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ICICI Bank's Credit Card Customer Care provides exceptional assistance in a straightforward manner. or seek information about their credit cards. Whether you have any concerns or questions about your credit card’s credit limit, recent transactions, or billing cycles, the customer care team is just a call away.

Offering step-by-step guidance and a commitment to excellent service, ICICI Credit Card Customer Care stands out for its simplicity and presents itself as a reliable resource for all credit card-related queries.

How to Get Queries Resolved for Your ICICI Bank Credit Card?

Detailed below are the different modes to have your credit card issues resolved:

Internet Banking -

With online banking, you can effortlessly handle your credit cards. You can easily block, unblock, and even request a new credit card via internet banking. Note that you can customise your credit card limit and even connect with ICICI bank CC customer care for further assistance.

Mobile Banking -

With ICICI mobile banking, you can manage your credit card from the comfort of your home. You can use the mobile application to block/unblock your ICICI credit card and even connect with the ICICI credit card help line.

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iMobile Pay -

iMobile Pay presents a convenient way to manage your ICICI credit card. You can utilise the application to block or unblock the card, upgrade it, change the credit card limit, and more.

WhatsApp Banking -

Use WhatsApp banking for the following credit card purposes –

  • Adjust Credit Card Limit: Type 'credit card limit' or 'card limit'
  • Check Last 5 Transactions: Write 'cc history' or 'cc txn'
  • Review Last 5 EMI Details: Type 'emi' or 'cc emi'
  • View Billing Cycle: Text 'billing cycle' or 'bill cycle'
  • Set Auto-Debit Instructions: Type 'Auto Debit'

Note that you can also explore additional services like Loan on Card, Last 5 Payments, and Address Update on WhatsApp Banking.

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ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number -

You can dial the ICICI bank cc customer care number — 1800 1080 — to resolve your credit card queries.

Write to the Bank -

Lastly, you can simply write a letter to the bank, addressing the issues associated with your ICICI credit card.

Send the letter to the following address — ICICI Bank Limited, ICICI Phone Banking Centre. ICICI Bank Tower, 7th Floor, Survey No. 115/27, Plot No. 12, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Hyderabad – 500032.

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