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Standard Chartered Bank, among the world’s oldest banks, has been providing distinguished financial services and products to customers in the UAE since 1958. Standard Chartered credit cards, one such product from the list, are more than simple instruments for transactions – providing customers with rewards and discounts related to travel, shopping, and dining. 

You can apply for a Standard Chartered Bank credit card by just filling out a form digitally or by visiting a branch offline. However, once you apply, you may wish to track the application and know how your proposal or application is progressing. For this, you can continue to read below and find out how to check the standard chartered bank credit card application status.

Check Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

You can visit the official website of Standard Chartered Bank to track the progress of your credit card application. However, the duration between the date of application and credit card delivery is generally 15-20 days. The processing time, ultimately, depends on the type of card you purchase and various other factors. 

You can easily trace the Standard Chartered Bank credit card application status via the website or Standard Chartered UAE application. If you opt for the former, you can login to the website and look for the products or services that you have applied for. For the credit card that you have applied for, you may be able to check the application status under the relevant sections.

You can also check the SCB credit card application status by using the SCB UAE application. For this -

  1. Log in to the SC Mobile UAE app
  2. Select the option related to services there.
  3. Find the option for viewing the status of your applied products here.
  4. The Standard Chartered application status of your Credit Card will be reflected here.

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Check Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Application Status Offline

Internet-savvy customers can always track the status of their credit card applications online. However, whether due to insufficient internet connectivity or a preference for this mode, you can always use offline methods to track the Standard Chartered Bank credit card application status

For this, you can visit any of the SCB branches given below in the table. 

SCB Branches UAE

Branch Name

Branch Address

Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai

35W8+7PQ, Dubai 

Standard Chartered Bank, Abu Dhabi

Prestige Tower, Ground Floor, W-10/C-10 Khalidiya - Abu Dhabi 

Standard Chartered Bank - Office Tower, Dubai

Precinct Building 1 - towards DIFC Parking - Trade Centre - DIFC - Dubai 

Standard Chartered Bank - Sharjah Branch Lobby, Dubai

Shop No. 1 & 2, Belrasheed Building Buhaira Cornish, Al Sour Area - Dubai 

Standard Chartered Bank - Al Ain Branch

Zayed Bin Sultan Street - Dubai 

Jebel Ali Branch

The Galleries Building in Downtown Jebel Ali - Dubai 

As there are two types of credit cards (personal credit cards and corporate credit cards), you can contact customer care as per the type of credit card you have applied for.

For Personal Credit Cards

600 5222 88 (24-hour)

+971 600 5222 88 (24-hour) if calling from overseas

For Corporate Credit Cards

+971 4 509 6464

600 548 282 (local client service line)

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How to Increase the Chances of Getting Standard Chartered Credit Card Application Status Approved?

Some of the ways to improve your chances of getting your card application over the line are -

  1. Only Apply for the Credit Cards that You Qualify for - Before applying for a credit card, you should check the pre-set eligibility criteria and the documents required for submission. The first step taken by the bank after receiving your credit card application is to check whether you fulfil the eligibility requirements or not. If you fail to meet the stated requirements, the bank will immediately reject the application. Such a rejection is not without implications, as your credit Score can also take a hit with repeated rejected applications.
  2. Gross Monthly Debt - The debt to income ratio is calculated to check the applicant’s ability to repay the amount borrowed. If the applicant is already utilising a considerable part of their income for repaying debt, they will have a high debt-to-income ratio. In such cases, the lender is more likely to reject your credit card application. Consequently, you can consider reducing your debt-to-income ratio before applying for a credit card.
  3. Poor Credit Report - Credit score plays a prominent role in approving your credit card application. If you have a low credit score, the provider may immediately reject your application or approve it under unfavourable terms and conditions. For this reason, you should make sure to check your credit report before applying for a credit card and try to keep your credit score high.  
  4. Pay Off Your Debts - Even if it appears challenging to pay off your debt just before sending an application for a credit card, this is another step you can take to improve the approval chances of a credit card application. Besides the aspect of low debt to income ratio, clearing off your debts can also enhance your capacity to manage further credits or loans, as you now have less of them to worry about.
  5. Avoid Closing Your Accounts - You can keep your oldest credit cards and accounts active to have them work in your favour concerning credit card applications. While you can always close your accounts if you are not using them, having properly-managed accounts in your itinerary can demonstrate your financial management skills to the provider. This can assure the card provider that you can be trusted to display similar acumen in managing and repaying your credit card dues in the future.

Factors to Consider While Applying for Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card After Rejection

The most frequent reasons for credit card application rejections are lack of credit history, too many loans and cards, irregular past payments, and unstable future income. Discussed below are the possible factors in detail.

  1. Incorrect Details - If you don’t proofread your documents before submitting them, there is a considerable probability of mistakes on the application. As banks and credit card companies can reject your application solely based on errors in your application (like an incorrect address), make sure to fill out your application form carefully. This also includes keeping the documents updated to avoid data mismatch.
  2. Poor Management of Multiple Cards - While owning multiple credit cards is not a deterring factor, having them with pending dues and delayed repayment can have a detrimental effect. So if you apply for a new credit card without any specific reason or have existing cards with pending dues, the provider may hesitate in issuing another credit card to you.
  3. Unstable Employment - Your application is more likely to be rejected if you have an unstable work history. When your income is inconsistent, banks may not approve your loan application as low income indicates a low repayment capacity.
  4. Poor Credit Score - As mentioned earlier, credit score has a major impact on your application. If your credit score is poor, it usually indicates that you have a poor record of paying loans and credit dues on time. This can be of concern to the bank, which may doubt your capacity to repay the credit card bills and dues on time. Consequently, you can try to keep a good credit score in UAE by paying all the bills on time and properly managing your finances.

As a concluding note, you should check all eligibility requirements before applying for a credit card and only apply for a card that corresponds to your income and eligibility. If you are new to credit cards and have a poor credit score, you can get a card with fewer features yet low requirements first. You can then build your credit score and apply for a better card that will provide the best features and benefits for you.

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What is the fee for checking SCB credit card application status?

Standard Chartered Bank does not charge any fee to view SCB credit card application status.

What documents are required to check SCB credit card application status online?

Only the application or reference number, along with the personal details, are usually required to view the SCB credit card application status.

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