How to Auto Debit HSBC Credit Card Payments?

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HSBC Bank provides a vast range of credit card options in the UAE, which can help you seamlessly make transactions. The numerous features, benefits, rewards, and more offered with HSBC credit cards certainly enhance your experience further.

With that said, you must pay your HSBC credit cards bills on time to continue enjoying the perks without any hassle. In fact, by paying your credit card bills on time, you can avoid late fees or penalties while also protecting your credit score UAE from going down. This is where the HSBC auto debit credit card payments will come in handy for you.

HSBC Auto Debit Credit Card Payments - An Overview

As we saw above, it is important to be punctual with your HSBC credit card bill repayments to avoid late fees or any negative impact on your credit score. With the help of the HSBC auto debit credit card payments service, you can easily automate your monthly payments. This way, you can just set up the payments once and have them settled each month without doing it by yourself each time.

How Does HSBC Auto Debit Credit Card Payment Work?

Setting up HSBC auto debit credit card payments is quite easy, as you would simply need to fill out a form for the same. You can find the autopay form online on the HSBC UAE website to give the bank permission to take your payment when it's due. Note that this form would require details related to the credit card, payee, and more.

After that, as per your authorisation, the payment will be made from your account at the appointed time and date. Keep in mind that the bank may change the due date, time, and amount with your permission if required.

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Other Options for Settling Credit Card Bills

While HSBC auto debit credit card payments represent a highly convenient method of making credit card payments, you can always make use of some other options for the same.

Check out the methods available for the same below:

Internet Banking

You can sign into your HSBC internet banking account by visiting the official HSBC UAE website. Once done, you can choose the option for transfers or payments and follow the instructions to make your credit card payments.

HSBC Mobile Banking

Just like internet banking, you can use HSBC mobile banking to make payments. Sign into your HSBC mobile banking account to make payments while on the go. Note that to access mobile banking, you must be registered for internet banking.

Online Transfer from Other Banks

Here are the steps involved in making online transfers from other bank accounts - 

  • Choose your HSBC credit card as a beneficiary and save it
  • Fill in details your credit card number and more.
  • Enter the amount and provide confirmation to successfully make the payment.

Phone Banking

You can also use phone banking to make bill payments. When you connect with the bank, it will first require you to verify yourself (a voice ID can be set up so that you can use your voice as a password). Another option here is to use your 6-digit PIN and 10-digit registered phone banking number. 

Once your identity is confirmed, one of the HSBC phone banking personnel will get in touch with you to help you manage your bill payment and have access to your account information.

In-Person Banking

With the above-discussed methods, you can conveniently make credit cards payments from the comfort of your home. You can, however, also choose the offline route for the same. Visit your nearest bank branch to make credit card payments and get more details related to your card, bank account, and more. 

Note: You can locate the branches of the bank near you in the UAE online. For this, visit the official website of HSBC UAE, scroll to the bottom, and click on the option for locating your nearest branch.

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Wrapping Up

With HSBC auto debit credit card payments, you won’t have to worry about missing the due date of your credit card payments. You can simply set up this facility by filling out the autopay form on the website and submitting it to the bank. 

Besides HSBC auto debit credit card payments, you can also use a variety of methods to pay off your HSBC credit card bills both online and offline.

You can find more details about HSBC credit cards in UAE in the credit card section of

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