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HSBC, coming to the UAE in 1946, has widely become synonymous with high-quality banking facilities for citizens across the Middle East. Offering both personal and business banking facilities, the array of financial products offered by the HSBC Bank in the UAE includes credit cards, loans and mortgages, money transfers, wealth management, and current, savings, and international accounts.

Besides its list of excellent financial products, the bank is also known for ensuring easy availability of services to users through the HSBC credit card net banking. In this article, you can learn more about the HSBC credit card login process. Continue reading below for information on how to register or link the HSBC credit card to online banking, how to pay the credit card bill online, how to change the ATM PIN and password, and more. 

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How to Register for HSBC Credit Card Online Banking Account?

If you are new to HSBC credit card login, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to register your credit card net banking account by opening an HSBC credit card online banking account. :

  • Click on ‘Sign in’ on the HSBC UAE website. 
  • Verify your net banking account with your credit card number, the issue number, and a 6-digit credit card PIN. Click on the “Done” button once you provide all the details.
  • On the newly directed page, create your username and password. Both the credentials should be between eight and 30 characters. Click on ‘Confirm’ to set the new credentials. 
  • You will be directed to a new window where you would need to select a security question from the provided list. Provide an answer to that question in eight to 30 characters. 
  • Once through, confirm the answer and accept the Terms and Conditions.

In case you are an existing user of the HSBC credit card online banking account, you can link a new credit card to the account with these steps:

  • Visit the HSBC credit card login page and log in to your account.
  • On the bank account webpage, select “Service Requests”.  A pop-up menu will appear.
  • Select the option “link HSBC credit card to the net banking account”.
  • Provide the credit card credentials including card number, expiration date, date of birth, email address, and registered mobile number here. 
  • After you submit the details, you will receive a one-time password on your official mobile number. 
  • Enter the password and click on the “Submit” tab.

Once you are through, your request will be submitted. It usually takes one to two business days to link the credit card to the online banking account. 

Keep the following things in mind when linking your HSBC credit card to your online banking account for a seamless experience:

  1. Details like a birth date should be the same across all the accounts and for your credit card as well. 
  2. Individuals are not allowed to link two different accounts together online. 

Benefits of Accessing HSBC Bank Credit Card Online

When you opt for an HSBC Bank credit card login, you gain easy access to your account anywhere across the globe, make hassle-free bank transfers, and pay bills quickly. This feature also enables you to review all the rewards you have earned for your credit card. 

Other than that, several more benefits are associated with HSBC Bank credit card online banking including:

  • Monitoring Credit Card Statements: Net banking allows users to easily check their credit card statements without the need to browse through emails and printed letters. With a paperless option, you can view statements for both current and previous billing cycles with an HSBC Bank credit card login account. 
  • Reset PIN: Using this online banking service, you can change your PIN (in case you have forgotten it) in a matter of a few steps and continue with your transaction. 
  • Keeping a Check on Transactions: By regularly checking your HSBC Bank credit card online banking account, you can easily identify any fraudulent transaction made using your credit card. As all the expenses incurred will be shown on the screen instantly as per your request, you will be able to scan through them, track down any unauthorised purchases, and immediately report to the bank in case of erroneous transactions.
  • Easy Bill Payments: HSBC Bank online banking lets you pay your credit card bills directly. You can simply check the minimum amount to be paid and the due date for the payment. 
  • Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards: It is difficult to report a misplaced or stolen card offline as the contact details for the customer service are often mentioned on the card itself. With an online banking facility, though, you can log in to your HSBC Bank credit card online banking account and report the theft. 

You can also place a request for a new card and block the old ones. For extra security, you can even check your account to find out if any transactions were made using your card since it went missing. These fraudulent transactions can be easily reported to the bank’s customer care.

  • Check for Rewards and Redeem Them: With the HSBC credit card login account, you can check the rewards earned on your card in the previous cycle and the current cycle and redeem them at your convenience. 

HSBC Credit Card Payment Through Net Banking

Amidst the advent of online banking, HSBC also offers online modes for credit card bill payment. One such method is HSBC credit card online banking account. If your current or savings account is registered for the service, you will be able to easily use the online banking facility and pay the credit card bills by following these steps:

  • Login to the HSBC Bank credit card login account.
  • Go to the cards section on the web portal and skim through the registered cards. Select the card for which you need to pay the bill. 
  • If you have not linked the card yet, you can link it to the net banking account using your ATM PIN. 
  • Enter the credit card credentials and the amount you need to pay. The latter could be the complete amount or the minimum amount payable here. 
  • Confirm your provided credentials and click on ‘Pay’. The amount will be debited from your bank account. 

