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With technological advancements, improved living standards, and the growth of economies, people are now more reliant on online payments for better convenience and an array of available offers. Besides saving time and effort, online transactions also help eliminate the need for physical contact with other individuals or devices for the purpose of payments.

One such financial organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enhancing the convenience of payments through online payments is Etisalat, which offers services like mobile, landline, and internet connections in the country. 

While it might not be easy to pay monthly bills via credit cards or any other mode of payment even if rewards are offered for that, you can follow a few steps to make the required payments without hassles. Read more to know the payment procedure and make Etisalat bill payments without any hassle. 

Steps to Know How to Pay Etisalat Bill Payment Through Credit Card

To pay Etisalat bills online through credit cards, you can use your credit card on the online portal of Etisalat and easily complete the transaction without many hassles. So if you plan to use this method of credit cards online to pay Etisalat bills, follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Visit the Etisalat Bill Payment Portal - You will be required to visit the official Etisalat bill payment portal. This website is easy to access and can be opened on your phone or laptop.
  • Step 2: Credit Card Login Page - You will find the option to login to the online portal if you have registered on the Etisalat website. This is where you can log in and discover the ‘pay bill’ option.
  • Step 3: Choose the Mode of Payment - Once you have entered your mobile number and any other details requested by the website, you will be required to select the mode of payment by clicking on the drop-down menu. Among the several payment options present there, you can select credit card as the mode of payment, which will redirect you to a page displaying the details of your credit card. Choose the type of bills you want to pay and enter your mobile number in the concerned box. You must be careful while entering this information as any error can cause a failure of payment, which will require you to initiate the process from the beginning.
  • Step 4: Confirmation - Once you are done entering the required information, click on submit. If you have entered all the details correctly, the processing of the payment processing will start, and your bill for this service will be paid successfully.

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Fees and Charges in Etisalat Bill Payment

Different fees are applicable on different types of Etisalat bills. Moreover, the transaction fees also vary as per the mode of payment selected like credit card, cheque payment, My Etisalat UAE App, and so on. One should carefully examine the terms and conditions before selecting a payment method for Etisalat bill payment online by a credit card.

To ease the process of bill payment for its customers, Etisalat has introduced different payment options for hassle-free payments. Whether you want to make bill payments through credit cards, Quick Pay, My Etisalat UAE App, and so on, all of them are convenient ways of making payments.

As mentioned earlier, you can make Etisalat bill payments through the Etisalat portal, Quick Pay service, and more besides credit cards. You can select the method that suits your requirements (or provides offers like cashback) and successfully complete your bill payment. 

Given below are some of the other popular ways to pay through credit card online:

  1. UAE Credit Cards
  2. My Etisalat UAE App
  3. Etisalat Bill Payment on mCash

UAE Credit Cards

With credit cards being among the most used financial tools in the UAE, you can easily use one if you are a cardholder. Simply login to the online portal of Etisalat and select ‘credit card’ as your preferred payment method for transactions. 

A key benefit of using credit cards for Etisalat payments is that they bring excellent offers to the user. For instance, ADIB bank has several Etisalat cards like ADIB Etisalat Visa Signature Card or ADIB Etisalat Gold Card. These cards provide Etisalat Smiles points along with various discounts and rewards on all eligible transactions. Using these cards, one can avail of significant discounts on their payments. It is recommended to check out the terms and conditions of such credit cards before applying for the same.

How to Transfer Credits from Etisalat to DU and Vice Versa

My Etisalat UAE App

Smartphones have indeed become immensely popular across the world, widely being used for leisure, entertainment, transactions, and so on. A similar case exists with Etisalat, in that if you want to pay your bills with your smartphone, you can use the My Etisalat app on your smartphone. You can download the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

After the download, you will be required to register by providing your valid identification number as an Etisalat customer, which will generate a password for further purposes.

If you want to conveniently make a payment from your phone, simply click the bill section on the main menu of the Etisalat app. You can then enter your credit card or any other payment option-related details to proceed.

Besides ease of payment, another major benefit of applying through the My Etisalat app is that you can avail of several vouchers and discounts on recharges. Done over a long time, you can save a significant amount on your Etisalat bills with this provision. Etisalat Quick Pay

Quick Pay is an online payment service provided by Etisalat UAE. Using this service, you can complete the bill payment of any Etisalat service easily. The most notable aspect of this method is that you can make the payments without logging into the site. 

On the Quick Pay section on the Etisalat website, you will be asked to enter your phone number or internet number to receive an OTP (one-time-password). Once you enter this password, you will be able to proceed further.

On the next page, you will be asked for the payment option of your choice After choosing your preferred option, you will be required to provide all the relevant information like your card number, name of the holder, etc. If all the details are correct, your online payment will be processed successfully.

Note: If you are unable to generate an OTP or don’t have access to your mobile phone, you won’t be able to use the method of Quick Pay for bill payments. If the former is the case, then you will have to contact Etisalat customer care from your registered phone number to resolve this problem.

Etisalat Bill Payment on mCash

With the help of this service, you can make your bill payment through an Etisalat credit card at your comfort. You can use this feature if you wish to use your mobile phone for the transaction.

mCash service, powered by MasterCard, is known for allowing access to secure payments due to a high level of security system implemented for all transactions. 

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Documents Required to Earn Cashback in Etisalat UAE

Most credit cards in the UAE allow users to complete Etisalat transactions with them on the official Etisalat website. Moreover, some of these credit cards offer excellent cashback offers regarding Etisalat bill payments and other usual expenditures. If one wishes to apply for such credit cards and earn cashback on Etisalat bill payments, the following documents will be required on their part.

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Salary slips/bank statements
  • Proof of residency
  • Valid passport (for residents) 

How to Earn Cashback with Etisalat Bill Payment Through a Credit Card in UAE?

The process to earn cashback on Etisalat bill payments is quite simple, as one simply needs to make all their bill payments through the specified credit card and settle the bill within a month of payment. This option will allow the user to earn additional cashback in their next statement. 

Etisalat has partnered with several banks in the UAE like Mashreq Bank, ADIB Bank, and others for specific Etisalat cards. Using these cards, one can avail of various attractive offers on spending in the form of discounts and cashbacks. Notably, these cards also provide rewards in the form of Etisalat Smiles that can be earned on most transactions and redeemed later for bills.

Summing up, Etisalat has ensured numerous easy payment methods for customers in the UAE for its services across mobiles, internet, television, etc. Using any of these methods, you can easily make Etisalat bill payments without any major effort. Moreover, with several credit cards in UAE, you can earn significant discounts and cashback on your Etisalat transactions. 

If you still have any questions regarding bill payment Etisalat, you can contact us for getting easy solutions from experts. You can also check out our website and the ‘credit cards’ section, where you will discover the best credit cards in the UAE. With all the major options present there, you will be able to compare the cards thoroughly. Moreover, if you find any card to your liking, you can apply for it on our site as well.

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