How to Transfer Credits from Etisalat to DU and Vice Versa in UAE

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We live in a modern era where a majority of people highly depend on different technologies and digital services to complete even the smallest everyday tasks. Whether it is about making payments to a street-side vendor or doing some quick grocery shopping, everything can be done online. Technological services offered by telecom companies are further simplifying the lives of humans day by day. Etisalat and DU are the most reliable and popular telecom companies in the UAE holding the majority of the market share.

DU and Etisalat offer a plethora of services to their customers including prepaid and post-paid phone service and DTH plans. Several individual plans and packages are also offered for talk-time and mobile data. Customers can utilise DU and Etisalat balance transfer services to transfer data credit from one number to another if they require. This feature also allows users to transfer the credit to their family and friends worldwide.

What is Etisalat?

Etisalat is one of the fastest-growing telecom companies in the UAE, with more than 35 years of existence. It has a strong foothold in the UAE with the variety of products it offers. Additionally, the company also provides services like funds transfer, paying bills online, data balance transfer and so forth. 

What is DU?

DU is yet another major player in the telecommunication market of the UAE. DU and Etisalat hold the majority of the telecom market share in the emirates. The products and services of this well-known local enterprise are liked by locals and tourists alike. DU provides an abundance of convenience-related services to its customers, including credit transfer services within the UAE as well as internationally.


  1. Customers of Etisalat and DU can quickly transfer credit from one number to the other using the several available methods. 
  2. You can quickly transfer credit from Etisalat to DU and vice versa.
  3. Transfer of credit from Etisalat to DU can be done through the mobile application of Etisalat as well phone dial pad.
  4. Customers can also transfer credit worldwide at nominal fees.
  5. International transfers can be done to anyone regardless of their service provider. 

How to Transfer Credits from Etisalat to Du and Vice Versa?

DU and Etisalat have been each other’s major competitors for the past decade. Both providers offer the service of transferring the balance from one network to the other for the convenience of the customers. 

Lets discuss how you can transfer your credit from Etisalat to DU and vice versa in a few simple ways.

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Methods to Transfer Credits from Etisalat to DU

Transferring balances or credits from Etisalat to DU can be done in two ways:

  • Via ‘My Etisalat UAE’ Mobile Application
  • Via Phone Keypad

Transfer Credit from Etisalat to DU Locally via Mobile Application

My Etisalat UAE application allows you to transfer money to anyone with a prepaid mobile number registered with DU easily and quickly. The application can be downloaded from ApplePay Store or Google Pay Store, depending on the device. The local credit transfer service of the app provides the flexibility of transferring credit or balance from Etisalat to DU in different denominations. Simply download the app and follow the required steps to transfer credit to Etisalat or DU conveniently. 

Transfer Credit from Etisalat to DU Locally via Phone Keypad

Balance transfer is even easier now that you can do it using your phone's keypad. Registration or special details are not required for this method. Follow the simple steps given below and see how you can transfer your credit from Etisalat to DU:

  • Open the dial pad and type: *100*your prepaid mobile number*transfer amount#*. For instance, if you want to transfer AED 50, you have to simply dial *100*your prepaid mobile number*50#, where 50 is the AED 50 you wish to transfer.
  • Provide the acknowledgement regarding the balance transfer. Press number 1 to confirm the transaction and 2 to cancel the transaction.
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Features & Benefits of Transferring Funds from Etisalat to DU

Here’s the list of features and benefits of Etisalat to DU transfer:

  • No registration or subscription is required to use the transfer facility.
  • All postpaid and prepaid wasel customers can use the service without any hassles.
  • There is no limit on the number of transactions per day.

Charges and Fees for Etisalat Balance Transfer Service

Etisalat charges 5.25% (including 5% VAT) of the transferred amount. The charges are deducted from the sender's account as a transaction fee.

Let’s understand with an example:

Ms A is the Etisalat user and Mr B is the DU user. If Ms A transfers AED 100 to Mr B, then AED 105.25 will be deducted from Ms A's prepaid mobile account. AED 100 is the basic amount transferred to Mr B, and AED 5.25 is the transaction charge. Mr B's mobile number will be credited with AED 100.