You can even pay your credit card bills with the HSBC mobile application. For this:

  • Download the HSBC mobile banking application and login in using your Customer ID.
  • Go to the credit card tab and tap on “credit card payment option”.
  • Select the card for which you need to make the payment.
  • Enter the amount you need to pay and click on the “pay” tab. 
  • The specified amount will get deducted from your bank account. 
HSBC Credit Card Payment - Online & Offline

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Changing the HSBC Bank Credit Card ATM PIN Through Net Banking

To change the ATM PIN of your HSBC Bank credit card, follow the steps stated below:

  • Log in to the HSBC Bank credit card login account.
  • Choose the “Manage Card” tab and click on the “Reset PIN” option. 
  • Enter the new 6-digit PIN twice for confirmation. You can view the PIN by clicking on the ellipsis. 
  • Click on ‘Reset PIN’ to proceed.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click on submit. 

Besides knowing how to change your HSBC Bank Credit Card ATM PIN, it is also necessary to be aware of a few safety measures to keep your PIN secure against hackers:

  • Make sure that your credit card is swiped only in your presence to reduce the probability of skimming.
  • Avoid sharing your credit card details with anyone through emails, messages, and more.
  • Check whether you are using a genuine website to ensure safe online transactions. 
  • Avoid saving the credit card details on e-retail stores. 
  • Avoid noting down your HDFC Bank credit card login credentials on paper.
  • Regularly check your credit card statement for any fraudulent activity. 

Changing HSBC Bank Credit Card Online Banking Password

You can change your HSBC online credit card without much effort by using an HSBC Bank credit card online banking account. Follow the steps described below to change the password:

  • Log in to the account with your username.
  • Select the ‘continue with password’ option.
  • Press on the ‘forgot your password’ tab.
  • Choose between using a secret question and a security code to change your HSBC Bank credit card login password or using a security question and an OTP code to do the same.

You can also change your log in credentials and contact the bank with the request case number to change your password in case you forget your security answer. This new HSBC credit card online banking password will also work with the bank’s mobile application. 

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FAQs on HSBC Bank Credit Card Online Banking

How to check HSBC Bank credit card statement?

The following are the steps to access your e-statement by HSBC credit card online banking:

  • Log in to your HSBC Online Banking account.
  • Set up a one-time request by selecting 'Request E-Statements/e-Advice' in the menu bar.
  • A protected email will be delivered to you when your e-Statement is complete.
How to reset your HSBC Bank online credit card login password or security question?

Follow the instructions stated below to reset your password or security question:

  • On the log in page, enter your username and select the option to log in with a password on the following webpage.
  • Choose the 'Forgot Password' option.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to change your password and generate a security question.
  • You will be provided a case number, which you will need to give to customer service to get your new details authorised.
What are the character limits for username, security answers, and password?

Your username must be between 6 and 30 characters long and contain only letters, numbers, or special characters like ‘@’ (at),  ‘_’ (underscore), '(apostrophe), ‘.’ (dot), ‘-‘ (dash), ‘?’ (question mark). It should be remembered that your password must contain at least one letter and one number in it.

Tip: Avoid using common patterns or words like ‘password’, 12345, qwerty, or A1a2a3a4, that match any of your previous HSBC login or security details.

How to pay bills using HSBC Bank online credit card login?

Choose 'Pay or transfer' from the ‘Move Money’ menu or the home page's 'Quick links'. 

  • Then choose the account from which you wish to make a payment.
  • Choose whether to pay a saved recipient or a new payee.
  • If you're paying a saved payee, choose the payee. 
  • Select 'Continue' after filling in all the details that aren't indicated as 'Optional.'
  • To complete your transaction, review the details and click 'Confirm.'
  • Make a note of the 'Confirmation number' or print the page for future reference.
How to use HSBC credit card online banking account once you have registered the account?

After you have completed the registration process, you will be able to log in to online banking using the same credentials you created. The same details can be used to sign up for the HSBC Mobile Banking application.

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