How To Deactivate Auto Debit for Credit Card Payments

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In the dynamic financial landscape of the UAE, residents have gladly embraced the seamless mechanism of auto-debit credit card payments. This innovative facility offers cardholders the ease of automated bill settlements, sparing them the manual hassle. However, there are instances when one might need to deactivate this automatic payment arrangement.

Whether prompted by a change in financial strategy or a shift in billing methods, understanding the process of cancelling auto-debit payments on credit cards becomes essential.

In this guide, we will dive into the fundamentals of gracefully ending such arrangements. We will understand how to efficiently manage our auto-debit credit card payments and shed light on the steps required to regain full control over your credit card payments in the UAE.

Understanding What is Auto-Debit Facility on Credit Card

Pretty much like what the name suggests, this is an automated money transfer facility scheduled on a specific date and at a specific time. The amount under this facility could be a remit towards your equated monthly instalments (EMI), utility bills, online subscriptions for channels like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and so forth.

Here are the reasons why people often prefer the auto debit or direct debit facility on their credit cards:

  • Time-Saving and Convenient Option - With the automatic debit facility, your bills and monthly subscriptions are conveniently paid off without your intervention. Furthermore, it saves you time to monitor your payment schedule. All you need to do to avail of this facility is maintain an optimum balance in your credit card account and activate the feature. Once done, the required amount will automatically get debited. 
  • Enhances credit Score - Besides making payments on time, auto debit also contributes to enhancing your credit score. This is a result of the assurance that you will not overlook any payments. Through the automatic debit arrangement, your obligations are settled punctually, complemented by advance reminders prior to the due date. As a result, by simply upholding the necessary funds in your bank account, your payments will be executed promptly. This also includes payments related to loans and credit, which fosters a positive history of repayments that elevates your credit score. It's crucial to note that even a solitary missed payment can lead to a decrease in your credit score, a situation entirely averted by utilising this feature.
  • Helps in Earning Rewards - Making use of the automatic debit choice also opens up the opportunity to gain numerous rewards — this is exactly why you should not postpone the activation of this function! By promptly paying your monthly bills, you can certainly savour benefits such as cashback, vouchers, or various discount alternatives. With every debit transaction from your account, you have the chance to amass reward points that are eligible for future redemption.
  • Reduction in Identity Theft - Reducing the chances of identity theft is possible by refraining from offline payments for settling your EMIs or credit card dues. While online transactions do come with their own risks, they also provide enhanced security when conducting these types of payments.

With that said, if you cannot maintain a consistent cash inflow, it is better to stop automatic payments on your cards. The option to deactivate auto debit credit card payments is also feasible if you hold multiple credit cards.

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What are Recurring Payments?

A recurring payment associated with a credit card involves granting a merchant the authorisation to automatically debit your card periodically (such as on a monthly basis) in order to pay for a product or service. This arrangement continues until you decide to terminate it.

Examples of recurring credit card payments encompass various expenditures like household bills — such as utilities or phone bills — as well as contractual obligations like fees for a gym membership. Additionally, recurring payments include items like loan instalments and fees for subscription-based services like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and more.

While discontinuing a recurring payment usually poses no significant challenges, the primary concern lies in the accurate identification of all the services for which you are subjected to recurring charges. It's essential to halt payments for those services that you no longer wish to continue prior to the next billing cycle.

In cases where other solutions prove ineffective and you possess the authority to terminate the arrangement, it is possible to label forthcoming charges on your credit card ‘unauthorised’ in instances of potential fraud. This step prompts the credit card issuer to step in and mediate the situation.

How to Track Your Subscriptions?

You can use subscription-tracking mobile applications to keep a track of your auto-debited subscriptions. Some applications also allow you to connect your credit card and bank account, which enables them to analyse your invoices for any repeating expenses.

The ability to view all your subscriptions collectively within an app can assist you in prioritising them. Moreover, for an extra charge, these apps offer the service of terminating unwanted subscriptions. Though it might demand some time, it is necessary to discontinue unnecessary commitments that can lead to future savings.

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Reflect: Do You Really Need All Your Subscriptions?

Before opting for auto debit on credit cards, it is important to analyse whether you even require the auto-debit services. Financial advisors stress the importance of prioritising if you possess multiple subscriptions of a similar kind. Consider, for instance, whether having 5 streaming platforms or subscribing to 3 different meal services every month is necessary.

Assess the benefits provided by your subscriptions in relation to their costs, determining whether they fit within your budget comfortably.

It is important to note that subscription prices can fluctuate over time, typically trending upward rather than downward. Thus, keeping a watchful eye on these changes is essential. Failing to do so might lead to discrepancies in your automatic payments if the price increases.

When Should You Stop Auto-Debit Credit Card Payments?

You have the flexibility to initiate the automatic credit card debits at your convenience. Similarly, you can deactivate auto-debit credit card payments by following the guidelines stated by the banks. However, financial experts recommend avoiding the deactivation your auto debit credit card payments until required.

Given below are several situations that may require you to disable the automatic debit feature for your credit cards:

  • If you switch jobs and decide not to maintain your banking relationship with the previous account and credit card
  • If you intend to close your current credit card account and explore new promotional offers
  • When your job location changes
  • If your bank balance is inadequate to cover payments

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How to Stop Automatic Payments on Your Credit Cards?

While the process of stopping automatic payments for credit cards will depend on your chosen credit card and the provider, the general steps involved are as follows -

  • Initiate the process of deactivating your subscription by directly reaching out to the company. This can be done through an email or a phone call. If this initial step proves unsuccessful, proceed to connect with your bank or credit card company, either online or over the phone to halt the payment.
  • To prevent any additional charges, make sure to submit your cancellation request at least 3 days prior to the upcoming scheduled payment. In cases where subsequent payments occur despite your cancellation request, the bank will provide refunds for these transactions in most cases.
  • Your request for cancellation is typically granted, provided you adhere to the terms of your agreement with the service provider. If you are bound by a minimum contract duration or an arrangement that restricts early cancellation, it's likely that you'll be required to settle any outstanding balance before discontinuing your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to stop your auto-debit credit card payments?

Ans: If you possess an online account with the vendor, you will be required to sign in first. You can then find the link in the section for your banking details, through which you can halt any recurring charges.

Q2. What is an auto-debit request?

Ans: When an individual desires to have their payments deducted from their bank account without manual intervention, they initiate an auto-debit application. The option to set up auto-debit requests is accessible via online banking, where users can activate the auto-debit feature. Alternatively, applicants can choose to physically visit a bank branch to submit a request for auto-debit.

Q3. Can you stop an automatic debit credit card payment via bank?

Ans: Yes, you have the option to stop automatic debits on your credit card via your bank. This can be accomplished using online banking or by physically going to your bank's nearest branch. Once there, you can submit a formal request to cease automatic payment processing.

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