Minimum and Maximum Etisalat to DU Credit Transfer Limits

Type of Account

Minimum Transfer Limit (Daily)

Maximum Transfer Limit (Daily)

Maximum Transfer Limit (Monthly)

Prepaid Account


AED 150

AED 1500

Postpaid Account


AED 150

AED 500

Methods to Transfer Credits from DU to Etisalat

DU customers can also quickly transfer the credits from DU to Etisalat. The methods to transfer your DU credit balance to Etisalat is quite simple and easy. There are two ways to do it:

First Method:

  • Dial *121# and press the call button. 
  • A pop-up screen will appear where you need to enter the Etisalat number on which you wish to send money.
  • Enter the amount to be sent and confirm it.
  • Press the ‘Send’ button.
  • Once the transaction is completed, the receiver will get a confirmation SMS.

Second Method:

  • Dial *121*Receiver Number*Amount you want to transfer#
  • Press the ‘Send ‘ button
  • The receiver will get the message with the amount and sender details.

Features & Benefits of Transferring Funds from Du to Etisalat

  • You can transfer money from DU to Etisalat for free.
  • Users can check the remaining balance of their account in a matter of minutes.
  • Transfers can be in multiples of AED 1, which means you can transfer any amount you wish as long as it is not in decimal.
  • Users can transfer credits to a maximum of 25 friends per day.
  • The maximum amount transferred should not exceed your account balance.
  • All DU postpaid and prepaid customers can transfer mobile balances.

Let’s discuss how you can transfer money internationally from Etisalat and DU accounts to other networks.

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How to Transfer Money from Etisalat and DU to Different Networks throughout the World?

Apart from the local transfer service, Etisalat and DU have also introduced a new service for transferring credits to other networks all over the world. This facility has been introduced to strengthen customers’ global connectivity.

Transfer Credits from Etisalat to DU Internationally

You can quickly transfer the money from Etisalat to other world networks using two smart  and quick methods as mentioned below:

  • Through UAE Mobile Application
  • Through Mobile Keypad

Etisalat International Balance Transfer through Mobile Application

Download the 'My Etisalat UAE’ application from Google play or Apple Store and follow the given steps to transfer credit:

  • Go to the Etisalat mobile application.
  • Navigate ‘Share Credit and Data’.
  • Enter the amount you wish to share along with the number you wish to send credit to and complete the transaction.

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Etisalat International Balance Transfer through Phone’s Keypad

Here is how you can transfer credit from Etisalat to Etisalat international numbers and other numbers using your mobile’s keypad:

  • Type the receiver number and send the SMS to 1700 without any cost.
  • You will receive a message stating the denominations of the receiver’s country.
  • Check the related charges.
  • Transfer the amount.
  • The receiver will receive a text message confirming the transaction.

Features & Benefits of Etisalat to Etisalat International Balance Transfer

Following is the list of features and benefits of international balance transfer via Etisalat:

  • Quick facility to transfer credit globally.
  • Expats can help their families at any time from anywhere without any hassles.
  • The transaction fees are low and affordable.
  • Receivers can get the credit and use it instantly without visiting any top-up outlet or airtime.
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Charges and Fees for Etisalat Balance Transfer Internationally

In order to make international credit transfers, Etisalat customers must have a sufficient amount on their wasel account (prepaid account). Upon receiving the international prepaid number, you will receive a confirmation message with the denominations available in the destination country and the corresponding AED charges that need to be paid. You don’t need to pay any additional charges for the transaction.

Methods to Transfer Credits from DU to Etisalat Internationally

You can use the DU international balance transfer service for free to transfer credit using a DU number. Follow the steps mentioned below to recharge the account of your family or friends living outside the UAE with your DU number:

  • Type the word ‘Send’ and send the SMS to 1700.
  • Enter the receiver’s international mobile number (Format: Country code followed by the mobile number)
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the balance amount to transfer.
  • Click ‘Confirm’.
  • The sender will receive a message confirming the transaction's success.\

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