you need to replace a Mashreq credit card due to loss or damage, you would be charged a fee of AED 78.8.

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